For we are all Hana Mizuno, and we all fell in love.

Happy 1st Anniversary to Asagao Academy, to Illus Seed and to the community this game created.

Asagao Academy was the parody dating sim I expected it to be, and so much more. When I first heard about it I barely believed it was a real thing, and then forgot about it until maybe three months before it was released. And what an amazing surprise it was, to expect a game to be full of geeky jokes and You Tube references and then be greeted with full, engrossing stories that made us laugh and cry and band together for our enjoyment of this experience. 

Hana has become that sweet avatar through which we have all stood in the place of and come to hold high as a beloved character absolutely in her own right. I have become more creatively active over the last year than I have in many previous and broken through a long standing bout of depression, I have witnessed so much more special engagements between these You Tubers and seen eyes be opened to the presence of others. And most importantly, I made true, wonderful friends thanks to the fandom that cropped up around Asagao Academy, and for that I could not be more thankful. 

To the Normal Boots and Hidden Block boys as the inspiration for this game, to Cara and Danielle who spearheaded and built the game and to their hired staff, and to the friends who shared with me my love of the game and enriched my life. THANK YOU. 

Thanks to Asagao Academy, it’s been an incredible year. And I can’t wait for the next one.

- Love

A year ago today, a game I’d been waiting for for almost two years finally released. I was incredibly excited–a game about my favorite YouTubers? How could it get better than this!

Suffice to say, it did get better. Because of this game, I was able to make incredible friends. I was able to develop my art skills–I would never have been able to do something like this if not for the huge inspiration of Asagao. I was able to find a community of people who are both supportive and incredibly creative.

So, this is my way of saying thank you so, so much to the people who worked on Asagao, the YouTubers that supported it, and the community that continues to love it dearly. Here’s to one year of awesomeness. <3

Happy (late) Anniversary, Asagao Academy!  I didn’t have time to draw something brand new, but I did give this one a fresh coat of paint!  This game is what helped me break out of my shell and not only start drawing again, but also start sharing my works with you fine people.  Without the sweet and encouraging people behind these characters, I would still be hiding on my side of the screen with the occasional half-finished doodle and not enough confidence to finish it.  It’s slow work, but I’m going to continue to work and get better and believe in myself knowing that someone out there thinks it’s worthwhile.  Thank you again to all the beautiful people who made this game possible!

(And the matching Mai + Hidden Block Club picture is still coming eventually I promise!)

I Love JonTron

Calling me stupid isn’t going to make me hate Jon.

Saying my existence is pathetic isn’t going to make me hate Jon.

He is not a racist. He wants all races to be and feel respected. I don’t know what’s racist about that.

Yes, Jon’s opinion on immigrants and the American economy isn’t the nicest opinion, but it’s not like he’s acting on that opinion.
He isn’t going outside everyday and telling immigrants that they don’t belong lmao like cmon, man.

Maybe I’m ignorant because I’m Canadian. Who knows? All I know is that I love Jon, and all of these hateful people aren’t the better people.

I’m starting to think that all of these people threatening him with violence is the reason he’s taking a break, and the reason he wasn’t at PAX East this year.

Regardless, I’ll continue to spread love in this somewhat smaller community, for we know who Jon really is. He’s kind, he’s funny, and most of all, he’s bYOTIFUL

We love him, and I’m sure we can’t wait for the new JonTron!!!


This day is filled with warm, happy memories for everyone

Happy Birthday, Asagao Academy! You’ve done so much to bring people together. You shaped our little fandom, brought us to great friends, and made us push ourselves to be creative. None of us would be here without you.

Asagao Academy, you will forever hold a special place in our hearts. Thank you for all that you’ve done. <3


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