Norman Dike

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Would you date someone who was 5 years younger than you?

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I guess it’d technically be legal here. Things aren’t black and white, though. It’d heavily, and I repeat heavily depend upon mutual interests, attraction and maturity. Also, five years younger seems a lot less when you’re twenty-five than when you’re twenty-one. It’s a toughy. Maybe. Possibly.

30 Days of Band of Brothers | Day 7 ♠ Scene that makes you angry

└ Dike’s leadership (or lack thereof) during the attack on Foy

2Lt. Carwood LiptonLieutenant Dike wasn’t a bad leader because he made bad decisions. He was a bad leader because he made no decisions.

If only he’d listened to what Winters had told him and kept Easy moving in through Foy, he could have prevented the loss of so many wounded or killed men. Maybe he was terrified and maybe he wasn’t cut out to be a leader, but so were so many of the other men. He should never have been there.

Day 2: Least Favorite Character

Norman Dike

There were a lot of other jerkasses I was considering for this, such as Sobel or Cobb, but Dike takes the cake. Even though Sobel was an incompetent officer, he was a good disciplinarian. Cobb was a jerk, but he was still a soldier who did his duty. Dike was none of the above. He is just what Lipton said in Episode 7: “Lt. Dike is an empty uniform.” He didn’t care for the men, he was never around when they needed him, and he had no interest in command. To sum it up, he was just plain incompetent, and his incompetency led to men being killed. It’s just so tragic that men had to lose their lives following the poor orders (or lack thereof) of a man like Dike.