Foxhollow Ch. 4

Chapter Four: Lord Big


           The farther Judith walked in these woods the colder it got. Eventually the trees lost their leaves, the grass crackled with frost and her breath was mist.

Judith wrapped her arms around herself as she continued to walk. She knew these woods were on the border of other Regions, she would have to start over in one of them. She was a hard worker and knew how to grow the best of crops; surely it shouldn’t be too hard to find a new job.

And surely King Nicholas won’t try to hunt me down, Judith was just a rabbit. She wasn’t valuable. Though a part of her feared he would replace her with one of her own from Bunnyburrow, but it was too late to go back now. Judith couldn’t return to her family with Gideon Grey there and she doubted if she went back to the castle she would be welcomed with open arms.

Her only place to go was forward.

           Her ears lifted up as she caught the sound of running water, there was a river nearby. Wanting a drink of water Judith followed the noise until the trees broke away to reveal what she had been looking for, she shivered slightly when she saw the ice caking the shore, no doubt that water was freezing.

A small voice had Judith turning her head to the right, blinking in surprise she spotted a shrew. It was a very pretty shrew; she was wearing a beautiful ice blue dress and was gazing at her reflection in the water. The rabbit looked at the rock she was standing on with suspicion, it looked awfully slippery.

Judith crept forward, quiet so as not to startle the shrew, before clearing her throat, “Excuse me?”

Unfortunately Judith’s stealthy approach wasn’t the best of plans for the shrew let out a gasp of surprise and whirled around, losing her balance on the icy rock. With a terrified shriek she fell into the river with a splash.

Immediately Judith was running toward the river, not even hesitating before she dove into the water, just as she expected it was freezing and hit her like a punch in the gut. She pushed her head above the surface and swam along with the current, glad her elder brothers taught her to swim, seeing the shrew’s small head as she tried to keep above the water, her shrieking shrill and breaking into spluttering.

“Hold on!” Judith called out and forced her limbs to move faster, her bones aching from the sheer cold. Just as she reached the shrew she sunk under the surface, Judith dived down, forcing her eyes open against the cold and spotting a brown blur. She reached her paw out, kicking her legs to get closer and closer until at last she gripped the shrew in her paw. Clutching her to her chest Judith used her free arm and feet to paddle up and break the surface, taking in a gulp of air that stung her lungs.

She quickly headed back to the bank, her teeth chattering and being sure to keep the unconscious shrew’s head above water. The rabbit let out a cry of relief when her feet brushed the bank and she crawled out of the freezing river, crawling across the sand and not stopping until she reached the prickly grass.

           Even though Judith longed to lie down and sleep she instead placed the shrew on the ground, noticing how her belly was round. She was pregnant.

Panic rising anew she held her up and patted her back, letting out a gasp of relief as the shrew coughed up a lungful of water, when her gagging subsided Judith ran her paws over the shrew’s small arms, back and belly, trying to rub warmth back into her cold body. All the while Judith ignored the aching of her ears and limbs from the cold water and air.

           The shrew was finally starting to warm up, her eyes blinking open, when a sword suddenly appeared in Judith’s vision, resting just under her chin. Shocked the rabbit looked up with wide eyes to see a polar bear in black garments and cloak, glaring down at Judith with steely eyes, behind him stood two more polar bears, smaller but no less intimidating.

“Step away from Lady Fru Fru,” the predator growled, flashing his large fangs and Judith’s heart stopped. And she had thought Gideon and Nicholas were terrifying. When the bunny didn’t move the tip of the sword pressed against her neck and Judith forced herself not to swallow. “I said step away.”

“W-Wait!” the shrew suddenly gasped, rising onto shaking limbs, her body shivering. “Don’t Kozlov! S-she saved my life! And my baby’s!”

Kozlov sheathed his sword and knelt before the Lady Fru Fru, picking her up with daintiness, “You are as cold as death, my Lady. We must return you to your father.”

“B-bring her,” she begged, pointing to Judith. “Don’t l-leave her here.”

Kozlov nodded to one of the other polar bears who walked over and picked up Judith with little fanfare, the rabbit letting out a squeak of fright as the large clawed paws grabbed her. Besides her shivering she tried to stay perfectly still while he wrapped his cloak around her and followed Kozlov through the forest. All the while trying to keep her heart from pounding up her throat, of course when she ran away from one predator she ended up with an even bigger one.

           She wasn’t sure how much time had passed before the leafless trees gave way to a clearing. In said clearing where a series of small wooden cabins, each had windows glowing with the warmth of firelight. And in the heart of the clearing stood the largest cabin of them all, it looked to be two stories and that is where the polar bears were taking Judith and Lady Fru Fru.

The rabbit had to hold back a moan of relief when they stepped through the threshold of the cabin and the cold air was replaced by delicious warm. She noticed the three polar bears walking past a sort of living room, a group of polar bears, arctic shrews, and a few other miscellaneous prey sitting near a fire place, chatting pleasantly to one another and a few drinking bowls of soup.

