Noah Blalock

~Noahs New Look~

So Noah decided not to cut his hair, only getting rid of dead ends He wears his hair in a messy pony now.

He no longer wears his black hoodie nor does he wear his sunglasses.

Sense starting this account Noah has changed and developed quite a bit.

His long hair, sunglasses, and hoodie were all means of hiding in the past. He was insecure and did not like his eyes nor the rest of his appearance. Now he cares less what people think and does not care as much if people see his eyes. He is a bit more confident and also a bit more harsh. His harshness mostly coming from dealing with his brother Cain.

Pulling his hair back shows more of his face and getting ride of the hoodie shows he no longer minds hiding his skinny body like he had in the past.

This is how Noah looks from now on ^^ including updated reaction images for any asks he gets.

I hope it is liked!

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Cain went up to his mother. "When I go back into Noah's you're taking care of Eve. And if you don't know who that is she is that piece of shit BENs clone. Understand?" Cain said bluntly with a serious look. He knew Eve wanted him to stick around but he knew he wouldn't... and after how BEN neglected her the last time, he didn't want that happening again. (Deer freaking god I hope this sends! hnnn)

Jane was surprised to see Cain approach her on his own. She nodded at the boys request. “I can take care of Eve for you, Cain.” Jane had little knowledge of how Eve and BEN were around each other, but she’d have no problem watching over her. The woman was also curious of why Cain would care about her. “She matters to you?”

Noah's "feeling", Cain vs Jeff's "feeling", and Saiko: Headcannon comparison

((So, after reading Noah-Blalock’s headcannon on Noah’s “feeling”, I really wanted to compare his, and Jeff’s personalities, including that of my OC personality; Saiko. 

Cain was brought about by complications of birth, and shares a body with Noah. This is very much unlike Jeff’s personalities. Whilst Cain was, technically, born, neither of Jeff’s personalities were, even though they will claim so.

Rather than there being three people in one body (as originally implied), Jeff’s personalities are not actually real, and are creations of his own mind. Neither Feeling, nor Saiko actually exist. 

As Feeling will often say, he was “born” at a time of abuse, violence, and hatred. This is, in some ways, true. Whilst Jeff was going through severe trauma of being abused, and bullied, his mind created an escape; Feeling. This personality acted as a defense mechanism, to deal with Jeff’s severe problems. To put it simply, he was a source of relief. He was made, subconsciously, to deal with Jeff’s problem; his abusive parents, and his bullies. Feeling completed his task, but Jeff was far too deep into mental panic, and the Feeling stayed. This is why he is present, still. 

Feeling’spersonality, also, reflects the situation he was created in. He is violent, and abusive. However, his “upper class” nature stems from Jeff’s mother; she wanted to seem more important than she actually was, and wanted to keep up a “high class” appearance. Because of this image being drilled into Jeff’s mind, it became a part of this personality. 

Feeling is, very much, unlike Cain. He is nothing, but emotions, neurons, and coding. Cain is his own person, trapped away. Feeling just assumed he was in the same situation. 

Saiko’s formation was very similar to Feeling’s. He was formed when Noah was dying, and Jeff went through periods of self-hatred, and fear. As a result, he retreated to his happy childhood memories; hence why Saiko acts like a child, and is trusting of everyone. Saiko wears a gas mask to hide his features, as he is scared of his own appearance. Like a child, he is easily distracted, and easy to entertain. 

Unlike Jeff’s personalities, Cain is aware of his own situation, and Noah is, too. However, Jeff’s personalities are completely unaware that they are just defense mechanisms to deal with Jeff’s problems; they believe they are their own people, rather than just Jeff’s attempt to escape from reality. 

If they were ever informed, they would dismiss it. If evidence is provided, they would falter, and panic. As a result, another personality would be formed, and all three memories would be wiped, of being told they were not real. 

Despite the major differences, Noah and Jeff share similarities, such as symptoms. They suffer from headaches, and pain, quite often. Another similarity is that both “feelings” have similar personalities, and are quite egocentric. 

To summarise, both sets of “personalities” have completely different origins, but similar effects on the hosts. Is there a connection? Or is it just coincidence?))

