I made this image to celebrate the fact that I have payed off my final loan to old Tom Nook! WOOP WOOP! 

I was inspired by Tyler Stout’s Studio Ghibli album covers and wanted to create something that summed up my time in Big Nook! It’s been awesome! 

Also here is a pick of villager Jim in the tasty ice cream cafe :). 

Here’s a picture from Nookling‘s  that I wanted to post in one single post.

In case you guys don’t know, this house was made in honor of her little puppy, Luna, who had to go to doggy heaven. I thought it was such a touching and beautiful tribute, it was definitely my favorite part of the town. I love animals, and my dog is like a little brother to me. Treasure your animals people, they love you more than themselves.

nintendo mix (listen here)

phenac city - pokemon colosseum | gerudo valley - ocarina of time | town hall - animal crossing: new leaf | clock town: day 2 - majora’s mask | delfino plaza - super mario sunshine | snow mountain - super mario 64 | re-tail - animal crossing: new leaf | termina field - majora’s mask | wistful wild - pikmin 2 | windfall island - wind waker | rainy day - animal crossing gamecube | bianco hills - super mario sunshine | bubblegum kk - animal crossing: new leaf | electrodome - mario kart 8 | bomb-omb battlefield - super mario 64 | nookling junction - animal crossing: new leaf | ordon village - twilight princess | fireworks festival - animal crossing: wild world | mute city - mario kart 8 | kk ballad - animal crossing gamecube | deku palace - majora’s mask | dragon roost island - wind waker | main street no.3 (day) - animal crossing: new leaf | relic forest - pokemon colosseum | outset island - wind waker | garden of hope (morning) - pikmin 3 | noki bay - super mario sunshine | 1am (rain) - animal crossing: new leaf