The sight of the roaring fire and food nearly had Judith slipping out of the bear’s claws to join the group, but she stayed put.

           She was carried into a room where a large desk stood in the middle, a fireplace on the far way and what looked to be a fur rug. On the desk stood a male shrew was pacing in a frantic manner, he stopped and looked to the polar bears as they entered the room.

“Daddy,” Lady Fru Fru spoke in a quiet and still shaky voice. She was placed on the desk and the older shrew immediately pulled her into a desperate embrace, his shoulders shaking.

“What were you thinking running off like that,” he pulled away and looked her down. “Why are you wet?”

“She fell into the river, Lord Big,” Kozlov rumbled.

The shrew gaped at his daughter, Fru Fru shrunk under his gaze. “I’m sorry Daddy, I just couldn’t stand being cooped up in here. You never let me go out for even a walk.”

“And now you see why,” he snapped, “You and my unborn grandchild would’ve drowned if Kozlov hadn’t found you in time.”

“It wasn’t us, my Lord,” the bear interrupted. “It was this rabbit.”

The shrew’s blue eyes looked down at Judith who had been placed on the floor, she did her best curtsy she could manage while she had her arms wrapped around herself, still cold despite the warm room.

“It’s true, Daddy,” Fru Fru spoke up. “She jumped in and saved me.”

“What is your name, child,” Lord Big asked the bunny.

“J-Judith, sir,” she answered.

“You have my sincere gratitude, my dear Judith.” He seemed to notice her shivery, “Kozlov, please give my daughter’s savior your cloak so she will not catch her death of cold.”

The bear obeyed, throwing the large cloak over Judith’s shoulder, she instantly wrapped the thick, warm fabric around her. Meanwhile Lord Big was taking off his own cloak and wrapping it around his daughter.

           “Shall I bring you and Lady Fru Fru a meal, my lord?” Kozlov asked and the shrew nodded, asking him to bring something for the rabbit as well.

Judith found herself sitting in front of the large fireplace with the two shrews, sipping from a bowl of vegetable soup.

“What were you doing in the Stormy Woods, Judith?” Lord Big asked of her, sitting close to his daughter who smiled up at the rabbit. “I know of every animal that lives in this forest.”

“I…I was leaving Foxhollow,” she explained. “I plan on going to a different Region and starting over.”

“Why would you need to start over?”

Judith’s ears fell across her shoulders; she didn’t know how much she could share with these two near-strangers. Fru Fru looked to her father, “What does it matter? If she hadn’t needed to start over she wouldn’t have been there to save me.”

Her father glared at her, “I’m still quite angry with you, child.”

Fru Fru sighed and looked up at Judith, “Ever since I started carrying child my father refuses to let me do anything on my own.”

“I have many things to do,” Lord Big reminded her. “I have a village to watch over I don’t need my reckless daughter running off without even an escort.”

Judith cocked her head to the side, “You watch over this village?”

The shrew nodded, “Yes, as you must know life as a prey is…not always ideal, living under the rule of predators, thought I will admit Foxhollow is not as awful as others. I was one such, my wife and I lived under the rule of a vicious jackal in Kingsland. When my wife became pregnant with my daughter I had decided enough was enough and we left, finding shelter here in Stormy Woods. While I was here I came across a pack of polar bears run by a large tyrant, feeling pity for them I used my small size to sneak into the bear’s camp while the beast was asleep.” He turned to look at the fireplace, the light flickering in his blue eyes, “I slid his throat. The other polar bears were so relieved they wanted to repay me and so we made this village together, a place for other prey who were being mistreated by predators.” He let out a soft sigh, “Tragically my wife passed away bringing my daughter into this world.”
Fru Fru placed a paw over her father’s, resting her head on his shoulder.

“I’m sorry for your loss,” Judith breathed, “But it is truly amazing what you have done. I wish I was as brave.”

Lord Big gave her a queer look, “You jumped into a freezing river to save a mammal you didn’t know, I hardly would call that cowardice.

Judith smiled softly but she didn’t count her rescue as something as incredible as bringing down a large predator when he was only a small prey. But then she suddenly realized something.

“Where is your mate?” Judith asked Fru Fru, wondering why he wouldn’t be here to check on his wife and unborn child.

Grief flashed in Fru Fru’s eyes and she looked to the fireplace, “He passed away a few days before I found out I was pregnant. Daddy and I are good at finding true love…just not as keeping it safe.”

“I’m so sorry,” Judith quickly apologized; guilty for bringing up what was obviously a painful memory so soon after hearing that her mother had passed.

“Thank you,” the female shrew replied and smiled up at the rabbit. In that moment a kindred feeling sparked between the two, even if they had barely shared a few words an understanding formed and Judith knew she had found a new friend.

           But just then there was a knock on the door and a polar bear she didn’t recognize peeked his head in, “Lord Big?”

“What is it?” the shrew stood up, noting the bear’s nervous expression.

“We have a visitor, he wishes to speak with you.”

“Send him in,” Lord Big ordered, nodding the bear closed the door and retreated.