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Character Info: Noah Blalock

Name: Noah Blalock

Age: Died at age 15, is about 16-17 now

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Straight

Species: Was human and became something between the living dead and a ghost. Not a zombie but like a spirit that still has a physical body.

Personality: Noah is kind hearted, selfless, honest, and loyal. He is not very social, often a bit awkward and introverted. He is not good with making new friends, thinking he is not friend worthy. He can be brash and straight forward. He likes to call himself a realist though sometimes he is pessimistic. He is over all a good person, even if he does not believe it himself.


Noah is the son of Jane Richardson and Jeff Blalock.
He grew up living with his mother as an only child. He attended school like a normal child despite his mothers murderous occupation. He was always insecure about his dark eyes however, they were just like his mothers. He was told to wear sunglasses to hide them when he went to school, however in the end he wore them constantly.

As he grew up he was often bullied an teased for being quite odd. He was a good student, studious, getting good grades. He did his best not to let others get to him though it left him with a poor self image. Whether is was his clothing,his hair, his glasses, or how skinny he was, they always found something. He became introverted, a loner, keeping quiet and mostly to himself.

His life besides his eyes, besides his mothers “job” had been relatively normal, he even made at least one friend, Shannon.

Unfortunately this mundane life did not last. Noah began feeling odd, feeling this dark tug at his being. The boy, only 15, thought he may be developing whatever mental disorder his father had. He feared he had inherited the mental illness that caused his father to become a cruel heartless killer.

Noah cared so strongly for his Mother and for Shannon. As his symptoms started he wrote about it in his journal, in fear he would lose himself. He started cutting ties, hiding away in his room more that he usually did.

He told his closet friend, his crush, Shannon that he could no longer see her anymore.

Unfortunately while trying to explain this news to her he lost control while trying to protect her from her abusive drunkard of a Father.

What he thought was another personality had taken control.

Noah and his mother believed he suffered from Dissociative Identity Disorder.

Later they discovered that was not the case. Due to his mother selling her soul to the devil in exchange from immortality and having been pregnant with him while no longer possessing that soul it had created complications.

It was discovered that much like how conjoined twins were formed Noah had a conjoined soul with that of his twin whom named himself Cain.

Noah had discovered what had been torturing him and causing him to do horrid things was his spiteful twin.

After this discovery Noah lived in a constant fight for control over the body he shared with his vile brother in fear he would harm the family he had tried to protect from himself for so long.

This changed after Noah’s death.

Noah died due to complications of an injury to his heart from someone who had been out to attack his family.

He was later brought back my a Necromancer and forced under the beings control.

To break the control he requested the help of his Mothers friend, a cult leader called The Father. The Father preformed a ritual used normal to ascend his followers in order to cleanse Noah and Cains conjoined soul of the Necromancers control.

After all of this Noah was left with a physical body, no longer alive but not quite dead.

He is much like a Spirit, unable to leave the property boundaries of his home. He now has these inhumanly abilities that he uses only when needing to protect his family.

Noah no longer had to share his body with his brother Cain once Cain tricked Noah close friend and adopted brother BEN into getting him into the cursed game of his. By killing himself in the game Cain was able to have his own body materialized.

Noah and Cain now have separate bodies, however he and Noah share any pain the other receives. If one breaks their leg or gets a paper cut so does the other. They are also unable to be too far from each other. Noah can’t leave the property however Cain can though he still can’t go too far from his brother for though they no longer share a body their souls are still conjoined.

These days Noah is much stronger than he used to be. He is less insecure, no longer wears his glasses, and is a bit more brash than he used to be. His utmost concern is his family and their protection from both his Fathers illness, his brother, and any other kind of threat thrown at them. He just wants them to be happy.


Mother: jane-the-killer-richardson

Father: jeffthekillerneversleeps

Half-Sister: jeffthekillerneversleeps

Adopted Brother and Best Friend: code-ben

Nephew Aldrik:

Girlfriend: shannon-the-lost

Brother Cain: (Played by Me)

Nephew Jezebet: (Played by Me)

Mun: If you read all of this I love you.