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AAAHHH TOO MANY FEELS FROM THE DEATH HCS!! T.T That does it; out with the angst and in with the FLUFF! How would each of the 2nd gen's fathers (& Azura) react if they found out their child was getting married? X3 (Neutral, Nohr, Hoshido?)

I am ALL FOR FLUFF TAKING OVER. i’m actually not too fond of writing angst tbh unless I’m writing social commentary but FLUFF IS MY LIFE AND MARRIAGE IS M Y J A M Matchmaker Matchmaker? 👀👀👀 MAKE ME A MATCH!! 😫💍😉
Also sorry for awful formatting, I’m on mobile since my internet connection legit died u_u I’ll fix it once it’s back
- Jakob would be surprised, but wouldn’t stop Dwyer from getting married. He wouldn’t outright admit it, but he’d be happy for his son. If it was a shotgun wedding tho…..
- Kaze would be shocked. He’d consider Midori too young to get married. He’d likely call the couple and ask them to wait a bit before getting married.
- Silas would be happy, but worried. Sophie may be able to get married, but she’s still his little girl. After scrutinizing the groom-to-be, he’d give him blessing. Also he’d totes cry walking Sophie down the aisle.
- Azura would be happy for Shigure, but she might act a bit frigid to his partner. She’s protective of her son and only once she’s convinced his fiancé(e) is great for him will she warm up to them.
- Corrin is torn: they’re thrilled Kanna has found love but their kid is like 5. Corrin, like Kaze, would ask Kanna to wait a bit until getting married.
- Honorary dad Gunter is shocked Jakob is getting married. “You found someone to put up with you?” he asks. With Felicia, Flora, and Corrin, he offers to walk them down the aisle and more or less threatens their husbands not to break their hearts.

- Xander is proud and happy for Siegbert for finding love. However, Xander will try to do a hugeeee background search on his son’s partner to make sure they’re good enough for him. He would welcome Siegbert’s partner into the family once things check out and offer to host the wedding.
- Leo is a bit surprised, but happy for his son. He does ask Forrest if he'a gonna wear a wedding dress. Forrest does, and Leo has to admit his son is radiant on his wedding on. He’s never seen his son so happy and he’s happy in turn.
- Keaton FLIPS OUT. He wants to interrogate and hound Velouria’s partner. It takes him a very long time to accept his little girl is getting married. It takes him even longer to truly warm up to Velouria’s partner, although he treats them well enough when they’re around.
- Benny is thrilled for his son and immediately welcomes his partner to the family. Benny will be very involved with helping plan the wedding and he cries so hard through the whole wedding ceremony.
- Odin cries. He’s beyond happy for Ophelia but he can’t believe his little heroine of darkness is getting married. At the wedding, he gives a beautiful, heartwarming speech that makes everyone cry.
- Niles teases the hell out of Nina. “What will you do with your yaoi? Does your partner know?” He’s happy for her but doesn’t pass up any opportunity to tease her.
- Laslow is super excited and happy for Soleil. He helps them plan the wedding and makes sure the day goes off without any accidents. He cries a lot that day.
- Arthur is shocked. His son is too young to get married! He tries to stall the wedding from occurring, but only speeds it up. He is happy for Percy, though.

- Ryoma is very skeptical. In his eyes, Shiro is nowhere near mature enough to get married. He sits Shiro down and has a very, very long talk with him about how serious marriage is.
- Saizo is really, really surprised. He can’t really see Asugi getting married, and is honestly in shock even at the ceremony itself. But he supports his son and his partner, helping them learn how to adult.
- Takumi doesn’t have a graceful response. He bans Kiragi from getting married at first, saying he’s too young and not ready. Eventually, he and his son come to a compromise but Takumi is still pretty surprised about his son getting married.
- Hinata is ecstatic about Hisame getting married and helps the couple plan the wedding. He’s so happy for his son and tries not to cry at the wedding. He cries.
- Azama is a bit hesitant to let Mitama get married, worried she’s rushing into things, but lets her. He completely embarrasses her at the wedding though, giving a a very teasing but loving speech.
- Subaki is supportive and happy for Caeldori. He throws the perfect wedding and manages to keep it together through the ceremony. Once he gets home he cries though. He gives Caeldori lots of hugs through the wedding is still in shock about it happening.
- Kaden is THRILLED and is possibly more excited for the wedding than Selkie. He is very invested in the wedding and is so happy his daughter gets to experience love.

Elijah Mikaelson Imagine

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Imagine coming into a bar and immediately notices the man playing piano. You hesitate at first but then decides to go up to him and give him a little tip which then leads to you two getting to know each other and later on developing some feelings…