“I expect you don’t get many of those,” Judith asked, looking at his confused expression.

“My polar bears are good at keeping a cutthroat reputation in order to keep malicious animals out. And only so many mammals know of me…”

The door opened again, the same polar bear and Kozlov walking in, and just behind them waltzed in Nicholas Wilde.

           Judith’s ears shot up and her eyes bulged as she watched the fox walk around the desk to stand before her and the two shrews, Lord Big obviously knew him if his expression was anything to go by.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you, Lord Big,” Nicholas nodded regally.

“Prince Wilde,” the shrew returned the nod.

Nicholas smiled easily, “It’s king now, actually.” His head suddenly shriveled toward Judith who jumped to her feet. The fox’s green eyes were unreadable as he spoke, “There you are; I’ve been looking all over for you.”

Judith swallowed.

Lord Big narrowed his eyes at the fox, “King Nicholas…what do I owe this unnatural visit?”

Nicholas kept his eyes on Judith, the emerald gaze still indecipherable, “I’m here because she’s here. And she belongs to me.”

Judith could only stare at him with wide eyes, just barely noticing how her heart picked up its pace.

           Lord Big narrowed his eyes at the fox, “Belongs to you?”
“She’s my ward,” Nicholas explained, turning back to the shrew with his trouble-free grin. “My responsibility.”
Since when? Judith thought but stayed quiet.

“She told me she was running from Foxhollow to start anew in a different Region,” Lord Big replied, his expression suspicious.

Nicholas looked over to the rabbit, his expression pleasantly surprised but Judith was sure it was a mask. “Why would you need to do that, Judith?”


“Which Region did you want to go to?”
“I’m-I’m not sure…”

“I know you come from a family of farmers but it would not be easy to find a farming job in other Regions, Foxhollow is the most prosperous when it comes to growing crops.”


Nicholas smiled, “How about I take you back to the castle? You can have a good night’s sleep, you look exhausted, and then tomorrow we can talk over this ‘starting anew’ business.”

Lord Big still look wary of the fox, “She can stay here if she wishes.”

Judith felt gratitude and affection to the shrew but Nicholas gave him an unsure look, “You have enough animals to care for, my lord. I will not throw my responsibilities on your shoulders.” He walked over to stand next to Judith, the rabbit tensing as she felt his body heat, “But it is clear you have become fond of her and you and your daughter are free to visit her. However now it is getting late and I was in the middle of a meeting before she left.”

He nodded to Lord Big again, “But you have my sincere gratitude for watching over my ward. I hope our paths cross again.” He grabbed Judith’s wrist, the bunny’s heart sky-rocketing with nerves as she was led out of the room before she could speak.


           The walk back to the castle was a silent one, Nicholas didn’t ask her any questions and Judith’s tongue felt like it was frozen to the roof of her mouth. All the while Nicholas kept a firm grip on her paw.

When they reached the castle none of the mammals they passed looked surprised to see her again, even Bellwether gave her a pitying smirk as they passed her in the hallway. They stopped before Nicholas’s bedchamber door. “Have you eaten?” his voice was quiet, calm.

She nodded, “They-they fed me.”

“Good,” he opened the door and gently pushed her inside. “Stay in there, a guard will be posted at the door. We’ll talk when I get back.”

Despite that he didn’t slam the door when he closed it Judith felt a wave of dread bring her to her knees.


           Pushing thoughts of that rabbit, that female, out of his head Nicholas walked back to the dinning room where his mother and Shenzi still sat; sipping from cups of tea, both looked relieved to see him walk in.

“Sorry about that,” he apologized to the hyena, “I had some matters…to deal with.”

“Yes, your pet,” Shenzi grinned in amusement, “A rabbit, is she not?”

Nicholas blinked then glanced at his mother with a question in his eye. She mouthed: “Eavesdropped.” Why wasn’t the fox surprised?
“I must say,” the hyena stood up and walked over to Nicholas. “It’s a little disconcerting that a king of an entire Region can’t control one measly little prey.”

Nicholas smiled at the insult, “I assure you it won’t happen again. Now, I had that preposition for you, regarding that artifact in the Nectar Forest.”

Shenzi’s eyes gleamed with interest, “Go on.”

“I understand the importance of a Region’s heirloom. But I also understand to keep my citizens as satisfied as possible and no doubt your soldiers could unnerve a few. So, you can send your archeologists or what have you to the border of our territory where my most trustworthy of soldiers will safely escort them to the Nectar Forest and help them search. Only your animals will touch the artifact and once you find it my animals will safely escort them out of Foxhollow. Everyone wins.”

Shenzi’s eyes narrowed into slits when she couldn’t find a kink in Nicholas’s plan. Finally she spoke, “I will talk to my council, see what they think of this. Until then it is late and I long for my home. Good evening to you, King Nicholas.”

“And a farewell to you, Queen Shenzi,” Nicholas replied, glad that he was able to keep the smugness out of his tone as he escorted the hyena out the door, his mother’s proud gaze warming his back.


