Rwby theory

Here’s a thought. What if…

1. Qrow is the Scarecrow (always searching for info, or “brains”)

2. Ironwood is the Tin Man (“heartless” and hopeless)

3. Lionheart is the Cowardly Lion (no “courage”, seriously gutless)

And then look at team WTH….

1. Tyrian is the foil of the Scarecrow (the opposite of a mind, “insanity”

2. Hazel is the foil of the Tin Man (though working with evil, seems to have a “heart”)

3. Watts is the Foil if the Cowardly Lion (aloof, “brazen”)

And now, the new generation….

1. Jaune was the Scarecrow (he didn’t know much, had to aquire knowledge and skills, “brains”)

2. Ren was the Cowardly Lion (he was so “scared” as a child it led him to innaction)

3. Nora was the Tin Man (this was in the way that her emotion never really fluctuated. She always maintained a positive demeanor, covering what was in her “heart”)

The thing is, each of JPR have overcome their flaws. Jaune has learned to focus and maintain effort in his training. Ren has learned to center himself and become brave. And Nora has let her mask slip, showing through her true feelings. This is something that it seems the old guard didn’t accomplish, which led to their downfall. I believe that Summer was Dorothy, but their failure led to her death. Ruby is the new Dorothy, and as she overcomes her flaws her team is right beside her to help, support, and guide her as they each meet their goals and discover themselves along the “yellow brick” road.

They’ve now made it to Mistral, or the “Emerald City.” The next step though…..

RWBY characters rated by how much they probably swear
  • Ruby Rose: thinks it's really bad to say hell 1/10
  • Weiss Schnee: wants to be a "lady" but also likes calling her brother Shitley 2/10
  • Blake Belladonna: her favorite word is fuck but she doesn't ever swear around adults 8/10
  • Yang Xiao Long: swears at her dad 9/10
  • Jaune Arc: said shit a couple of times 2/10
  • Nora Valkyrie: only swears during combat 4/10
  • Pyrrah Nikos: never learned the art of swearing 0/10
  • Lie Ren: doesn't swear a lot, but when he does, he goes hard 7/10
  • Penny Polendina: has mistakenly repeated swear words when she didn't know what they meant 1/10
  • Taiyang Xiao Long: tried to stop swearing when he had kids but couldn't do it 6/10
  • Qrow Branwen: every other goddamn motherfucking word bitch 14/10