I got mad love for my class. Noble Koi C/O 2014!!! Waipahu!!!

Homecoming 2012-2013

Today was fun! Finally got Arthur’s Awards over with. Which means, school will probably be boring now in the upcoming months after that. Lol. Jk. Cheered our hearts out in the rain! Haha. Good job to ALL the classes! You guys were pretty good, I give you props! Even though our class might of messed up, it’s okay! Just as long as we tried our best and had fun while doing it. Still have one more year to go! :D


The Four Noble Truths & The Eightfold Path (Buddhism For Beginners Part 2)


Homecoming Results

After two long years of falling in fourth place, we made it to SECOND PLACE overall and Arthur’s this year! With a total score of 636 points, just 19 points away from beating the seniors! We’ve came so far guys! We’ve made a MAJOR improvement in the past two years. Going all out next year, right?? Am I right?! Heck yeah I am. Haha. Good job Noble Koi! We got this next year, we got this :)