           Judith was sitting on her small bed, the quilt wrapped around herself. Her ears shot up as the door opened and in walked Nicholas.

She slipped off her bed and stood up straight, trying to appear brave. However the fox didn’t even glance at her as he walked to his wardrobe where he deposited his cape. He let out an exhausted sigh afterwards, rubbing the back of his neck with one paw.

“Um…” Judith started to speak. And immediately wished she hadn’t.

           Nicholas whirled around so sharply his tail smacked against his legs, his green eyes like fiery pits as he glared at her with such anger the rabbit almost raced out to the balcony with the purpose of jumping off. But somehow she managed to keep her feet still.

Nicholas took a step forward but then stopped, as if he didn’t trust himself to get too close to her. He sucked in a breath, clasped his paws together, the smack of his paw pads echoing in the chamber, and then he smiled.

“How was your day?” he asked in a sickly sweet voice.

Judith only stared at him.

“That boring, hm? Well, let me tell you about my day. I was woken up with the news that a greedy hyena who doesn’t even try to hide that she wants my land has requested a meeting. I’m sitting there, trying to figure out how to subtly tell her that I will not part with one leaf of my forests when one of my guards gives me a message. This rabbit, who has been fed, clothed, even given a bed in my chamber, a rabbit that was treated fairly as far as I am concerned, has ran away. At first I was more than content to just let her go home to Bunnyburrow with her fluffy wuffy tail between her legs. But no, like the dumb bunny she apparently is, she goes to Stormy Woods, a place known to be full of cutthroats and other dangerous animals that could easily kill her or worse. And while I was willing to actually be a good king and worry about the safety of my citizens over hers my mother told me she was my responsibility,” he said the word like it was a vile illness. “So I had to cut my meeting with this greedy, slightly psychotic hyena short and walk through a freezing cold forest to find this bunny. Turns out she was living with a prey who I know isn’t overly fond of any predators that aren’t polar bears and now I’ve given him permission to visit my home whenever he wishes so I could bring this rabbit back. And now that hyena thinks I can’t handle one prey and the proposition I gave her will only hold her at bay for so long.”

He suddenly walked over to Judith, his shadow leering over her. “The point is, I lost what little reputation I had to a queen, invite that shrew to come to my castle and no doubt rob me blind if not try to take over, and now I’m exhausted and freezing all because I had to fetch you.”

Judith shrunk into herself, “I-I’m sorry.” It was all she could think to say.

“Not yet you aren’t,” Nicholas growled with a flash of fangs. He glared over at the fireplace that was nothing but glowing embers, throwing shadows against his russet fur. “You know, I was probably only going to make you a little servant, clean or cook or some such, maybe even tend the gardens, hell maybe I would’ve even let you go. But such options have been burned to ashes. It’s clear I have to keep you caged like a pet and so a pet you will be.”

He turned his venomous eyes on her, his teeth bared, “To celebrate your idiotic mistake I’ll give you a pet name…And I personally fancy the name ‘Carrots’.”


Cherry had wandered to the ruins. Wanting to be truly alone, that was the best place to be. No one usually went there after all, there was no reason to go there either. There was nothing but the hole from the surface and the golden flowers. No one even knew it was a grave besides them and Toriel.

Laying down on the golden flowers, they curled up. They were alone and they intended to stay alone. Though they heard steps echoing nearby, they decided to ignore it.

zorayda-art  asked:

Gaster, aside from Papyrus, obviously, is there anyone in particular you're looking forward to finally meeting/seeing again in person?

“I… Well, I would be very glad to see Alphys and Undyne again. You see, back when I was still the Royal Scientist, Undyne had just recently become the captain of the Royal Guard and Alphys was still one of my lab assistants. I knew them both separately, and was glad to see the two of them meet. And of course there’s King Asgore. I used to speak with him quite regularly and regarded him as something close to a friend.

“And of course there’s my son-in-law.”

Soooo we’ve all seen the new episode (I hope). And of course, this only just raises more questions. The probably important one though, “one of the DR1 characters will die because of Naegi”. This was bound to happen, most of us knew Kodaka will kill AT LEAST one of them off. So the DR3 Network has been discussing this for a few times, and here are the theories we’ve come up with.

1. As many people seem to believe, Kirigiri will be the one to die. As much as it seems like it, some of us feel she’s too important or obvious to kill her off like that. After all, she still has to solve Izayoi’s death (It’d be pretty tragic if she figured everything just to die and can never tell anyone of her findings).

2. Fukawa will die. She got her whole episode and everything, she’s got a death flag on her too. They didn’t specify the person who will die because of Naegi has to be in the Mutual Killing game. Despite technically not being a full member of Future Foundation, you gotta admit she’s had a pretty good and large influence on people, so there are losses to her death.

3. Asahina will die. Because lolol trolls, Monaka was the one who did the ketchup blood. If Kodaka wants to go through the despairing route, he’d kill off Asahina right after that joke set up by Monaka.

