Noda Yojiro

  • Planetarian
  • illion
  • Ubu

illion - Planetarian

Oh life is vanishing vanishing vanishing

This very moment this moment this moment

Mine is so meaningless meaningless meaningless

One comes in and one goes out

Out of this planet this planet this planet

Bye Goodbye now grandpas and grandmas I love you

Welcome now millions and billions of aliens

Which part of life do you like to start?

  • キズもの
  • 絶体延命

RADWIMPS - Kizumono
(“wounded things”)

Lyrics, Composition, & Arrangement: Noda Yojiro

So that I cannot be disliked by anyone
So that I cannot be hated by anyone
I have lived desperately until today
That plan was a great success

I am no longer disliked by anyone
I am no longer hated by anyone
But if I were to turn around and see clearly
There wouldn’t be a single person by my side

It’s good this way
It’s best this way
This is what’s left in the world
The best, true kindness

For whose sake? For my sake?
For my sake that was for your sake
For my sake, that’s the trap of youth
Even if that’s all I can say about it
Today I still put up a front with hurtful words
Then, knowing for whose sake it is
Serves what purpose?

[ original Japanese lyrics here ]

This is one of my favorite songs from RADWIMPS’ Zettai Enmei Tour DVD (it hasn’t gotten a CD release yet).

It’s so beautiful in its simplicity.


Satoh Takeru will have a cameo role in the movie ‘Toilet no Pieta’ which stars his friend Yojiro Noda from the rock band RADWIMPS.

He will appear in one scene as a janitor who worked at the hospital. Takeru said that he only had a little appearance in the movie but he’s happy to participate.He read the script and thought it has a really nice story and with Noda’s sensibility, it will surely be a good movie.
Toilet no Pieta will premiere on June 6, 2015 in Japan.

To learn more about the movie, you can go to the official website:  
Official Twitter account:

*Rough translations by Hana Angel / Salia

Source: cinemacafe
Photo credit: mdpr