I made this image to celebrate the fact that I have payed off my final loan to old Tom Nook! WOOP WOOP! 

I was inspired by Tyler Stout’s Studio Ghibli album covers and wanted to create something that summed up my time in Big Nook! It’s been awesome! 

Also here is a pick of villager Jim in the tasty ice cream cafe :). 


New dream town tour of @nookling‘s Lilane! ♡

The Next Animal Crossing Game

I hope you don’t mind, but I had some cool ideas for how they could approach the next animal crossing game.

The beginning of the game sees you traveling by train to what is now an abandoned town to meet up with Tom Nook.
He talks about how he has recently acquired the land of the abandoned town and would like to revitalize it and would like your help with it. He also introduces you to Isabelle who will be your business partner.  The deal is cemented after you plant the town tree.

Main street starts out as completely empty and run down buildings, except for Nook’s Homes, Nooklings and the Museum. The residential area is completely empty, besides a lot of land you are allowed by Tom Nook such as in New Leaf, as well as a couple of houses of other animal residents who are apparently also helping Tom Nook. 

Soon after you are able to build a town hall to your specifications (where it is, the exterior and interior), and from there opens new opportunities to build the shops in main street (much like HHD - except the special characters will move in to the shop and it will function like their shops in new leaf), as well as building and decorating houses that you can show to potential villagers and sell the house to them.

Other new features to the game would include being able to place furniture outdoors, have the game sync up to a location of your choice to reflect the current weather there and sending mail to your friends in other towns.

Feel free to reblog with your own ideas for a new game! 

anonymous asked:

which paths do you use in your town? or did you make them yourself and don't want to share? that's okay too but they're really pretty. ;-;

in Rivendell? @nookling made them, and you can get them from Wendell in her dream town!

Next AC Game: Winter Edition
  • Being able to give everyone in your town a gift for toy day, not just villagers but npcs too

  • Holiday lights being across all the buildings in town and not just ceder trees! Nook’s homes could even start selling the special lights in November and by December 1st they’re displayed on your house! 

  • Brewster selling eggnog on toy day.

  • Having the water freeze over in winter and being able to do things such as ice fishing, skiing, and ice skating.

  • Snowball fights with your villagers.

  • Nintendo let us make snow angels already!

  • All the shops actually closing on toy day and being able to see the npcs walking around town, socializing together and being adorable!

  • Villagers being able to help you build the snow people.

  • Being able to buy candy canes from the Nooklings.

  • Let villagers wear long sleeves in winter!

  • The ability to wear scarfs and mittens on your playable character.

  • The ability to go around to villagers during the month of December when their in their homes and instead of you just barging in on them they greet you at the door and you can sing them carols!

anonymous asked:

I need your advice: I feel like my second town is going nowhere. The nooklings never sell anything in shop that I need for my resident homes and there's rarely anything good at the campgrounds. I can't get anything from the HH Showcase because I accidentally turned off streetpass and I can't figure how to turn it back on. I'm also really anxious about connecting with others about trading. On top of that I don't know anyone with a DS to do it myself... What should I do? TwT

ahh, hi anon! tbh i’m not sure. if you’re having a hard time getting things in your town i’d suggest trading with others but you said you were anxious about that.

if you want to try getting to know some people on tumblr in the ac community and see if they can help you out that would maybe be a good place to start, that way they wouldn’t be a complete stranger. 

and i think you’re able to control your streetpass settings when you first talk to isabelle, dont load up the game tell her you need help first. either that or some dialogue of digby’s will turn it back on.

good luck!

Introducing my brand new Original Character (DONOTSTEALKTHX) Nookles the Pra'aet O'Rii'an, star of my upcoming SUPER SERIOUS, dramatic VISUAL NOVEL.  He is from a race of ALIENS that do not, in any way, resemble any existing characters from any form of popular entertainment, especially those derived from members of the monotreme order of egg-laying mammals.

(I’ve never read a Sonic comic in my life, but the whole Archie/Ken Penders thing is extremely fascinating to me.  I honestly don’t understand what he’s thinking.)

Things I would like to do: Write a fan comic.
Things I cannot do due to lack of skill: Write a fan comic.

It probably sounds hella lame anyway but I was reading through the backstory episode things from wild world like a sad person, and I had this idea in the middle of the night to do like a little comic thing about a brief period of time where there is no mayor and Isabelle is left to try to run everything, and I figured it’d be cute to write all these little story’s about new villagers moving in and the town growing and the nookling shop being expanded and the museum being built and general stuff I dunno, I know it doesn’t even make sense with the timeline. It was a lame idea no one would read it anyway lol.
I had fun doodling though. <3

Also if you are confused at all. She’s not aiming at the balloon.