Imagination Lane // “Imagine This” Scenario #2: Bill Skarsgard

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(Warning: This is slightly long for an imagine scenario, but I couldn’t help but write this out. I’m also in a sappy Bill mood, and I needed this as soon as the idea struck me last night as I laid in bed trying to get to sleep. Shame on me lol.)

If you want to know what The First Fight Box is and what it entails, click here.

Imagine This: You and Bill have entered into your first serious argument as a married couple. A few months back, on your wedding day, you both created what you called “The First Fight Box,” and slipped letters inside for you both to read – when the time came. 

Today, you both have agreed to a small cease-fire within your heated argument and decided to open the box…

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Empty Minded, Empty Handed

It’s one of my first games as DM, and its the first time for a few others too. They’re well aware of traps and tricks at this point, so that’s no excuse. As a point of interest, the Swordsage is a veteran player.

DM: You enter a slim room, with caskets and a chest neatly set at the other end.

Swordsage: I search to see if there’s anything on or in the caskets.

DM: The caskets are full of bodies, and there are meager offerings on the ledges, nothing an adventurer could make due with.

Rogue: Imma pick the chest’s lock. *rolls absolute garbage*

DM: As you fiddle with the chest, it flies open. *it wasn’t locked to begin with* You really know your stuff. Are you fully opening it?

Rogue: Cool, and sure.

DM: However as you do, a flurry of darts sprays out.

(Somehow, the people by the door get hit, despite the multiple range penalties. After this, they spend a while picking up the darts and seeing if the tiles are worth any, since I mentioned one being damaged by a missed dart)

Swordsage: So, what’s the chest like? I’m a construct, so can I salvage the trap for parts?

DM: The chest, eh… it’s an unassuming chest. A stone one, weighs 50 pounds easy. The trap mechanism is broken though.

Sorcerer: I want it. It’s a good hiding place.

DM: None of you have 50 pounds of capacity to spare and honestly you can get a lighter chest for much cheaper.

Sorcerer: I dunno, I really want the chest.

DM: *becomes somewhat exhausted that the party is trying to loot everything BUT the contents of the chest itself* Fine…

Swordsage: No, we don’t need it. We’re done here, let’s move on, to adventure!

Everyone else: *agrees*

DM: You leave the room and the open chest… *waits a beat, nobody bites* Okay then.

Worst part is that the chest had some nice stuff in it too, and the Swordsage only realized when I told him after the session. 

All of the evidence [regarding mass surveillance] highlights the implicit bargain that is offered to citizens: pose no challenge and you have nothing to worry about. Mind your own business, and support or at least tolerate what [the government does], and you’ll be fine. Put differently, you must refrain from provoking the authority that wields surveillance powers if you wish to be deemed free of wrongdoing. This is a deal that invites passivity, obedience, and conformity. The safest course, the way to ensure being ‘left alone,’ is to remain quiet, unthreatening, and compliant.
—  Glenn Greenwald

Can you see me? Here I am,
standing here where I’ve always been.
And when words are not enough,
I climb inside your heart and still find
you’re my safest place to hide.

ok but listen. l i st en. flicker is actually a concept album.

on my own: i’m single, i’m loving life, i don’t need no one have too much fun. one night stands are fun too. long came the devil, caught my eye

slow hands: The One Night Stand. or maybe not. wanna be with you all alone

seeing blind: i fell in love?? you took me by surprise. i love you i love you, you’re too good to be all mine

the tide: oh no, get ready. something bad is coming, and i need to stop it. don’t let the tide come and take me i just want a safe place to hide us away

since we’re alone: something’s wrong and i don’t what it is. i love you, talk to me. you can show me your heart, if you put it all in my hand

fire away: talk! to! me! you’ve been holding back a long time, what’s wrong? please

flicker: we just don’t talk, not like at the start. we’re barely hanging on. you’re gonna leave and i don’t want you to

paper houses: The Break Up. why did we even do this? i paid the price and own the scars, why did we climb to fall so far?

too much to ask: it hurts. please come back? my heart is hoping you’ll walk right in tonight

this town: you’re not here. you’re not here and you’ve moved on. i wish we could start again from the beginning. wish I was there with you now

you and me: we’re not together. not right now. but i know at the end, we’ll find a way back to each other somehow. it was known from the start that it ends with you and me

