Orphan Black's Dylan Bruce Joins NBC's Heroes Reborn

Orphan Black’s Dylan Bruce Joins NBC’s Heroes Reborn

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The cast of Heroes Reborn keeps getting bigger and bigger! The highly anticipated series latest addition is former Orphan Black star Dylan Bruce, who will appear as a recurring character rather than a guest star or series regular.

No  details have been disclosed about Bruce’s character, further adding an air of mystery to a show about a new group of individuals…

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ode to noahb3

Nothing can describe the path we took, two souls linked by
Osiris, magic, spirits, and laughter.
Although we strayed, we have come together yet again, and this time we
Hold steady, remain in place, and compliment each others’ search for meaning.

Benign our past has become, we’ve evolved into a brotherhood,
Earnest and true, we’re Bad Kids resisting regulation and convention,
Not intimated by stigma, reaction, or repercussion, we exist in a place outside the
Nexus, inside the true universe, and as vessels for experiment and folly. 
Early on a connection was forged, and continues to perserve and grow to this day,
Totally spiritual, wholly unconditional, our link is special, unique, and I am
Thankful that during that epic summer we recharged ourselves and still prosper.