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[…] Mickey has definitely been one of those characters. He is so wrapped up in his self-hate and denial that his heart only comes through every once in a while. There is something profoundly tragic and sad about Mickey in that regard and I can see how easily it would be to get wrapped up in trying to save someone like that.


  "Fisher doesn’t get nearly enough credit for the many different layers he’s brought out in Mickey over the years.“

  "It was Fisher’s uncharacteristically quiet performance in those same moments that resulted in a heartbreaking showcase for the actor.”

  "Fisher’s Mickey has become the embodiment of that contrast that the show has so carefully created. It’s not a balance easily maintained, but Fisher does it masterfully.“

  ”Fisher crushes it. He nails the subtleties of his character and the emotional battle of wills going on inside his head. When Mickey tells Lip that he’s sorry that he didn’t do anything earlier and that he didn’t know it could get this bad, it’s a perfect moment of character introspection and growth without it being overplayed.“