Live Wild - part 7 (dabble series)

Police!AU Bucky Barnes x Reader

Summary: Reader and her friends are in a store when a group of men come to rob the place. Reader finds a hiding place and call the police. Detective James Barnes will help her through this terrifying situation.

Word Count: 1,011

Warnings: None

A/N: Based on this post. Took me a while to sort it, but here we go. It’s more like a silly sort of fluffy story, nothing too oppressing. (I own that gif, you’re welcome to use it)

You were calling James when Natasha put a hand on your shoulder. You stopped and turned around to face her.

“What’s going on?”

Her question made you cringe. “Isn’t obvious? In case you haven’t noticed, we’re trapped in a supermarket.”

“No, you don’t think we stand a chance against these guys!” She flinched when you avoided her eyes. “I know what I’m doing. It’s my job.”

Your job, not ours!” You raised your voice. “What if they’re armed, what if they fight back? What if there are more than three robbers? What if some people are still hiding? Nat, do you even have answers to these questions?”

“You talk like a cop, Y/n. Who’s that detective?” She crossed her arms over her chest.

“He’s a-”

“A guy? Well, that explains everything!” She snickered, a cold laugh escaped her lips.

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ONCE UPON A TIME : the reboot
by drew and menelaos

season 1, episode 4 : Red-Handed

present :  When Mary Margaret’s John Doe patient awakens and escapes, Ruby Connor – infamously dejected waitress and local party girl – surprises everyone when she steps up to lead the search. Emma applies for the position of Deputy Sheriff and accidentally discovers the sexual nature of Graham and Regina’s relationship. Emma only becomes more determined when she learns that Regina is threatened by her growing friendship with Graham. Meanwhile, the hunt for the missing patient leads the people of Storybrooke into the abandoned coal mines where they make a startling discovery – a coffin made of fragments of broken glass. Mary Margaret tries to understand her connection to John Doe when they finally meet, and Henry shows Emma his hiding place for his book of fairy tales: buried in a box beneath his wooden castle playground.

past :  On the run, Princess Snow White finds a cabin in the woods of the kingdom of Misthaven and seeks refuge there with Red Riding Hood and her grandmother. But a string of gruesome wolf killings in the nearby village lead Snow White and Red to take matters into their own hands. When they come to the conclusion that the werewolf is Ezekiel, the young man Red is in love with, they devise a plan by which the young couple can run away while Snow White wears Red’s cloak to fool her grandmother. But when Granny discovers their deceit, she reveals that the cloak was enchanted years ago to prevent a werewolf from shifting forms, and Red herself was the wolf. Snow White and Granny rush to find Red and throw the cloak on her to return her to her human form, but arrive too late to save Ezekiel. Snow White offers to take the blame so that Red can continue living in her village, and she heads back into the forest, having found a strong friendship with Red Riding Hood.

‘once upon a time’ stars : Charlize Theron as the Evil Queen/Regina Mills, Emily Rose as Emma Swan, Jaimie Alexander as Snow White/Mary Margaret Blanchard, Henry Cavill as Prince Charming/John Doe, Raphael Sbarge as Jiminy Cricket/Dr. Archie Hopper, Richard Madden as the Huntsman/Sheriff Graham Buchanan, Naveen Andrews as the Magic Mirror/Sydney Glass, CJ Adams as Henry Mills, and Robert Carlyle as Rumpelstiltskin/Mr. Gold

guest stars include : Meghan Ory as Red Riding Hood/Ruby Connor, Beverly Elliott as Widow Agatha Lucas/Helen Connor, Bob Morley as Ezekiel

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On that note about never accepting an abuser’s apology, I’d like to make it clear in my headcanon that Armand and Santino never had that conversation. In fact, they never had to. I think Santino, who as we know fully realized the wrong he did when Maharet/Pandora spoke to him, knew trying an apology on Armand was futile. And I think Armand, though he could never forgive Santino for what happened, was willing to open a new page and call it one last shot. Was it a good decision necessarily? Not really, but I think Armand was willing to let Santino prove himself a changed man, as were quite a few in the coven willing to(sans Marius). But they never, ever broached the subject of the past together. And certainly never tried to excuse each other for it.

