Noise Reduction

Noise in NYC

Big cities like NYC are full of great sights, sounds …  and noises.

Ambient noise is the noise from traffic, construction, industrial or recreation activities, animals, or people’s voices, that someone doesn’t want to hear. Too much ambient noise can cause stress, higher blood pressure, and interference with sleep.

To gain a better understanding of ambient noise disturbance among all New Yorkers, a recent Community Health Survey asked adults about how often they were disrupted by noise within the previous three months and why. Here’s what we learned:

  • 4 in 10 New Yorkers reported having activities disrupted by noise from outside their homes at least once in the previous 3 months.
  • 3 in 4 of New Yorkers experiencing frequent noise disruptions —about 828,000 New Yorkers—reported noise disruption 7 or more times per week.
  • More than half of all those reporting any noise disruption said they were disturbed by noise coming from traffic – noise from cars, trucks, or other vehicles, excluding emergency sirens – and about half said neighbors and emergency sirens caused their noise disruption.


NYC also tracks noise complaints through its 311 calling system. Of the 1,783,133 complaints to the 311 call system in 2009:

  • 111,730 (6%) of 311 calls were noise-related.
  • More than half of 311 noise complaints were related to noise from loud music and parties (34%) or other social environment causes (24%) such as noise from neighbors, loud talking, loud TV, alarms going off, ice cream trucks, or noise from ventilation units.
  • 1 out of 5 noise calls to 311 were to complain about traffic or transportation noise.
  • 311 complaint data show that residents of Manhattan disproportionally called about noise-related complaints in 2009.
  • Central Harlem-Morningside Heights, Chelsea-Village, and Union Square-Lower Manhattan were among the top five communities with the highest 311 noise-related calls rates as well as the highest prevalence of noise disruption, as reported to the Community Health Survey.

Want to learn more? Check out our new report for more NYC noise facts.

Theres this thingy circulating around Twitter that someone made that smooths out pixelart or noisy JPEGs and everyone is using it like crazy. Its pretty neat though honestly its similar to some of the filters you can use in an emulator for 16-bit games, but now you can do it to your own pixelart! So far it seems like it works best with pixelart with good AA and against a non-white background. This might be the piece that I put the most time into when I first made it so I tried it out and it looks kinda pretty good!

Its neat. Here’s a link if you want to look at it.


The tools of Lightroom - “Noise reduction"

In this video I show you the noise reduction settings in Lightroom.
I talk about digital noise created by high ISO settings and how to get rid of it in Lightroom.

My YouTube channel here

Music: One-eyed maestro by Kevin MacLeod (

Creative Commons License:The music is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.

[Advice] How can I get a custom top-level domain and how much does it cost?

Hey Gang… Just posted this on a forum thread over at

Paul wrote:
    if I wanted to get a custom TLD (e.g. instead of .com have a .avery). So I could for example have a domain name like paul.avery

    Anyone have an idea what the cost is? I heard it was something like $100,000 to apply to the ICANN.

    Anyone know what the cost/process is?



You might want to check out

It’s amazing for coming up with creative domain names…

You enter something in like ‘Noise Reduction’ and it gives you a huge list of possible variations; that’s how I got www.Noise.Re/duction.

For your name, it spat out some interesting options like:

Hope that helps,
Pete ||


A great little video on the sometimes understated art of noise removal.  Worth a watch!

The cold radiates from the concrete floor, and John ends up putting his own stockings on Sherlock’s too cold feet while keeping the kilt on to keep some warmth for himself, kicking off his pants before entangling himself with Sherlock on the hard floor.

Noise Reduction by SincerelyChaos


There’s too much noise in his head and not enough bare skin for him to touch.

John leans back, breaking the kiss, once again forming words instead of creating friction, and Sherlock wants to tell him that it’s counterproductive, that words are a trap and that language is even more insufficient than fucking when it comes to noise reduction and finding release.

WARNING! Not a happy ending. 


“Noise Reduction”
24 pages
B&W on Pink paper cover w/ B&W Interior Pages
5.5" x 8.5"
Edition of 50