‘Till death do us part

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Sasuke got home one night and, as his wife, Hinata, served dinner, he held her hand. “I want a divorce.”

She wasn’t annoyed by his words. Instead, she sighed and asked softly, “Why?”

He avoided the question and this made her upset. So he admitted that he was having an affair with a woman named Sakura at work.

He looked away from those questioning lavender tint eyes. “I am no longer in love with you.”


The next day, with a deep sense of guilt, Sasuke drafted a divorce agreement that stated that Hinata could keep the house, the car and 30% share of his savings. She read the paper then to his shock, the paper was burnt to ashes. Damn her chakra nature.

The woman who spent 10 years of her life with him had became a stranger. He felt sorry for her wasted time, efforts but he could not take back what he had done and said.

She can’t take it anymore. She finally cried loudly in front of her husband. “W-we took vows to each o-other…”

Hinata was heartbroken and that was Sasuke expected to see. The idea of divorce felt more real now.


Sasuke went home very late the next day; he spent some naughty time with Sakura. He opened the door of their house, went to the kitchen to drink some energy juice and found Hinata writing something on a piece of paper on the dinner table.

She noticed his presence so she presented her divorce conditions.

He read the condition that she doesn’t want any shares and anything from him but requested that for the next 30 days, they will be living a normal life as much as possible. He glanced at her after reading this statement. He noticed that she was just staring blankly at him.

He glanced back to the paper. He read her reason. Her reason was simple: their daughter, Chikara, will have her Chuunin Exams in a month, and Hinata doesn’t wanted her to be distracted because of their broken marriage. He glanced back at her again then his lips parted. She answered a fake smile.

He returned his focus to the paper again. She still have a little request though. But before he could read it, Hinata coughed.

“Recall how you carried me on our wedding day.”

Sasuke’s brows narrowed. “You request that I carry you out of our bedroom every morning in 30 days…”

She nodded.

He thought that she was going crazy but to make their last days together bearable, he accepted her odd request. “Ah.”


They were both pretty clumsy about it when Sasuke carried Hinata out on the first day, but their daughter was joyfully clapping her hands behind them, singing, “Papa is holding Mama in his arms!”

Chikara’s words triggered a sense of pain in him.

He carried her from their bedroom to the living room. He let her down there then before going to the kitchen, she waited for Chikara to be out of sight then she closed her eyes. “Don’t tell our daughter about the divorce.”

Sasuke nodded and left for work.


They weren’t as clumsy on the second day. Hinata leaned on his chest and he could smell her fragrance of her shirt. He realized that he hadn’t really looked at this woman for a long time. She wasn’t young anymore.

There were fine wrinkles on her face . Her hair was graying! Their marriage has taken toll to her.

For a minute, he wondered what he had done to her…


On the fourth day, when Sasuke lifted Hinata up, he left a sense of intimacy returning. “This was the woman who had given 10 years of her life to me.”


On the fifth and sixth day, Sasuke realized  that their sense of intimacy was growing again. It became easier for him to carry her as days passed by and he suddenly realized that she was getting extremely thin.


One morning, it hit him on how she was suffering so much pain and bitterness in her heart. And with out really thinking about it, he reached out, touched and pat her head.

Chikara came in as Sasuke pat Hinata’s head. She playfully jumped on their bed and greeted them. “Papa, it’s time to carry Mama out!”

To her, seeing her father carry her mother, had become an essential part of every morning.

Sasuke’s wife gestured to their daughter to come closer, then hugged her tightly. He turned his face away for he was afraid he might change his mind.

He then carried Hinata in his arms and her hands were naturally wrapped around his neck. He held her body tight just like on their wedding day.

“Yay! Papa is holding Mama!”


On the last day, when Sasuke held her in his arms, he could hardly move a step. He knew what he had to do. He drove to Sakura’s place, walked upstairs and found her almost naked.

“Hey, you’re early today… So you wanna have some-”

“I’m sorry, Sakura. But I don’t want to divorce my wife anymore.” He interrupted.


It all became very clear to him. He had carried his wife into their home after their wedding day and I vowed to her, “Until death do us part.”


Sasuke got home, cinnamon rolls on his hand, her favorite, and miraculously, a smile on his lips. He entered their bedroom then dropped the box of cinnamon rolls.

His wife was dead.


It turned out that Hinata has been fighting a severe illness for a few months. And Sasuke was too busy with Sakura to not even notice.

Hinata knew that she would die soon.

“So that’s the reason behind her odd request.”

The odd request was so important to her. She wanted their daughter to see how Sasuke was a loving husband and that they were together. “Death do us part.”


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Who isn't afraid of that??

