I’m not big on delving into the personal lives of TWD actors because I find it distracting when I’m watching the show…..but I love how Norman cares so much for his castmates. He’s a hugger and a kisser and a cuddler……and a licker.

But I espically love the obvious affection that Norman and Melissa share for one another. It’s beautiful and genuine and it translates seamlessly onto the show.

Carol and Daryl are the heart and soul of TWD and that is the reason why the hope is still alive for them finding romantic love with each other.

My hope is alive, strong and fierce.

Caryl on.

"You need to resign yourself to the awkwardness of life. Only if you find peace within yourself, will you find true connection with others."

This quote reminds me so much of Daryl. Finding peace within himself and connecting to Team Family has been a struggle for Daryl since S1, but he’s made leaps and bounds and formed solid friendships as the seasons have progressed, none more so than with Carol. What he hasn’t had is a romantic relationship, but hopefully all that will begin to change in episode 10. Norman has always portrayed Daryl as being somewhat asexual and feral and even though he’s flirted with Carol and shown her affection that shows an obvious interest, he has never made any attempts to further their relationship into romantic territory. So, as we think about the spoilers and wonder how their time in the creepy house will play out, I’m finding myself more and more intrigued by the possibility of Daryl sharing intimacy with Carol. The questions I’ve always had about Daryl are the questions I’m still pondering today. Has he ever kissed anyone in a romantic way? Was he ever intimate with a woman? These questions will probably never be addressed, but I’m inclined to believe that anything he might have shared with a woman never went beyond a cold and empty encounter. Growing up in a violent home and living in Merle’s shadow only perpetuated Daryl’s lonely existence and stunted his growth socially. Daryl never had anyone show him how to love or respect a woman. Daryl never had anyone show him how to love or respect himself. But as his lonely existence continued into the darkness of the zombie apocalypse, Daryl found Carol and his life began to have meaning. He found purpose. For the first time in his life, he cared about someone more than himself and he would go to the ends of the earth for her. So, as Daryl heals from losing family members and with the final words from Denise in his head, I think Daryl will finally be ready to tackle the awkwardness of life and take that first step towards a romance with Carol. I’m here for it. Every bit of it. All the awkwardness. All the nervousness. All the excitement. All the wonder of Daryl experiencing true love for the very first time. It will be nothing short of beautiful.

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