Richard and Noel Bully Jimmy Carr About His Mum - The Big Fat Quiz

And gif :D

hey guys, @glam-rock-british-comedy is at it again unfortunately. so just a reminder that they steal & repost the work of content creators, especially in this fandom. they’ve even been known to edit out our watermarks. 

please don’t reblog from them - and if you see someone else’s work with GRBC listed as the source, please report them.

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Russel Brand and Noel Fielding Wreck the Show | Big Fat Quiz Anniversary 2015

Actually, I’m not a fan of Russell, sorry for that,  but this “atomic” duo is a BOMB! Ha ha ha :D


I can’t believe the movie Baby Driver is literally based off this early 2000s music video that Edgar directed, which featured Noel, Julian, and Nick Frost. That’s why they played a clip of it in Baby Driver.