My bones feel heavy in my skin
Its become harder to lift these limbs
They are weighed down by guilt
Theres so much I need to apologize for
Guilt is dripping from my fingertips
Spilling out of me
Begging to be seen
Hoping anyone who witnesses it will know its my way of saying sorry
But I don’t let them see
I do not carry my heart on my sleeves
I keep it hidden
I know its selfish
I know im selfish
I know its another thing I’ll apologize for later


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((dude I know it’s you, you can come off anon now @bambamswinkyface don’t be shy

also mun will maybe make an askblog for taco over here?? but I’ve got an oliver one in mind too which is a lot more developed and ooh angsty so… meh))

I’m laughing because my first thought about the new Watership Down project they’ve announced is ‘okay, so how watered down will it be’, and then I felt very proud of that accidental pun (but seriously, are we going to get Full Bloody Bunny Violence because they have the animated movie to top, and that thing was brutal), but also ‘yay’ because Watership Down has been one of my favourite novels since I was a kid. Full Bloody Bunny Violence and all.

WKCR Hijacking
  • WKCR Hijacking

In 1995 WKCR 89.9, a NY FM radio station’s transmission was interrupted by something very strange.

The interruption was a loud screech (about 15-ish seconds into this audio) followed by some creepy breathing noises. It got even more creepy when the strange noises were followed by a female voice reading the names and time of death of random people in NY.