4. Togami will die. As stated with Fukawa, they weren’t specific about where the death will occur. Who knows? Maybe Togami got caught in the crossfire while trying to sort things out at Jabberwock Island.

5. Hagakure will die? He hasn’t exactly done anything… he’s just cast off to the side so if he did die I’m not sure if a lot of people would notice…

6. Naegi himself will die. To save any of his friends, he’s willing to kill himself, which would make sense with the Future opening where he shoots himself in the head with a gun. However, Munakata also does this as well. So what if in the end they got into a Russian roulette showdown? To save the remaining survivors, one of them has to die. So depending on Naegi’s luck, he’ll either live or die because of his talent.

If you guys got anything new or interesting to discuss, feel free to contribute!


characters moodboard: aristotle mendoza and dante quintana

I wanted to tell them that I’d never had a friend, not ever, not a real one. Until Dante. I wanted to tell them that I never knew that people like Dante existed in the world, people who looked at the stars, and knew the mysteries of water, and knew enough to know that birds belonged to the heavens and weren’t meant to be shot down from their graceful flights by mean and stupid boys. I wanted to tell them that he had changed my life and that I would never be the same, not ever. And that somehow it felt like it was Dante who had saved my life and not the other way around. I wanted to tell them that he was the first human being aside from my mother who had ever made me want to talk about the things that scared me. I wanted to tell them so many things and yet I didn’t have the words.

the insanity called love

plot: when you meet your soulmate everything turns black and white, not allowing you to see colors anymore but when they die you get to see color again.

group: bts

pairing: taehyung x reader

genre: soulmate!au

word count: 7.5k

A/N: I finally finished it! omg this is the longest thing I have ever written, I hope you like it 💖 idk if I will write a part two for this, I want to but I won’t be writing anything until October ;-;

Originally posted by jjks

It was simple, a sudden change of reality, you would stop seeing every color if you met them. No one knew when it could happen, it wasn’t like those clocks you have that counts down your time to when you meet your soulmate but in real life the world was sadistic, it could happen any time. And it hasn’t happened to you yet.

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So I heard it was Voltron week

I lied

Fandom: Avengers

Pairing: Steve x Reader

Warnings: Angst (?)

Prompt by anonymous:  hey! I love your imagines. Could you do one where the reader is an avenger and she and Cap had an one night stand( you can past that scene) and Steve told her that he loved her and she should take his side in the Civil war ( she being in team Iron Man), then the next day when she decide to tell him that she will be with him she see Captain and Sharon kissing eachother and then she start fight with Steve telling him he’s a liar and stuff like that. Sorry for my bad english. Love ya!

A/N: This is one hell of a prompt. I love drama like this. Thanks for requesting anon!


Being a part of the Avengers was difficult. Being in love with one of them was even more. You never knew if Steve would come home after a mission. You had to live with the fear of him being taken away from you, you had to worry all the time. You learned to live with it eventually. Being worried was nothing more than normal to you.

How did this happen with Steve, you ask? Of course it would be in one of the infamous Stark parties. You were a little tipsy, well kinda drunk actually, but you could think straight and talk normally. What you couldn’t do was walk, especially to your room. You didn’t trust your legs so you called Steve to carry you there. He gladly accepted and wrapped a strong arm around your shouders and another under your knees, carrying you bridal style like you weighed nothing but a feather. 

He helped you to your bed and once you arrived, he laid you there carefully. He asked if you wanted anything else and you didn’t answer. You just stared at him. More like admiring him. Steve was on his knees in front of you, his crystal clear eyes were boring holes in yours. His plump pink lips turning into a side smile when he noticed you looking at him.

“Stay.” you said. He laid next to you, never breaking eye contact. The alcohol taking over you, you started talking and you felt like you couldn’t lie one bit because of it. You confessed all your emotions to him that night. Both verbally and physically. Yes, you had a one night stand with Steve.

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You know what I really hate? White people who come to you on social media to “debate” Black people about their experiences. Like, you not gonna tell me how to feel about something and take it in. I’m not a little puppet you can insert opinions into and act as your exception to the valid experiences of other Black people. Also, the fact that you can come up to my face and say that this is a “debate” to you when people like me are dying because of this? Really says a lot about what a shitty person you are. Also, I can’t believe I let some little bitch waste my battery AND my time 😒

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Can you explain, what's the the thing with Tyler's "lgbt burden"? Did he say something offensive? I've just seen this on other blog and apparently there's people hating on him for that. I wish this wasn't true because TOP inspires me so much and I don't wanna think that Tyler don't support and respect me and my sexuality. Please, explain. If it's not hard for you, ofc😔🙂

okay so when same-sex marriage was legalised in the US, everybody expected tyler and josh to say something about it because we knew that they knew that a large portion of the fanbase is made up of people who identified within the lgbt+ community. even just tweeting the hashtag #lovewins was sufficient enough. i guess everyone just wanted acknowledgment and reassurance that they would support lgbt+ rights.

