Sophie Taeuber-Arp (1889-1943) was a key figure in many of the important movements of the pre-World War II art scene in Europe, and was one of the most active figures around the Cafe Voltaire in Zurich. She dedicated her career to breaking down static, artificial boundaries between genres and forms, and celebrating the creative energy such liberation released. Her creations attempted to destabilize traditional norms in art and society, and question fixed notions of gender, class, and nationality. For Taeuber-Arp, art was both something political and something to be integrated into everyday life. She later embraced the principles of Constructivism, and became one of its most important practitioners outside of Russia. Taeuber-Arp’s artworks, whether a marionette, a dancer’s movement, or a textile pattern, presented the possibility of crafting a more beautiful world from the elements of the present one.

i’ve been thinking a lot about how i abbreviate my name, hide my gender identity and race, most of the time just trying to be as blank spaced as possible to avoid being judged on anything.

im not very comfortable with myself as a person but i think that negatively affects my art.

my art = me

so if

i hate me = i hate my art

i’m really afraid of being “seen” but, art is a thing that is going to be “seen”. to do art i really have to face myself and especially my flaws. when my art isnt what i want it to be–im not everything i want to be either.

Art really shouldn’t be something that only conforms or has to be a norm though. Art is free to be whatever the #=%&* its going to be so should I!!! Be!!! Free!!! D:

T_T … it sounds too simple.