— I knew you’d come

“I opened my eyes, feeling his warmth in my arms, listening to the sound of his breath against my ear. I stood up slightly and looked at him. Fuck, I had missed him so much. I had convinced myself that I didn’t need him, that Mickey was just something of my past, something damaged and painful like a wound that is healing. I tried not to think about him. I took refuge in the arms of others, looking for a cold breath in this hot storm, but none was ever like him. I brought my head to his back and inspired his scent. Finally I feel like home.“

- Ian Gallagher

anonymous asked:

that gifset you reblogged of noel where he's wearing a blue v neck do u kno why hes so emotional on the last 3 gifs bec i want to lean into my computer and fucking hug him and idek what's going on

He has beard envy. Everyone else can grow a beard. He had a beard when he went there, then they asked him to take it off. He doesn’t wanna talk about it.