ectochoir  asked:

How abt all the multiples of 6?

Get to know me meme

i did mATH FOR THIS DAMMIT ilu tho ty

6. Favourite TV Show?

Aside from Motorcity I like Clarence a lot ovo’’ (these are two very…. very different things…..) 

12. Where would your ideal vacation be and with who?

I mostly just wanna travel around America and see all my friends I’ve known for forever. @noble-rot @buzzsawbravado @fucktheflagandfuckyou and @beelko i wud want 2 go and bug them uvu

18.  Have you met any celebrities?

UHMM… kind of? I’m kind-of-friends w/ the band Bleeker (they’re rly good go check them out) and I’ve met the Trews (Canadian bands…. also rly good tho check them out) uuh… the lead singer of Die Mannequin signed my arm from the stage once, does that count?
I think I also (very shyly) met Econoline Crush when i was younger at a Three Days Grace concert.
……. there might be more but I don’t rly remember

24. This is the tattoo one that I already answered REALLY LENGTHILY so im just gonna nOT DO THAT A G A I N  -v-\’’

30. Language that you wish to learn?

Aside from sign language and Spanish i’d also be interested in learning Cree if there was anyone to teach me. or Japanese. for funsies.

36. Do you want to have kids?

I want to adopt kids, yeah. yesyes. Maybe have one??? The idea is terrifying but i wanna name a kid Dream for no reason.


One of my favorite sandwiches in the world is the butternut squash, caramelized onion, and goat cheese panino at Noble Rot’s happy hour. And their fries are thin and crisp just like I like them!

I snapped a photo of the menu for my panini loving friend (cause points to Noble Rot for using the correct form), so I figured I might as well post it.

Dogfish Head Noble Rot:

I want to stop saying “well this is a weird one” when talking about Dogfish Head beers, but it’s so often true… as it is here. As they advertise, it’s sort of a beer/wine hybrid. Super clear, light, and effervescent, it does indeed smell (and taste) strongly of white wine grapes. There’s also some spicy saison yeast, a twist of citrus, and it all comes together in a somewhat dry, very crisp drink that steps into white wine turf enough to be obvious and fun, but still retains that funky saison beer character I love, and would never get from the wine world (please correct me if I’m wrong).


Grapes and Must

Dogfish Head’s Noble Rot is a weird saison. Brewed with Viognier grape must, this beer sounded like a strange hybrid, but Noble Rot is surprising in it’s simplicity. The nose has only a hint of fresh grapes and sparkling wine. The body is super crisp with hints of wheat. The middle is peppery and grassy, and the the finish is grapy. Something about Noble Rot is perfect for spring cleaning. It’s musty like dust and forgotten clothes from the back of the closet.

Dogfish Head’s Noble Rot saison. A 4 of 4. Honestly, one of the best grape/malt hybrid beers that I’ve had. The funk is right on and just powerful enough to balance the sweetness that comes from the viognier and pinot gris. You definitely still get plenty of grape notes like a light white wine, but with so much more thickness in the body and a really nice carbonation level. Tons of complexity here. Probably my favorite large-format bottle from DFH so far. My only regret about this is that I’m drinking it inside during the evening - this would be perfect on a sunny outdoor day.