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Dominion Meme: 6 Characters [1/6] ♦ Noma Walker Banks

you’re not like other soldiers, are you, sergeant? no, i’m not. i have a functioning brain, ma'am.


I think this scene (Neero’s death) is actually very important for Noma, because that’s the first time we witness how she deals with the cost of war. And it’s not pretty. She’s spent months as Gabriel’s slave, she probably despises his army, and yet she’s visibly shaken by the death of one of Gabriel’s soldiers. When Gabriel looks at her, right after he stabs Neero, she actually lowers her head in shame and grief. Because she’s on the side of their enemy, she thinks she’s partially responsible for the death of one of their own, and she hates it.

It really brings us back to the reason why Noma didn’t want Alex to kill Gabriel. Is it because they were running out of time? Perhaps. But if she’s Michael’s loyal lieutenant, then she probably knows Gabriel too, from the time when he was a humans-loving pacifist. And here, she’s just witnessed him do something that proves that he’s not a complete asshole, and there’s a part of him that he shares with that older version of himself. And it could’ve made her realize how much she had to change, too.

I love Noma so damn much.


Dominion 2x11 “Bewilderment of Heart” - The Darkness overtakes Vega’s citizens as they begin to live out their greatest fears. Meanwhile, William wrestles with the truth behind his time in the desert. David faces the harsh reality of what it is to be king. Arika becomes the victim of her own manipulations and Alex feverishly searches for the Amphora in hopes a putting a stop to the madness.


Dominion Meme: 5 Relationships [3/5] ♦ Alex Lannon x Noma Banks x Ethan Mac

The future of Vega depends upon the lasting contributions of citizens such as yourself. Your sacrifice and effort will ensure that Vega’s promise of safety is passed on to generations yet to come.


So the past October 13 Syfy let us know that they are cancelling Dominion after two season: Dominion is an American apocalyptic supernatural action television series based on the 2010 film Legion.

The plot revolves around the hypothetical situation where God has vanished, and in his absence the Archangel Gabriel and his army of lower angels wage war against mankind, believing them to be the cause of God’s absence. Although most higher angels remain neutral, Gabriel has convinced the lower angels (the “dogs of Heaven”, called eight-balls by humans because of their black eyes) to fight alongside him

Meanwhile this war is on, mankind survives in a few fortified cities. The Archangel Michael has chosen to side with humanity against Gabriel, living among humans in the fortified city of Vega (once Las Vegas) until the time a prophesied savior appears to save mankind.

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If you sign this petition you are not only contributing on saving an amazing tv series that truly deserve to be renewed: you are also helping a very strong fanbase that loves this show so much. 

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