It’s been 1000 days since E-young joined after school and I just wanted to used this moment to get my feelings out. It seriously bothers me how she is not more popular like I want to see more of her on t.v, on music shows, on variety programs, magazines, blah blah blah like even on tumblr when you search after school they are like a million of gifs of all the members but so little of e-young. I think that pledis should do more with her talents and playgirlz should support her more.  The girl can play guitar, electric guitar, bass, drums, piano, flute, and cello!!! PLUS she sings!! She should really be more popular with all the talent she has and it really hurts me how pledis is not helping her show off her talents TT_TT I love all of after school members and I know they are other talented idols but E-young should really be showcased more so people could see how AMAZING she is!!!