He heard a woman scream. The voice was unfamiliar but it came from a room on the second floor. He felt he had to do something and he didn’t thought twice. His shinobi senses were tingling. He left his garden tools and tomato sprout unguarded, a tomato sprout that was so precious to him.

On his way to the back door, he quickly removed his garden gloves. The screams were getting louder and disturbing. It was screaming his name.

When he entered the house, the screaming never stopped. He hurriedly went upstairs. His stomps were heard all over in the household.

He hastily turned the knob of her bedroom door. “What’s happening?” Droplets of sweat were forming on his forehead.

“Kyaaaa-” She paused screaming as she felt his presence. She embarassly looked at him. “S-Sasuke..”

Nata-chan…” He stared at her. Confused on how the shy and timid woman was capable of screaming on that kind of high pitch. Her bedroom was a mess, random holes in the walls, broken furniture, and yeah, she was sitting on her bed as she held a pillow as a shield and a broom for… His onyx eyes narrowed in confusion.

He ran his fingers through his raven hair, avoiding his pony-tailed bangs. He was gardening so he had to tie his hair. “What on earth are you doing?”

“T-there’s a-” she paused. “KYYAAAA!” She shouted as she felt something crawling on her arm. “Get it off! Get it off!” She hurriedly stood up and ran near the window, desperately fluttering her arms in the air, praying to Kami that the creepy crawler is not on her body anymore.

He didn’t removed his confused look on her.

She was gaining color, red shades and hues. “There’s a cockroach in my room!” She frighteningly looked up. She was paranoid.

He also looked up, scanning the ceiling and signs of the said cockroach. “A cockroach?…. Really?….”


“Wah. What was that?” He stepped back a little and wished Hinata didn’t saw that. He touched his left arm then looked at her.

“THE COCKROACH TOUCHED YOU.” She looked at him then pointed the broom at his pony-tailed bangs

Then the two spotted the cockroach. It was crawling on one of the walls. Sasuke approached it, how manly. Then Hinata slowly followed him.

“….Why didnt you used your gentle fists?” He was about to hit it with his bare hands and eeww but he didn’t mind since it’s for Hinata.

“I’ve tried but it has life and too-” She paused. “ARGHHH! IT’S FLYING! IT’S FLYING!!”

Sasuke’s eyed widened. “STOP SHOUTING…” He instructed. He grabbed the broom from her hand and started targeting the flying cockroach. He’s a man, a grown up, and there’s nothing he was afraid of or that was just he wanted to Hinata see like he was there to protect her.

“I CAN’T. I AM PANICKING.” She lowered her body then hid behind his back.

The cockroach was flying above his head.

“Tsk..” He was brave. He was a man. He was a hero. He defeated Kaguya. He has the power. Nothing can stop him, or that is just what he thought. He scanned the area but there was no sign of the cockroach. 

Hinata frantically eyed the cockroach as it land on Sasuke’s back - he was truly unaware. He was wearing a white tank top, was the cloth too thin or too thick to not feel the cockroach landing? Damn, was he really that numb?

Hinata aimed the cockroach. She thrust her palms and when she opened her opal lavender eyes, the first thing she saw was Sasuke lying on her bedroom floor. And the second thing was THE COCKROACH WAS STILL ALIVE AND FLYING LIKE A BUTTERFLY IN HER BEDROOM.

“I’m gonna use susanno right now. Like right now. DAMN YOU COCKROACH” he was triggered after awakening from Hinata’s air palm. He didn’t mind, at least she had skills.




He looked at her with the expression ‘why the hell state the obvious?’. His ego was shattered. Right in the kokoro.

“UAAAAGHHHH!” He cannot take it anymore. Purple chakra was enveloping him.

“SASUKE NO!” She protested as she held his wrists.

“…You should have killed it.” Purple chakra was disappearing. Oh her touch always calm him.

“I-I… can’t.”

“You’re a shinobi. Use your gentle fist!”

“I told you. It has life.” She reasoned still awkwardly holding his wrists.

“You use it on people! What’s the difference?!”

“Maybe it’s one of Shino’s bugs?!”

“UAAAAAGGHH!” And this triggered him. He let go from her hold. There is nothing Hinata can do now to stop the agitated Uchiha.


“Oh my Kami, you really burned the house down.”  She parted her lips then scanned the area. Shocked and confused.

“That cockroach is supposed to be dead.” He reassured as purple chakra disappear from his body. He was confident. He really used susanoo for this one.

Both looked at each other, a sign of contentment.

And they heard a fluttering sound. It was the cockroach, one hell of a ninja cockroach.


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“Sasuke do you like girls with short or long hair?” Ino and Sakura asked in unison.

Sasuke looked at them with confusion.

“M-maybe this isn’t a good idea Ino-chan and Sakura-chan..” Hinata whispered.

“No, we’ll just wait for his answer then we’re going home.” Ino replied.

