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Oh my god, haters are actually saying Hook is abusing Emma in the kiss because HE LET HER KISS HIM. They’re actually saying that he should have pushed her away and that it’s abuse.

1. If he would have pushed her away, haters would have been like: “OMG HE’S MANIPULATING HER, HE KEEPS FLIRTING WITH HER AND WHEN SHE KISSES HIM HE PULLS HER AWAY. This guy’s a jerk.” And because EMMA knows what she wants at that moment, they are saying that Hook is a bad guy. The way I see it, whatever will happen there, haters WILL find something to bash because they are 5 years-old stubborn babies.

2. Please stop saying the word ‘abuse’ like it doesn’t mean anything and as if you can use it all the time. Some people actually were abused and I’m not sure they appreciate every little thing being called that word. It must feel like you’re minimalizing it, 'cause really he didn’t force her on him or anything. Abusing someone is not something you can kid with, it’s a really important accusation, PLEASE use that word wisely.

3. I understand why Anti-CaptainSwanners must be mad about this, I would probably not be happy if my NOtp shared a passionate and full of love kiss (see what i did there) but I would certainly not spread hate to the actors and the creators. It’s their show, let them tell the story they want to tell. I’m happy to be a part of this fandom but seriously OUAT isn’t based on my opinions nor yours, if the characters are happy, whoever they end up with, let it be.

4. Remember that they are FICTIONAL characters, and as much as I like to call them 'my babies’ and stuff like that, THEY’RE NOT REAL. Want to know who’s real though? That actor you just told to eat a poisoned apple, that writer you just insulted and that fangirl who was only enjoying that her OTP finally kissed that you anonymously send hate to in her ask. Can people, from ALL fandoms, stop being rude to human beings over characters that do not even exist? Please keep that in mind.

Of course i’m not talking about every person who doesn’t ship Captain Swan, some are nice about it and doesn’t make a big deal out of the kiss, this post is for those who are really rude about it.


Ok guys I’m deeply in need of some help! Those are (I think) the best pictures of me from yesterday. Question is: which one is the best?! I want to update my fb profile pic and I CAN’T CHOOSE PLEASE TELL ME WHAT TO DO I’LL LOVE YOU FOREVER.

Soooo this is me. (I hate putting pictures of me on internet, I’m way too insecure)

I wan’t on Tumblr when the first CS gtky happened so I’m glad there’s another one !

Ok enough pictures of me, I’m the least photogenic person ever

Here’s my bucket list:

1. Locate 42 Wallaby way, Sydney in Australia (important stuff guys)

2. Meet one of the flawless celebrity I admire (and marry Robbie Kay but let’s be real here Noemie)

3. Pursue my dream of becoming an actress

4. Go in a Time Capsule and slap my past self for being so naive

5. Throw a dart at a map and travel wherever it lands (hoping it’s not in the middle of the ocean)

Heeeeeere ! I’m so glad to see all of your selfies *-* You’re all so pretty tbh !