dating sangwoo: dingy basement dates, hides you from public cuz he illegal, rat poison for dinner, house smells like blood 24/7, an asshole who doesn’t care about anyone but himself, a big no

dating seungbae: chinese restaurant dates, takes me around for 2 am drives, most legal man ever, dad jokes, a really sweet n humble man, enjoys my bad humour, greets me with rose bouquets, takes me on dates in the day w/o any fear, house smells like lilacs n champagne, gentleman in the streets; hottest daddy in the sheets, loves n cares too hard, the biggest yes

  • Avneel: How was prom?
  • Me: It was good. But I was super sad when the slow songs came on because I didn't have a date.
  • Avneel: What the hell. You didn't have a date and no one asked you for a dance?
  • Me: Nope.
  • Avneel: What is wrong with the people at your school. What the fuck.
  • Me: You don't want to know the people at my school.