Hey did anyone in North Carolina recently have a 6x12 trailer full of equipment stolen?  This Craigslist listing is pretty sketchy and I feel like it should be boosted to anyone in NC or who has played there recently.

Below is the text from the listing:

6x12 enclosed trailer full of sound equipment - $5000 (West Columbia)

6x12 enclosed trailer with interior carpet for sale. Included inside sound equipment Yamaha speakers, subwoofers, microphones, 16 channel mixer, and much more. Must see!!

Here’s a link to the listing.

Please help me boost this to anyone in NC/neighboring areas or who has toured around there recently.


Marines with 1st Battalion, 8th Marines Regiment conducted a battalion air assault field exercise at Marine Corps Auxiliary Landing Field Bouge, North Carolina, May 11-15, 2015. The purpose of the training was to familiarize Marines new to the command with standard operating procedures and prepare the companies for upcoming helo borne operations while deployed with the Special Purpose Marine Air-Ground Task Force-Crisis Response.  More military & aviation videos at http://www.youtube.com/user/okrajoe


So let me just tell all of you lovely people on tumblr - I had THE best day ever yesterday 😍
I am in North Carolina this weekend because I finally met the lovely jules1439 who will be my roommate at UGA next year and yesterday she took me on so many different adventures!
We went on a mini road trip and drove around the parkway for about 3 hours (because we got a little lost 😂) and saw so many super cool and beautiful sights. When we finally got to our actual destination we hiked down to the bottom of a waterfall and swam in the pool or water and got a little risky and climbed up and jumped of the waterfall. After that, we stopped for some super yummy ice cream in freshly made waffle cones and then went back to her house and got all freshened up and dressed all cute and then drove to downtown Asheville. If you’ve never been to Asheville - you’re missing out! It’s a crazy weird hilarious exciting and super fun town and there is so much to do and see! I saw lots of cool buildings, restaurants, bars, clubs, etc. I got to see and add to the “Before I Die” wall (I put that I wanted to live on a lake or a beach because I love love love the view and just water in general - so peaceful & relaxing) We ate dinner at Mediterranean restaurant where you actually sat on cushions on the floor and the food was amazing. Then after some more walking and sight seeing, we went to a really chill hookah bar and hung out there for a while before finally ending our crazy night at a gay club where a Miss America drag queen competition was taking place. Need I say anything else about it? It was PERFECT! I’m so worn out from such an exciting, adventure filled weekend but sadly I am now on my way home 😢 until next time North Carolina

QueerNC is having a 1920s-themed end of year reception this Friday, May 29th. Come help us celebrate how much we’ve grown in the past three years! There will be food, music, art, and a performance by Enloe High School’s improv troupe, The Happy Accidents. The event is free and everyone is welcome – we hope to see you there! Feel free to contact us at queernc@lgbtcenterofraleigh.com with any questions.


Asheville, NC, Botanical Gardens (2): An amazing tree, cute ducks and a nice creek. 

The big tree at the top is a sycamore, and the trunk is enormous! Speaking of trees, I don’t know what’s more amazing about the photo of the 2nd one. Is it how tenaciously this tree is hanging onto the bank, or the fact that several other trees are growing on top of its root systems! 

Everything else speaks for itself. 


Well done, Wilkes Central High School, and your absolute forward thinking and acceptance of ALL students. Detect the sarcasm.

There is a post going around on Facebook about a student who attends WCHS. They came home with their yearbook. It’s quite lovely, as the cover showcases here. Now, inside is a page where throughout the year students were allowed to submit “anonymous secrets” that would be printed in the yearbook.

Behold the secrets.

Oh, but wait… what is this? Is there one with black electrical tape over it to obscure the secret? Upon peeling this tape up (carefully, otherwise you WILL rip this page as others have done) we see the secret that was just NOT ALLOWED: “I like guys and girls.”

Seriously. Let’s print about vomiting while kissing our boyfriend, but that is just TOO MUCH. So much so that every yearbook distributed was amended with this tape. Curiously, this was okay to make it into print but somewhere following production was decreed not acceptable and black tape - a defacement of property - was taken to the page instead.

I’m disappointed, Wilkes Central, but far from surprised in your behavior. I had so hoped that we had grown past this, but it seems we are still going around with the topic.

Spread this shit like wildfire. 


North Carolina Teacher Omar Currie Reads His Class Gay Fable After Third-Grader Is Bullied

A North Carolina teacher is drawing both praise and criticism for the way he handled a bullying situation with one of his students.

Omar Currie, 25, teaches third grade at Efland-Cheeks Elementary School in Efland, North Carolina. Three weeks ago, Currie overheard some of his students calling one of their male classmates “gay” and “a woman.” Instead of sending the bullies to the principal’s office, Currie took a different approach: He read his class King & King, a children’s fable by Linda de Haan and Stern Nijland that features a same-sex romance.

Currie, who identifies as gay, told The Huffington Post that he wanted to have an honest conversation with his students – whom he affectionately refers to as his “kids” – on how to treat people who may seem different.

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Elderly cancer patient calls 911 because he has no food; 911 operator says they will take him some groceries

When 81-year-old Clarence Blackmon returned home Tuesday after spending months in the hospital for cancer treatments and rehab, his refrigerator was empty.

He had nothing to eat and no way to get to the store. Hungry and desperate, he called 911. He asked the operator if someone could go to the store for him and buy some groceries.

He told the operator whatever she could do would help.

“I can’t do anything, I can’t go anywhere, I can’t get out of my damn chair,” Blackmon said in his 911 call.

Operator Marilyn Hinson took the call and told Blackmon they would take him some groceries.

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