“Yeah! Don’t worry Hinata-chan!” Sakura added.

“So what is it Sasuke-kun!?” The two exclaimed.

Then the image of his mom appeared in his mind. “Long hair, i guess.”



While walking home, little Sasuke crossed his path with a woman whose hair was as dark as midnight blue, flawlessly dropping at her waist. This caught his attention. He was puzzled. What was her mom doing outside, blocks away from their compound and almost a block near the Hyuuga’s.

He slowly walked towards the woman.
“Mo-mother?” He stuttered.

The woman did not heard him.

He tried again; his voice became louder. “Mother!”

Her head faced right as she heard the call but her hair flew in that direction; her hair covered the side of her face.

He was desperate. He ran to the woman then hugged her from behind. “Mother!”

“Uah!?” She was shocked as she felt tiny arms wrapped around her waist. She slightly lost her balance as she lowered her head and turned around seeing a little Sasuke, eyes were shut, grinning as wide as he could.

“Ow, Sasu-”

“What are you doing here-” he slowly opened his eyes.

Confused onyx eyes met innocent lavender eyes. Everything stopped; his eyes widened while her eyes understood.
“Those eyes..”

“You’re… You’re not my mother..” He stuttered as he blushed, realizing that he hugged a woman besides from his mom. He released his hug from the unknown woman.

“It’s fine..” She sighed as she pat his head.

“Why do you have eyes like my classmate?”

“Is your classmate a Hyuuga?”


“May I know the name?”

“Uhm.. Her name is… His name..” He stuttered. “Are you her..uh..his onee-chan?”

“Maybe.” She giggled.

He just looked at her; confused and all.

“Then Why do you have long hair like my mother?” He asked as he looked up to face the woman. “If you’re a Hyuuga and not an Uchiha?”

She smiled then bent down. “I used to have short hair when i was at your age.. I cut it short because he likes girls with long hair, so girls who liked him in the academy back then grew their hair… I just don’t want them to get the idea that i like him and all…” She explained calmly.

“Then why do you have long hair right now?”

“He left and so did the rumors.”

“Do i know him?” He was just a kid, after all.

She nodded.

Onyx eyes widened.

“It’s getting dark, i’ll walk you home.” She offered.

He accepted without hesitation.


“Sasuke, is that a Hyuuga?”

“Nii-san! Oh, i just met her.” He answered quickly. “Where’s mother?”

Itachi pointed his thumb at their house. Sasuke quickly opened the door and searched for his mother. “Okaa-san!”

Itachi was left in the front yard with the unknown woman just across their gate.
“Thank you for bringing him home.”

She nodded and smile.


“Mother! Mother! Come with me! There’s someone you should meet!” Sasuke pleaded as he grasped his mom’s clothing.

“Wha!? Take it easy Sasuke… I’ll come.. I’ll come…” Mikoto answered as she held his tiny hands.

When the two reached the porch, Sasuke said, “She has long hair like you..”

Mikoto smiled.

“Nii-san! Is she still there?”

“About to go home, I think..”

Sasuke let go of his mother’s hand and pointed at the unknown woman. “See?!”

Mikoto and her just shared an awkwarad smile.

“What is her name, Sasuke?” Mikoto whispered to her suprisingly energetic son.

“I.. I don’t know..”

“You can ask her.” Mikoto suggested.

He ran to the woman and grasped her hand. She slowly bent down.

“Do you have a name?”

She nodded and smile. She leaned closer to little Sasuke’s ears and whispered, “I’m Hinata. Hyuuga Hinata.” She giggled. “And your name is Sasuke. Sasuke Uchiha.”

“Hinata.” His eyed widened. “Hyuuga Hinata” it echoed in his mind.

“W-wait how did you know my name?” Gust of wind blew and was felt in the Uchiha household.

Sasuke looked where the woman was standing. He was suprised, the woman was gone! He looked from right to left and there was still no sign of the woman he just met.

He ran back to his older brother. “Nii-san, have you seen the woman who walked me home?”

“I’ve told you that she left already..” Itachi said then poked little Sasuke’s forehead.

“H-hey…” He didn’t believed his brother, so he ran back to his mother’s arms. “You’ve seen her right?”

Mikoto nodded. “What was her name?”

“Hinata. Hinata Hyuuga.”


When she traveled back to her time, she saw a familiar man walking towards her.

“You’ve got the scrolls?” He greeted.

She nodded and handed them to him. “I saw you there.. You were so little and..”

“I know who you were talking about back there…” He interrupted.

“So those rumors were true then…”

“I never confronted those actually.”

“But you’re staying with me, so that answered those rumors..”

“Then why didn’t you cut your hair when i returned to the village?”

She blushed. “You came back and those rumors didn’t.”