tyler posted this on twitter a day later:

the “gay burden” thing comes from this post, more specifically, the part where he says “i have found that any other influence added on, no matter how noble, becomes too heavy for me to carry”. i took that to mean that he didn’t know how to speak up about social/political issues and that he wasn’t ready to take up a role in which everybody looked to him to speak up about said issues. but it really does sound like he’s saying that he can’t deal with and be involved with the struggles and celebrations of lgbt+ movements because he’s “not strong enough” and that it burdens him.

josh didn’t even say anything. he just retweeted tyler’s post.

they do love and support their lgbt+ fans but their lack of involvement in important issues bothers me a lot sometimes. to be honest this post really disappointed me because tweeting a simple #lovewins hashtag or even a rainbow emoji would’ve been enough acknowledgment for me at least. but he typed up a post which was mostly about himself and how something (whatever your interpretation is lol) bothers him. 

even though i make jokes about being The Gay Burden and i know that they do love and support their lgbt+ fans, their post doesn’t sit right with me.

percy and taliesin found out around twenty minutes before everybody else.

percy knew that vox machina wouldn’t be able to handle doing what they came there to do objectively if he revealed it right away. percy knew one of his old friends—one of his old FAMILY MEMBERS—was dead on a spike right next to them. he knew. and percy, the one who has lost EVERYBODY close to him again and again, kept that inside for as long as possible because he knew they had a job to do that would help them get the advantage and save thousands of more lives if they could do it.

percy de rolo.

anonymous asked:

could you do one where you are 19 years old and you went home (maynard/pieters household) and you are really upset bc your boyfriend is being a huge dick and none of the squad actually like him and they all comfort you and get protectiv. They are like your brothers. ☺️

You were waiting to meet your boyfriend of a few months at the tube station to go and hang out. It was shaping up to be a lovely day; the sun was shining and the weather was actually somewhat nice. You still had a few minutes before he was meant to arrive, so you decided to quickly pop into your favourite pastry shop and buy you each a blueberry danish. They looked delicious, all shiny and sweet, and you knew your boyfriend would love one. The cashier tucked them both into a paper bag, rolling the top over before telling you to have a lovely afternoon ahead. You smiled before moving back to the front of the station, where you wouldn’t miss him when he arrived.

It was five minutes past your meeting time and you thought nothing of it. It was ten, when you thought that he was running late. It was half an hour past your meeting time that you decided to call your boyfriend to see if everything was alright. There was no response but you just assumed he probably didn’t hear his phone. Now, your feet were starting to ache from standing still for so long as your eyes raked the ever present crowd for his familiar face. It was nearing an hour and you were starting to get worried and restless. The crowd that grew each time the train arrived and shrunk not long after, kept fluctuating in size. Each time the crowd grew, you would stand on your toes to see if he was there but to no prevail. After attempting to call him for what must have been the seventh time almost two hours after your scheduled meeting time, he actually answered.

His voice was slightly muffled and definitely slurred. You listened and could hear that he wasn’t alone, he was in a loud place. You said his name wearily into the phone, but there was no response.

“Hey, babe,” he slurred.

As you went to ask him what was going on, it became evident that he wasn’t talking to you.

“You’re looking amazing; those hips in that skirt.”

You looked around to see if he was playing a trick on you, only to realise you were wearing jeans.

“Yes, come here, gorgeous,” he continued. “Don’t worry about it, I don’t have a girlfriend. That picture on my phone is nothing.”

You were stunned. He thought you were nothing. He was with another girl and he was fucking drunk. The paper bag of danishes nearly slipped to the floor (and it would have, if you weren’t clenching your fists so tight). You hang up and clutching the paper bag to your chest you ran. Your mind was clouded, not really sure where you were going as your eyes began to fill with tears and you just ran.

The next thing you knew, you were outside your apartment block. Home and alone was the last place you wanted to be right now though, so seeing as your friend Oli’s apartment was in the same area, you headed there. You were running faster now and the tears were almost flying back off your face. You still couldn’t believe that this was happening to you. You pressed the intercom for his place.


It was Jack. This probably meant that all seven guys were at Oli’s but it didn’t really register in your numbed mind.

“It’s me, Y/N,” you choked out, “Can I please come in?”

“Y/N? What’s wrong?” he asked before saying, “Don’t move, Joe will be right down.”

It felt like you had only blinked when Joe was suddenly leading you up to the apartment. You weren’t really sure what was going on, the phone call still replaying in your ears. Joe was gently rubbing your shoulder blade as you waited in the lift.

“Y/N?” Joe said softly. “Sit down, love, the couch is just there.”

You hadn’t even realised that you were even out of the lift, let alone already in Oli’s apartment.

“Talk to us, Y/N,” Josh said. “We’re worried.”

“Was it that prick of your boyfriend?” Conor chuckled, trying to joke and make you feel better.

You started to sob almost hysterically at that. It wasn’t a secret that the guys didn’t like your boyfriend. It had become a reoccurring joke to throw banter about the relationship every time you were with them. Usually, it didn’t bother you, it made you laugh. Today was obviously different.

