i was watching a skin tutorial and the person was explaining values and reds and stuff and she talked about super super deep skin and how its colored differently so the rule is slightly different when colorpicking?? and then she said “but youre most likely going to paint someone that dark once in your artist career” and that got me thinking like damn now i really want way more people to draw deep deep skin tones. like the DEEPEST most melanin rich skin!! i wanna do it and you should too! MAKE DEEP SKIN A NORM IN ART GUYS!!!! there are a billion drawings where ppl draw super pale almost translucent skin so lets balance it out, make dark skin in art popular, they dont get enough representation

For the first three decades of my life I’ve tried and failed to live the life that society wanted for me. I got a degree, was in a twelve year marriage that was emotionally over after two, and have a barista job that brings in less than half of what I spend a month. After all of that, Eleanor was right. It’s time to live for myself and stop pretending to be what I’m not. The image is from “The Origin of Should and Must” by Elle Luna.