Arkefih iii

No metronome
When you practice in the patient flux
The deal betwixt the fingers
And the harp goes south rather quickly
Nettled in fluid vibrato
Perhaps another time and place

Neptune is aware of his merchandise
Hiding it unabated in the peaceful deep
Eyes everywhere search the abandoned
Barnacled compartments
For a strand of the provocative

Any modest achievement in intrigue
Is still a cut above what is expected
Easily led and foreshadowed
Focus lost to the passion residing
Culminating in the aching numbers

The great big poignancy that is life
Peaks reflective
Hanging with me
Neath the fleeting stars
The ones that time
And her parlaying mischief wipe clean

No but you know how, in Always, I had Sonny make a wooden cufflink case for Barba? As a present for their six-month anniversary? Because he loves working with wood?

And you know how, in Hiding Places, I had that whole Barba speech about Sonny’s dad being a retired carpenter? which i based on my own dad who’s a retired carpenter lol

And now I got to see Peter-in-a-Sonny-outfit planing his wood?

So yeah(™ Peter Scanavino).

Axolotl Care Sheet

Keeping Other Animals with Axolotls:

Just say no. Fish will bite the worm-like gills of axolotls. Even bottom feeder fish like Plecos will try to feed on the axolotls. Large snails might attach themselves to the axolotls, or might get eaten by the axolotl and impact its digestion. For the sake of your axolotl, please don’t keep anything else in the tank with it.

Keeping Axolotls Together:

Male and female axolotls will mate throughout the year, and the female can lay several hundred eggs at a time. Same-sex pairs of similar sized adult axolotls are okay to keep together as long as they each have their own places to hide by themselves. Larger axolotls may bully, or even try to eat, smaller axolotls, so only keep adults together if they are within about 1” of each other’s size.


The yearly average water temperature where the axolotls are native is about 70° F, and this is a fine temperature to keep axolotls at all year long. Water temperatures over 75° F are stressful for the axolotl. To aid in cooling your tank, leave the lid part-way open to allow some water to evaporate, and keep the tank out of direct sunlight.


Axolotls prefer low light levels, and benefit from having a steady day/night cycle. To help yourself out with this, place a timer on the light’s outlet, and set it for 12 hours light and 12 hours dark. Give the axolotl plenty of dark hiding spaces, and add plants (preferably live plants) to help diffuse the light.

Water Flow:

Axolotls prefer still or slow-moving water, so if you choose to run a filter in your tank, try to diffuse the water flow with decorations or plants. Axolotls are more active in calm water.

Water Parameters:

Axolotls benefit from water with a pH between 6.8 and 7.4, and need some mineral content in their water or else they will become anemic. To balance your water’s pH and to keep mineral content high, filter your water before adding it to your tank (this can be done with a filtered refrigerator tap or a Brita-style water filter on your sink tap), and to this water add:

2 tsp aquarium salt

2 tsp Epsom salt

1 level tsp baking soda

per 5 gallons of water.

To aid in water filtration, consider adding live plants, which absorb some of the waste produced by the axolotl.

As with any aquarium, make sure to add beneficial bacteria, which can be purchased at any fish shop, and cycle the tank BEFORE adding the axolotl. If unsure about how to cycle a tank, speak with a professional at your local fish shop.

Filtering your water before adding it to your aquarium will remove any chlorine, which can kill an axolotl. Bottles of chlorine-remover can be purchased, but these only cause chemical reactions to produce chlorinated plastics or metals, and do not actually remove the chlorine from the water. A safer way to remove chlorine is to either filter the water ahead of time, as mentioned above, or let the water sit in an open bucket for 24 hours and let the chlorine evaporate.


NEVER use gravel in an axolotl tank. Axolotls eat by sucking in large amounts of water, and in doing so, can accidentally ingest anything near the food. The gravel will impact the axolotl’s digestion and may even kill it. As a good rule of thumb, NEVER put anything smaller than your axolotl’s head in its tank. This includes gravel, stones, snails, decorations, and so on. Aquarium sand (not playground sand) is great for axolotls, or a bare tank bottom will suffice too. The only problem with a bare tank bottom is that the axolotls have trouble gripping it, and moving might become stressful to them.


Axolotls can swim pretty vigorously, and are known to thrash when they eat, so don’t put anything in their tank with sharp edges or rough surfaces. This includes the edges of PVC pipes, splintery driftwood, sharp rocks, and even some fish tank decorations. If you notice a cut on your axolotl, run your finger along everything in their tank and remove any sharp object you find. Even if it’s not sharp in your mind, it may be too sharp for the axolotl’s soft skin.


