Litchi Hikari Club is an amazing franchise

Lemme break it down to you. 

Litchi Hikari Club started as a stage play produced by Tokyo Grand Guignol (1985-86):  

  • This play deeply influenced Furuya Usamaru that this play makes him the ero guro mangaka that he is now. The director of the original play also meets him prior to making the adaptation of the manga: Ameya Norimizu, also plays Jaibo in the play. So Furuya keep his name as Jaibo’s real name in the manga. Maruo Suehiro, also one of the play’s cast meets him as well, and Maruo’s art style greatly influence Furuya’s art style also.

Furuya Usamaru adapted the play into a manga: 

  • Litchi Hikari Club (2005-2006) 

A stage play adapting the manga is made +  the prequel manga is released:

  • Litchi Hikari Club (2012) and the re-run (2013) 
  • Prequel: Bokura no Hikari Club (2011-2012)

A parody/comedy anime is also made: 

  • Litchi DE Hikari Club (2012) - Voiced by the actors of the 2012/13 stageplay

Next a musical is made by Nelke (Nelke’s 2nd adaptation of Furuya Usamaru’s work after Teiichi no Kuni):

  • Zankoku Kageki Litchi Hikari Club (2015)

Now, a movie adaptation is also here:

  • Litchi Hikari Club (February 2016)

Needless to say this franchise have come to a complete circle.