And finish with the Jolteon group pic, i know theres more joltys in the community but i didn’t want to steal them out of nowhere.

Anyways, here are the Jolteons from left to right:

Reese ( from @ask-pokemon-of-the-mysticforest )

Theon (from @usagi-zakura)

Scarf (from @askteammagi)

What’s his face ( from @shrike-alvaron )

Iron Leg (from @guideofthetornworld)

Sydal (from here)

Roger ( from @illusion-siblings {I miss ask jolveon btw})

Another Jolteon except pretty cute (from @askthepokemonpc )

Neo (from @askneozippo )

And Timo (from @askcliffsville)

Every time someone says, all wistfulness and teary eyes, “Aw, they’re just like Romeo and Juliet,” I am just like O_O.

Because spoiler alert. Romeo and Juliet is about two idiots who quite literally fall in love after looking at each other for approximately three seconds, have a conversation and a half, bone, and then kill themselves because they’re too immature and clueless to listen to anyone else.

Wow, so love story. Much powerful. Such soulmate.

literallythemostgarbageoftrash asked:

to any (dotpp) characters it may concern: has papyrus discovered ravioli yet? if yes, what was his reaction? if no, i feel like showing him ravioli could be very entertaining.

yeah he found out about it. he thinks theyre awesome.

Undyne and Papyrus made a lot…with interesting fillings…

i couldnt stomach most. but theyre gettin better at makin em.


When you don’t want to accept a character death: