Normally Strange
  • Normally Strange
  • Lower Than Atlantis
  • Changing Tune

I’ve been living in this darkness,

Setting light to my own home,

I’ve been praying for some company,

But I wanna be left alone,

I’ve been feeling lower lately,

But I’m still getting high,

Feeling pretty confident,

That I’m feeling shy,

I don’t know how to say,

That I don’t know how I feel today,

I need to go and stay,

With someone else by myself,

It’s a beautiful day tonight,

Am I coming? Going?

Left, wrong or right?

I’m feeling bad, alright?

I’m normally strange


Normally Strange - Lower Than Atlantis.  Changing Tune out September 10th!


this still sounds so fucking good, can’t wait for the album to drop now, just a few weeks!


Lower Than Atlantis - Normally Strange

Love love love this song! Can’t wait to hear the rest of their new album!