North Carolina

Well hello there, I’m Fin. I submitted before and met some really cool people, so I’m submitting again. I haven’t come out yet, I know I said I was going to when I submitted the first time, but i couldn’t. I was going to bake my family a cake but we didn’t have any flour… But it’s going to happen, I just have really bad anxiety and yeah…

sO more about me:

I’m fourteen, I’m looking for someone in the thirteen to fifteen range, I’m not really comfortable outside that range…. I’m also looking for friends. Talk to me please! ^///^ 

I live in NC, so maybe someone just a few states away?

Okayy so my personality…. Hmmm… I love art… And twenty øne piløts. I’m trying not to be a weeb but I’m failing. Epically. I’m a Homestuck fangirl. I love food and I spend, like, every waking moment on the internet or epically failing at drawing stuff. I’m really clingy and hard to deal with, I also cry more than should be humanly possible, omg tears, stahp pls.

I have anxiety, I know that much. I’ve probably got some other mental stuff going on that hasn’t been diagnosed yet.. Idk.

I do not have a Kik, so please don’t ask me. The only way I can contact people is through the ask system, it sucks I know, but It’s the only way I can contact you.

My url is, come message me if you’d like to chat. <3