Noriyoshi Ohrai’s astounding artwork for the Heisei Godzilla films. I really wish films posters still utilised such creativity and talent.


Really sad to hear today that famed Japanese illustrator, Noriyoshi Ohrai, passed today. I knew him from his incredible depictions of Godzilla through various movie posters, as well as his surprisingly large body of work centering around Metal Gear (Kojima is a big fan of his)

But he’s also responsible for numerous other Japanese promotional material for stuff like Star Wars, The Goonies, Mad Max, and lots of others. I think his work is comparable to that of Drew Struzen for his hyper realistic painterly style, while still maintaining a sense of fantasy and exaggeration. I have two posters I had printed out and framed of his work, (the Metal Gear and Godzilla one I’ve shown here) and I’m really sad to know I won’t get anymore artwork of his for the new Godzilla film Toho is putting out next year, among other things.

Will be sorely missed.