Dark Dreams

Norman x Reader

Requested by Anon

Norman spotted you from across the carpark, he’d finished cleaning out the rooms as Dylan pointed you to a room. His curiosity clawed at him, finding himself watching you.

He followed at a distance, sometimes cleaning your room slower than he would have with eth other rooms, he liked your perfume. After Norma, had gotten to know you, worming her way into your life, she insisted you stay in one of the rooms in the house and earn your keep.

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Norman x Reader

Requested by Anon

Warnings: Readers Death, Norman stabs reader

Norman watched you talk to one of the boys in your class, he didn’t want to believe his mother but you’d never normally be talking to him so for a moment he thought that perhaps she might be right. The long walk home was silent and the way Norman kept staring at you was becoming unnerving.


“Is something wrong?” You asked quietly but Norman insisted he was fine.


All the way through your study session in the Bates’ kitchen Norman spoke only when he had to staring at you occasionally but not in his usual loving way. When your phone rang you jumped up to answer it, stepping outside to talk to the caller.


“You were right Mother.” Norman muttered as he looked up at Norma who had bustled into the kitchen. “She’s very friendly with one of the boys in our class.”

“I told you not to fall for her Norman, she’s bad… she’s probably on the phone with him now making plans for after she leaves here.” Norma spat. When you hurried inside Norman glared at you making your nerves jump as his look stayed dark.

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Dylan Massett X Fem!Reader x Norman Bates

Requested By Anon

Warnings: Sex, threesome, watching, masterbation

Dylan smiled when he opened the front door to find you stood in front of him, it had taken him weeks to convince both you and Norma that you should work at the hotel and live at the house with them but finally, you gave in.


“Finally, your stuffs been here for a week.” Dylan muttered as he tugged you inside.


“Hi Norman.” You say as he pulls you towards the stairs and past the living room.


“H… Hi… (Y/N).” Norman stuttered.

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Remember when Bates Motel

Was a beautiful, heart warming family show full of blooming young love and characters exhibiting profound character development? Back before the main character killed off his mom in a spoiled attempt at a murder/suicide? You know, before he dug up her body and glued her eyes open? Back before he yelled mother’s corpse for ignoring him by not looking at him in the eye? Yeah, that was nice…