Stelton, Copenhagen (manufacturer), Arne Jacobsen (designer). Cylinda-line, tea and coffee set, c. 1965.

Georg Jensen Sølvsmedie, Copenhagen (manufacturer), Johan Rohde (designer). Pitcher, model no. 432, 1925 designed. Frantz Hingelberg, Aarhus (manufacturer), Svend Weihrauch (designer). Ewer, 1946. Hans Hansen Sølvsmedie, Copenhagen (manufacturer), Bent Gabrielsen Pedersen (designer). Lidded jug, model no. HH 472, 1954.

Georg Jensen Sølvsmedie, Copenhagen (manufacturer), Henning Koppel (designer). Fish dish, model no. 853, 1956 designed, c. 1980 manufactured.


                                   Art and Sustainability

             Nordic Cool 2013 – February 19 – March 17, 2013

      Denmark | Finland | Iceland | Norway | Sweden | Greenland

                       The Faroe Islands | The Aland Islands

Nordic Cool 2013, the month-long arts festival at the Kennedy Center, featured 750 artists introducing the cultures of the Nordic nations and territories: theater, music, dance, literature, firm, and the visual arts.   A particularly noteworthy exhibition highlighted the relationship between contemporary art and environmental sustainability.  Icelandic artist Rúrí presented, Archive-Endangered Waters, photographs of fifty-two [52] endangered waterfalls in an interactive installation that combined the visual and the experience of the sounds of the waterfall.  Lingering reminders of the installation can be found at Iceland Re-visited via Nordic Cool | GULLFOSS WATERFALL.


Iittala, Iittala (manufacturer), Tapio Wirkkala (designer). Vase, c. 1946 designed. Foal’s foot, vase, c. 1946 designed, 1946-51 manufactured. Kantarelli, vase, 1946 designed, 1946-51 manufactured. Nuutajärvi Glassworks, Nuutajärvi, Notsjö (manufacturer), Gunnel Nyman (designer). Vase, c. 1946. Iittala, Iittala (manufacturer), Tapio Wirkkala (designer).Lichen, vase, 1950 designed, 1950-51 manufactured. Nuutajärvi Glassworks, Nuutajärvi, Notsjö (manufacturer), Kaj Franck (designer). Vase, 1960 and Bowl, 1962.

Simo Rista (photographer), Marisauna interior, 1968. Louis Poulsen & Co., Copenhagen (manufacturer), Poul Henningsen (designer). Artichoke, pendant lamp, 1958 designed, 1960 manufactured. Fritz Hansen, Allerød (manufacturer), Orla Mölgaard Nielsen and Peter Hvidt (designers). Ax armchair, 1950 designed.

Nuutajärvi Glassworks, Nuutajärvi, Notsjö (manufacturer), Oiva Toikka (designer). Bambu, vase, c. 1966 and Candlestick, model no. 477, 1968 designed, 1968-69 manufactured. Nuutajärvi Glassworks, Nuutajärvi, Notsjö (manufacturer), Kaj Franck (designer), Platter, c. 1966.

From ancient myths of the Norse god Thor to modern-day crime thrillers like “The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo,” Nordic literature is filled with fascinating characters and riveting drama. During our Nordic Cool 2013 festival in Feb. & Mar., we will host a series of panels investigating themes that frequently motivate this region’s literary works. Check out the literature listings on this page for more info.


Iceland Re-visited via Nordic Cool | GULLFOSS WATERFALL

I went on a mini vaca (tion)…

You have to check-out this Icelandic artists’ installation at the Kennedy Center named Rúrí. She’s part of the Nordic Cool series and her work exemplifies the creativity of the country. If you’re unable to attend, just imagine…a corresponding sound for each waterfall photograph…experimentally successful!

pretty cool…naturally, out of familiarity, I chose the touristy Gullfoss waterfall, which is part of the ‘must see Golden Circle’ tourist attraction…it’s also one of the loudest…with a roaring, thunderous presence…hope you enjoy the Festival!

Here’s a brief description of this spectacular display of photo panels.

“Multidisciplinary Icelandic artist Rúrí seeks to archive these endangered waters in an interactive, multidisciplinary installation of 52 photographs of waterfalls taken on the banks of both muddy glacial torrents and clear mountain streams. The work encourages user interaction and then presents a strong visual and acoustic experience, with the photographs adding their magnificence to the tremendous sounds resonating through the space. Part of Nordic Cool 2013.FREE event, no tickets required.

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