Some will say that adult axolotls only need to eat every other day or so, but it’s best to feed them smaller portions daily. To get a handle of how much your axolotl needs to eat, keep feeding it until it no longer seems interested in food. Remove any uneaten food within 30 minutes or your water will become contaminated.

A scientific study published by the Journal of Veterinary Behavior proved juvenile axolotls grow fastest on a diet of bloodworms, but this diet is best for juveniles and not so much for adults. Axolotls have little holes in their heads behind their gills to let water flow in and out when they eat, and tiny bloodworms will flow right out through these holes.

The best food for adult axolotls is earthworms. If you choose to find your own worms outside, be sure to avoid taking them from anywhere sprayed with fertilizer, pesticides, or herbicides. While you’re out looking, slugs also make a nice meal for axolotls. To clean off the food you collect, fill a small cup with your tank’s water and let the worms and slugs sit in it for a few minutes, but be sure to cover the cup! This will remove any excess dirt from the food. Store-bought worms are great too, but axolotls can be picky and might not like the kind you buy. Some don’t like Canadian Nightcrawlers, some don’t like Red Wigglers. I’ve had the best luck with “Dillies,” sold as fishing bait at most tackle shops. Some people have had luck feeding axolotls sinking trout pellets, but I have never tried this.

DO NOT feed your axolotl the following: fish, other amphibians, mealworms, snails you catch yourself, any bug with more than 6 legs, spiders, anything that may be venomous, beef heart or any mammalian protein. This list is not exhaustive. Use common sense when feeding your axolotl. Avoid purchasing live aquatic worms from pet stores, as they may be contaminated with parasites.

Further Information:

The internet is a valuable tool for researching animal care, but remember that there is a lot of misinformation out there. is a great resource for specific information about axolotls. is a good message-board about amphibian care, but not everyone there knows what they’re talking about. The same goes for any amphibian-related groups on social media: it’s hit or miss trying to find someone with good information.

There are a few good books about axolotl care, but most are outdated. These include Developmental Biology of the Axolotl (scholarly article compilation from 1989), Axolotls: Care and Breeding in Captivity (Peter Scott 1995), and any of several books about general amphibian keeping.

Yoongi Scenario: I Was Made For Loving You - Part 3.

Summary: In the midst of a war you got separated from your sister trying to desperately escape from the bombings that started to hit your town. Finding yourself with no place to hide you run into a laconic soldier that gets you through the night. Now with the promise of getting you to safe haven you decide that you can’t give up the only family you have left, and thus Yoongi faces the decision of going with you through dangerous territory or go back to his camp.

Request: please i want a continuation of yoongi’s fic i was made for loving you😍

Inspired on I was made for loving you by Tori Spelling and Ed Sheeran.

Genre: Angst / Fluff. Soldier AU.

Part 1 / 2

Going to the road by foot was crazy, but going to the road by foot at night was madness. 

So you went back to your house where you ate some of the canned food you had stashed. You spoke some more during the time you were there, and as you helped him with the bandages for his leg Yoongi commented that you acted like the big sister even if you were the youngest, you told him it was all due to the circumstances and your stubborn antics. 

That made Yoongi snort and shake his head, as if he was amused with what you were telling him. Yoongi didn’t speak too much about himself, instead he let you talk and tell him about you, your pre war life, what you liked to do and what did you not. You purposely left out your family from the conversation and he didn’t bring them up.

You didn’t know where to tell Yoongi to sleep, and at the end you didn’t need to, as he announced he would be sleeping on a couch in the living room. You wanted to insist and tell him that there were beds but then you saw him dragging the couch the more he could to the front door. 

-I’ll be here- he stated simply, but still looked at you expecting for some kind of approval, so you granted it to him, imagining that of course he wanted to sleep next to the door. -We leave at dawn- again he waited for you to nod, you did, but stood still staring at him from the other side of the room, wanting to say something to him but not knowing what else you should tell him. So you nodded again and left for your room.

At dawn you left. Yoongi wasn’t a soldier by career but he didn’t budge on his words, and was punctual and precise like no one you knew.

You walked until mid morning until a supply truck passed by the desolated road. Yoongi asked them for a ride and the workers couldn’t say no to a soldier and a young woman in need. As Yoongi had told you it was only a few hours until you reached the town, you had passed through it before but you hadn’t given much attention to it, maybe because it was a copy or a twin of your own home town.

Yoongi and you were once again by foot, the town and all the houses were left behind, the road getting more rudimentary as you went on and the sun started to fade, you were talking about where could it be a good spot to set camp before someone caught Yoongi’s attention.