“Fuck,” Mikey said. “Whatever that idiot did, I swear to god.”

They all started talking at the same time, saying things all around the same lines.

“You guys were right about him,” you said so quietly that it shouldn’t have silenced them the way it did.

“Oh, Y/N,” Oli said. “You deserve so much better than that little shit.”

“Come on,” Jack said as he led you off the couch to the kitchen. “Let’s get you cleaned up.”

It wasn’t until now that you realised that you were still holding the bag of damned pastries. They acted as a reminder of what happened a few hours ago and suddenly you realised you couldn’t bear have them anymore (no matter how delicious they were). As soon as you were in the kitchen you tore open the bag and began to tear up the danishes. You let out a sudden scream, a very quick mood change, as you squashed each piece and threw them into the bin. As you propelled pieces into the bin, you would mutter loudly.

“Fuck you.”

One piece in the bin.

“Fuck your stupid new girl.”

Another squashed and thrown.

“Fuck you for having me find out when you pocket answered my call.

Some blueberries from the top of the pastries were smashed between you fingers.

“Fuck you for making me wait for two hours.”

The last bit of the danishes was hurled in.

“Fuck these bloody delicious danishes.”

And with that, you felt your tears subside.

“Wow,” Jack said from beside you.

“Can I join in, Y/N?” Caspar yelled from the living area. “Fuck his stupid hair.”

“Fuck him and his small dick.”

“Fuck him.”

“No don’t fuck him, he can fuck himself.”

All the guys continued throwing insult after insult and it made you feel better. Though you were still upset, it made you feel better knowing that you hadn’t lost an amazing guy and that it wasn’t your fault. He was a stupid idiot and it was all on him. After who knows how long, you felt emotionally exhausted. You collapsed on Oli’s couch beside the guys and fell asleep feeling safe with your seven best friends.

Ta daaa! Done xx sorry it’s not in Jack/Conor/Josh’s apartment like you requested, I just kinda felt like Oli’s place was a good one to go to? Idk


Okay but just imagine it’s the final showdown at the lake. It’s almost midnight and the air is filled with an eerie silence. Brooke and Stavo were last seen bleeding out in a driveway. Eli is dead. Noah and Kieran are missing, believed to be hostages of the killer. And Daisy and the sheriff were in the middle of falling for another one of the killer’s traps. The killer has both Emma and Audrey tied up, much like Piper had done to Daisy only a few months before. They aren’t facing each other, their chairs back to back. Both are covered in blood. There was a knife laying in the middle of the dock, just out of reach. It was taunting them. They wanted to scream, but knew it was useless. There was no one to save them, everybody was dead.

Audrey has her eyes closed shut, trying to block it all out. She blames herself. She caused this. She brought Piper to Lakewood. And Piper brought the new killer. She killed everyone. Nina, Tyler, Riley, Will, Sheriff Hudson, Greyson, Eli, and Zoe. She killed Rachel. She probably killed Noah. And next up was Emma. They didn’t deserve this. She did.

Emma is angry. At herself, at the killer. She let the killer get in her head, he made her question her sanity, and he killed her friends. She let him control her. Not anymore. She wasn’t gonna just sit back and take it. She was going to win. He was going to pay.

Before either of the girls can say anything, they hear it. The sound of footsteps. They turn their heads to the other end of the dock. It’s the killer, slowly walking toward them.

“What do you want you dick?” Audrey shouts, unable to contain her anger.
The killer says nothing, just stares.

“Who are you? Why are you doing this?” Emma tries, but still gets no reaction from the killer. “Take off the mask! Show us your face.” She shouts at him.
The killer slowly raises his hand and reaches for the mask. He pulls it off to reveal himself. His back is to the camera, so while we can’t see his face we can see Audrey and Emma’s reactions.

Both of the girls looked shocked, betrayed even. The stare for a moment, mouths wide open, trying to make sense of this. Finally, Audrey manages to say the first thing on her mind. “N-Noah?” Her voice breaks. It’s full of shock, confusion, betrayal, and pain.

“You knew I liked serial killers, you just didn’t know I was one.” Comes the reply of our favorite podcaster.

“What did you do with Kieran?” Emma screams.

“Don’t worry, he’s fine. He’s just… a little tied up. Much like yourselves.” He laughs. “I must say Emma, you sure know how to pick them. Will got taken down by a girl and Kieran can’t even get out of a little duct tape.”

“But why?” Emma cries, confused. “Why did you do it? Why do you want to kill us?”

“I was an outcast, just like Brandon. Nobody understood me. Nobody loved me.” As Noah speaks, his gazes moves from Emma to Audrey. “Just like nobody loved Brandon.”

“But Brandon James wasn’t even the killer!” Emma screams, all the while trying to escape the ropes.

“Well it’s too late now.” He deadpans.

Emma is taken back; she’d never heard Noah sound so… cold. It was as if he didn’t care at all. She realizes that if her and Audrey have any chance of escaping they had to distract him, and it looked like Audrey didn’t have it in her right now. It was up to her.

