Hey guys. My name is Savannah Spicer or tumblr user Sexurban and in August of 2014 I was in a devastating car accident on my way to FSU for fall. I suffered from a traumatic brain injury as well as a spinal injury. From the top, I was in the hospital with my mom wheelchair bound. Then I took my first hops with the help of a walker and now I am almost as good as new (minus some little things) I am recovering better than anyone could have hoped but I am still receiving bills from my two month stay in the hospital. I just received notice that my insurance won’t be covering my spinal surgery, which is 56k. I am trying to return to school and life but this debt is taking it out of my. If you can donate, or even just share I would appreciate it beyond compare. Feel free to message me with questions or anything. My go fund me link is
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