At first you saw him just staring hard to a point far a head of you, there weren’t houses or buildings anymore, just trees and grass bordering the road. But suddenly Yoongi halted, his hand going to yours quickly, pulling both of you down to a side of the road rolling into the grass.

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She was looking to start over, give herself and her daughter a new, better life. She had found the perfect place, to hide in plain sight away from her father and his people. She knew he would expect her to change her name, so she didn’t, just dropped ‘David’ and instead used only her mother’s maiden name.

She moved in to this little neighbor, the relator said it was a ‘family friendly’ neighbor and that most of the people living there have children and grandchildren.

Elisabeth had lived in the little neighborhood and met most of her neighbors and befriended a few, but it wasn’t until she had been living there for about two months did she meet her best friend, Jennifer Jareau. At first, Elisabeth didn’t know if she would like the blonde, but now the two hung out nearly everyday while they’re kids were at preschool.

Today was no different, Mrs. Samuels had picked up Taylor and taken her to preschool along with some of the other young children in the neighborhood, tomorrow it would be her turn. This was something she had never expected, being a soccer mom.

There were certain things JJ didn’t know about her, like what she had done for a living that resulted in her income, or what exactly happened to Taylor’s father. Even though it had been nearly two years now, Elisabeth still felt like she was living a double life.

The knock on the door brought her out of her thoughts, she walked to it and opened it. “JJ, was the door locked?” She asked with a furrowed brow because usually the blonde just walked in.


Leonard Cohen ~ You Got Me Singing…

You got me singing
Even tho’ the news is bad
You got me singing
The only song I ever had

You got me singing
Ever since the river died
You got me thinking
Of the places we could hide

You got me singing
Even though the world is gone
You got me thinking
I’d like to carry on

You got me singing
Even tho’ it all looks grim
You got me singing
The Hallelujah hymn

You got me singing
Like a prisoner in a jail
You got me singing
Like my pardon’s in the mail

You got me wishing
Our little love would last
You got me thinking
Like those people of the past

Yeah, you’ve given people literally no alternative and basically told them that they have to hide and pretend to be other people until they can get a diagnosis, which is incredibly unhealthy.

And this is why the larger multiple community exists. The larger multiple community exists for people who don’t have or will never have diagnosises but know they are still multiple. It’s a place where people don’t have to hide and pretend to be people they aren’t.

But no. Apparently this isn’t good enough for you. The word system has to be “DID specific” even though it never was and only the diagnosed can ever be “real systems” and get to act like real people according to you.

You want people to leave a space that you think is “yours” when it was made for everyone and to help everyone. You don’t care if people are not allowed to be their own people if it’s to get people out of “your space”. You’re dehumanizing people just to pat yourselves on the back and laugh at and harass those filthy “fake systems”.

Do you see how harmful your bullshit really is to people?

If you don’t like the fact that people are calling you on your bullshit and you’re too afraid to be held accountable for how you hurt others, you should probably stop your blog and find something better to do with your free time.

Willow had been so close to persuading herself to participate in the social convention of attending a high school dance, even going as far as dressing up in costume to which she was suppose to be a warrior queen. Someone who radiated power and confidence, a commander, all things that she definitely was not. Yet here she was back once again in the place she considered sanctuary, her safe haven and hide out. The Library. She couldn’t do it, she couldn’t bring herself to walk through the doors and be surrounded by all of those people who she was sure didn’t know of her existence. Sitting at her usual table, Willow rested her forehead against the table feeling nothing but disappointment in herself. Not noticing anyone else enter she thought she was by herself until she saw a shadow standing over her. Thinking it was either Rory or Acacia she grumbled under her breath. “I’m not going.” Her voice came out quiet. 

It depends on the plane, but usually crew rest areas are hidden behind the cockpit, above first class, like on this Boeing 777. 

Secret stairs, which are hidden behind an inconspicuous door that’s usually near the cockpit, lead up to the bedrooms where the cabin crew sleeps.

Upstairs are cramped, windowless bedrooms with no room to stand up.

Some are nicer than others.

On the Boeing 777, pilots have their own overhead sleeping compartments, which feature two roomy sleeping berths, as well as two business-class seats, and enough room for a closet, sink, or lavatory, depending on the airline.

No ‘Mile High Club’ though. Sad face.


so I will stand by your side and we will face whatever is coming for you together