  • 1st house: Interface between spirit and personality profile
  • 2nd house: The value we place on ourselves
  • 3rd house: Our personal radio transmission
  • 4th house: The way we perceived our childhood
  • 5th house: How we parent and relate to young people
  • 6th house: The way we listen to our bodies
  • 7th house: Unacknowledged personality traits are revealed to us by relationships
  • 8th house: Inheritance- wealth, psychic abilities, ancestral trauma and mental illness, family secrets
  • 9th house: How we gain a greater perspective
  • 10th house: The life waiting for us
  • 11th house: The way we celebrate friendship
  • 12th house: The hiding place


Natural - Bill Skarsgard x Reader

Title: Natural

Pairing: Bill Skarsgard x Reader

Warnings: None

Summary: Imagine Bill seeing you interact with little Jackson on set and realizing he wants to have kids with you.

A/N: (Y/s/n) = Your Superhero Name, Y’all little Georgie is everything! And I’m not the one to easily find kids adorable or say I’d want a kid like that but oh dear!

“Are you sure you’ll be alright?” Bill asked with an adorable frown as he looked down at you and you chuckled, rolling your eyes.

“Bill you don’t have to worry about me, I already have an amazing company!” you grinned, turning to look at Jackson who was barely able to hold all of the comics in his small hands.

“You two will get along perfectly fine.” he breathed out with a small chuckle and you giggled after looking at your small fan and then back at your boyfriend.

“We already are.” you winked “Come on now, go be a big scary clown and don’t get all messy with the blood, children are not like eating chicken and you know it. Bones are bigger and there usually is a whole lot more blood, cause you practically eat them alive and yeah.” you leaned in and pecked his lips as he laughed at you.

“You’re so weird.” he made a funny face but still looked at you with adoration.

“But that’s why you love me.” you breathed out, your hands resting on his chest “And if you need any tips on red lipstick I am always here, baby.” you winked with a giggle and he chuckled.

“You are… amazing.” he breathed out, cupping your face before fully kissing you on the lips.

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studying when you dont want to

i know the feeling of being stuck between wanting to study because you have to and not wanting to study because you’re tired. so here are some of what i do (except #1 bc my new classmates think im a nerd for doing this so i stopped) when i dont feel like studying

  1. get a study buddy/friend/classmate to monitor your progress. maybe you can even compare your progress at every end of the day
  2. if you prefer studying alone, you can create a schedule. not really a schedule, but more of an allocation of hours. on a sheet of paper, write down all the things you usually do for a day and beside those, write the number of hours or minutes it takes to do them. add all those and subtract from 24, there you’ll have your hours and minutes of free time. allocate your free time accordingly to the subjects you have to study. however, don’t allocate all of your free time to studying, you need time to take a break as well.
  3. pamper yourself. you could take a bath, half bath, wash your face, or just change into clean and comfortable clothes (*cough* pajamas *cough cough*). comb your hair, tie em neatly in any way you feel good with.
  4. set up your study area. you could use the living room or dining room and just bring all the needed things, not all of em. sometimes it’s better to have only what you need in order to focus better. you could also just be in your room. if your room is cluttered, you could clean them or just put them in one place and hide them in a blanket. i know covering them sounds bad but you dont want to waste your energy in cleaning when you have to be studying.
  5. if you feel like your brain is cluttered, do a brain dump. write in a sheet of paper everything that comes into your mind and is bothering you. after, look at them and see if there are things you can act upon. if there are urgent things, act on them now. write the other non-urgent things on another sheet of paper/memo to take action later. 
  6. if you feel like your brain is cluttered but it’s more of an emotional clutter, cry it out. take a few minutes, even an hour, and cry it all out. you’ll feel better. i know i feel better after crying.
  7. dont force yourself to study for hours on end. do the pomodoro technique where you study for 25 mins. then take a break for 5 mins., or alter this and study for an hour maybe then take a break for 10 minutes. have it your way depending on how you feel.
  8. just read. dont take notes, dont highlight. just read and understand the material. dont be afraid to search online or browse a dictionary about a term you dont understand. then after each chapter/lesson/topic, see if you can summarize what you just read. if you can summarize, proceed to the next. if you can’t, go back to reading. understanding is better than just memorizing.
  9. if you find something difficult, ask a classmate/friend to discuss the chapter/topic to you. 
  10. if you know you can’t study an entire chapter, read the summary after each chapter.

feel free to add more to this list :D