We went to PopCon on Saturday! It was an amazing experience for our first con, and we had a blast.

Sweden is me.
Denmark is @strawblueberrysunshine.
Hungary is obsessive-youtuber (I think; correct me if I’m wrong).

If you know who anyone else is, let me know and I’ll credit them.

Click the pictures for captions.


Thermo Kettle Jug - By MENU

Give us a kettle that doesn’t drip, keeps beverages hot for a very long time, and looks stylish any day. Swedish company MENU and Danish architecture / design studio Norm Architects (Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen Kasper & Ronn) have collaborated again, and this time around they have designed a combination of a kettle and a jug that is drip-free, easy to clean, functional and original in appearance. The result is MENU’s Thermo Kettle Jug, a product inspired by both Asian and contemporary Bauhaus teapots with Nordic touch.

yes muscular and skinny Nordics are cool but consider this:
chubby Nordics

-chubby ice with baby fat who hides under his sweaters cause he’s a shy bab
-den with a beer belly and some chub from all those pastries
-soft and squishy fin
-everyone remaining squishy because everyone cooks fatty foods
- sve who give great hugs because hes soft and very squishy
-nor having chubby thighs and loving them
chubby Nordics!!!!