Is Heroes Reborn everything you hoped it would be?

Pretty much my entire twitter and Tumblr feeds tuned into the series premiere of Heroes Reborn tonight on NBC. Now I want to hear what you guys thought. Now usually I wait until I’ve watched something more than once before writing a review. But having been a fan of the original series, I learned that the first showing is about my emotions and the second showing is when I notice all the little hints and easter eggs. 

And as far as my emotional reactions go, this series premiere couldn’t have been more satisfying for me. Heroes was the first television series that I was a maniac over, and although I didn’t always like the direction the story was going in, I was very sad to see it go, especially where it ended.

After attending the panel at San Diego Comic Con, this was the new series that I was most looking forward to. And I wasn’t disappointed. 

As usual, per Heroes style, the first few minutes started out with a bang. Literally. Just like the first season of the original series, this one revolves around a particular event and all the mysteries surrounding it. I thought it was a good choice to start with the familiar face of Noah Bennett (Jack Coleman), aka, H.R.G. Along with his voice over. In fact, I think they made a number of great choices when it came to hooking old fans of the first series, and new fans that never saw an episode of the old one. 

I love that the storyline basically picks up where the first series ends. Obviously it includes a time jump, but it’s the same story. With seeing what Heroes Reborn has in store, I’m actually glad that the first series ended. It gave them lots of opportunities to write new characters, but still keeping some of the old ones, but also learning from their mistakes. 

Their Brave New World didn’t turn out how they thought it would.

(did anyone else miss these titles?)

The world knows that there are people out there with these incredible powers, thanks to Claire and her classic reveal on live television. If anyone watched the web series leading up to tonight’s premiere, we learned that after Claire’s story it the news, thousands of “evos” in hiding posted videos of their own on the internet revealing their powers. Then the explosion happened at Primatech, and evos everywhere found themselves going into hiding again or faced with the risk of being hunted down. I really REALLY like that Claire has become a real hero to all evos. It really reflects well on how the internet generation is today.

Seeing Noah team up with Quentin (Henry Zebrowski), who essentially can almost be seen as a Heroes fanboy, was quite a dynamic. A highly trained secret “government” employee living under a fake name and a nerdy conspiracy theorist with a missing sister. I’m really looking forward to where their story goes. 

It’s nice seeing the story also revolve around another familiar character, but an older face in Molly Walker (Francesca Eastwood). If you remember, she is the little girl that Matt Parkman saves at the beginning of the first series that Sylar was after. And perhaps we will finally learn the full extent of her powers. 

I really like Tommy’s storyline so far. He has a cool power that we haven’t seen yet, and at the same time, he’s just a nerdy little high school kid with a crush on a pretty girl. He has so much to lose if he is threatened, which is why I think his story may be one of the more emotional ones of the season, but we’ll see. 

The only thing I didn’t quite understand is Miko’s story. She apparently has the power to enter video games…? Thanks to what appears to be the Kensei sword…? And it seems to be completely disconnected with the rest of the stories. She’s not supposed to leave the apartment but doesn’t seem to know why and didn’t seem to know that her father is missing? And gets told all of this by a kid that is an avid and expert gamer that randomly shows up at the apartment thanks to a video game called Evermore? I’m sure all these questions will be answered, per Heroes style, but I think there was a little too many questions at once and it left me a little too confused. 

It was nice to see the episode wrap up with Mohinder’s voice over, that was very, very similar to how the Pilot of Heroes ended. I personally can’t wait until next week and see all my old favs. Mohinder. Parkman. Hiro. Micah.

Also two things I’m VERY sure of:

  1. Claire Bennett is most definitely NOT dead. Because she can’t die, unless there was something weird about that explosion.
  2. this “Unknown Caller” is definitely Micah. 

And here’s all the little easter eggs I noticed so far: 

  • Little girl cosplaying as Cheerleader Claire
  • Linderman High School
  • Kensei sword
  • Yamagato Industries
  • the helix
  • Burnt Toast Diner (I did see that right?)
  • 9th Wonders in the backseat
  • What else did everyone catch?

Why does nobody ever listen to Noah? He has literally been in the business for 20 years, he knows what he’s on about! He’s like “Oh, you guys should leave before the villains find and shoot you” but everybody else is like “lol no” and then they get caught. 

so, today in my govt class, we were watching a documentary on the integration of two black students into an Alabama University during the 1960s. There was a guy with horned-rimmed glasses, and my mind drifted off to Noah Bennett. And that’s when it hit me.HRG = Horned-Rimmed Glasses. I always wondered why Noah was nicknamed HRG, I felt so proud when I figured it out.
But at the same time, I was like:Guess I really am a stereotypical dumb blonde.

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whos the person you could go to anything for an in your fam and outside your fam?

“In my family? Mostly Jonah or CJ. Outside of my family? Bia, she can handle pretty much any topic. Even Noah for the intellectual talks as well and .. Can’t believe I’m saying this but Bennett as well. Despite his arrogant ego he has helpful things to say when in need.”

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