Where do ball python morphs come from?

There seems to be this huge misunderstanding that every ball python morph sold somehow comes from mutations of normals in captivity. (this is seriously a widespread belief, not just referencing that other post)
This is not so! Most- seriously SO MANY- of the morphs actually are imported from wild caught animals or hatched in captivity from wild caught females.
To this day pastels, hypos, yellowbellies, cinnamon, and many other existing morphs (including recessives) are found in the wild and imported to create new lines.

When the season comes around, you can take a look at importers, such as Outback Reptiles, who will list unique looking individuals and sell them to those looking for the next new morph. They also tens to receive several wild caught pastels, hypos, and possible other morphs like fire.

On occassion, someone may receive a strange looking normal ball python and attempt to prove the gene out as heritable. The animals that do prove genetic are few and far between. Most normals just end up being a variation or have patterning influenced by incubation temperatures.

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Aether employees Vic and Kate!

Slightly obscure but possibly good Phantom of the Opera AUs

-Life is Strange AU
-Yuri on ice AU
-Carrie AU
-Next to Normal AU
-Goodphantomoftheoperaposts AU
-Supernatural AU
-Stranger Things AU
-Lazytown AU (?)

(I swear if anyone draws or writes these I will fall in love with you)

Why Queer?

Queer! Ah, do we really have to use that word? It’s trouble. Every gay person has his or her own take on it. For some it means strange and eccentric and kind of mysterious. That’s okay, we like that. But some gay girls and boys don’t. They think they’re more normal than strange.

And for others “queer” conjures up those awful memories of adolescent suffering. Queer. It’s forcibly bittersweet and quaint at best — weakening and painful at worst. Couldn’t we just use “gay” instead? It’s a much brighter word and isn’t it synonymous with “happy?” When will you militants grow up and get over the novelty of being different?


Well, yes, “gay” is great. It has its place. But when a lot of lesbians and gay men wake up in the morning we feel angry and disgusted, not gay. So we’ve chosen to call ourselves queer.

Using “queer” is a way of reminding us how we are perceived by the rest of the world. It’s a way of telling ourselves we don’t have to be witty and charming people who keep our lives discreet and marginalized in the straight world.

We use queer as gay men loving lesbians and lesbians loving being queer. Queer, unlike GAY, doesn’t mean MALE. And when spoken to other gays and lesbians it’s a way of suggesting we close ranks, and forget (temporarily) our individual differences because we face a more insidious common enemy.

Yeah, QUEER can be a rough word but it is also a sly and ironic weapon we can steal from the homophobe’s hands and use against him

—  ACT UP (1990) “Queer Nation Manifesto" originally distributed anonymously at New York pride.

I can carry you.

End day fast warm downs of Simon and Catherine….Yeh….this is probably one of the more ridiculous things I’ve drawn….This popped into my head since Simon has to carry Catherine around in the Omnitool.