“But you had Zoe. Why did you kill her?” Emma demanded.

Noah lets out a laugh. “You’re worried about why I killed her? Shouldn’t you be asking how I got in that box?”

“You had a partner.” Emma’s voice is quiet, almost as if she’s scared to say it aloud.

“Just Like Piper.” Noah reminds her with a smile before turning back to Audrey. “Enough about me. How’s my favorite final girl?”

Audrey had been silent up until this point. She looks up and you can see the heartbreak on her face. “H-How could you?” She chokes out, her eyes filled with tears. “I- You were my best friend, Noah. My partner in crime. Bi-Curious and the Virgin. World’s saddest crime fighting duo.” Silent tears streak down her face. “I trusted you.”

Upon hearing the brokenness in her friend’s voice, Emma reaches out for Audrey’s hand and intertwines their fingers together. Despite all that Audrey had done, Emma didn’t blame her. Audrey made a mistake, one that will haunt her forever. She had lost the girl she loved, and been betrayed by the person she trusted most for the second third time. Audrey had been Emma’s first friend, her best friend. And if they were gonna get out of this alive, Emma had to forgive her. She gives Audrey’s hand a tight squeeze in an attempt to concave her emotions.

“That was kind of dumb of you. I mean, I had a podcast called The Mourge for fuck’s sake. Then again, it’s the perfect cover.” Noah appears unfazed by Audrey’s reaction.

Audrey’s grip on Emma’s hand tightens. She takes a deep breath before answering. “You’re right, who would have thought the geeky virgin sidekick was the one behind the mask?” Her voiced is laced with anger. “You’re sick.” She all but spits at him.

“Everybody loves a good plot twist.” Noah replies, as Scream’s typical murder music begins to play in the background.  The killer stares into Audrey with his cold emotionless eyes so deeply she feels uncomfortable, violated even. But before Audrey can make another snarky comment, he keeps talking. “Although is it really a plot twist? I mean eighty percent of murder victims know their killer and this is the second time it’s happened in this town in six months. Then again people will do anything to forget. No one likes to believe that your best friend is capable of murdering half the town. He- “But before Noah can finish his creepy murder monologue, he gets cut off by the sound of laughter.

It’s Audrey who is laughing. It’s a loud, awkward laughter. “I’m sorry to interrupt your little psychobabble, Foster, but are you freaking kidding me? Is this a joke? This has to be some twisted joke. Is that knife fake?  Where is Haley with her camera? Oh right, She’s dead! Are you telling me you killed her? What is this some stupid plan to get me and Emma to be friends again? Payback for the whole carnival incident? Huh? What is this Noah?” She asks, in disbelief. “If you were really the killer you wouldn’t be giving us a damn speech right now. You have watched enough horror movies to know that that is always the killer’s downfall. If you talk too much you give the victim time to escape!” Audrey yells at him, convinced that this has to be a prank or better yet a dream.

The killer looks at both of his final girls for a moment before saying. “You’re right.”
Emma and Audrey both gasp. “Wait what?” Audrey shakes her head.

Noah slowly makes his way over to Audrey, knife in hand. He places the blade against her throat and whispers. “There really isn’t time for a speech, is there?”

Audrey makes eye contact with her tormenter, attacker, the Lakewood slasher, and best friend.  “Untie me.”

Noah tilts his head for a second, as if to consider it. “Okay.” He says, and then leans over and cuts the rope tying her to the chair, leaving Emma’s rope in tack.
Audrey slowly stands up, but before she can say anything Noah points at the knife on the ground. “Pick it up.”

She looks at him in shock. “What?” He continues pointing at the knife, so she slowly moves to pick it up. “What is this about Noah? Come on, the joke’s over. It isn’t funny!” Still in denial.

“You’re right Audrey. It’s not funny.” Noah’s voice is cold and angry. He sounded like a killer. Maybe that’s because he was one. His voice low, he speaks so that Emma a few feet away can’t hear. “Now Audrey, what you are gonna do is take that knife and plunge it into Emma’s heart.”

With those words, all color drains from Audrey’s face. She is no longer angry, she is scared. More scared that she has ever been in her life.  Noah isn’t playing games, he’s a killer. And he wants her to kill Emma.

“Why would I do that?” she asks, her voice shaky.

“Because if you don’t do it I will. I’ll make her suffer, and you will have to watch every second of it. If you do it at least it’ll be quick.”

Audrey and Noah look at each other for a moment, before she finally responds. “Okay.” She gives a small nod before turning around to face Emma. She slowly, painstakingly walks over to her. She closes her eyes and swallows the lump in her throat. She knows what she has to do.

“Audrey?” Emma’s eyes widen as she looks at the knife.

Audrey gives her a tight lipped smile. “I’m sorry but this is the only way.”

She raises the knife with shaky hands and lets out a laugh. Its wild, maniacal, and seductive. She shoots Emma a crazed smile, much like Piper’s at her big reveal. “What’s the matter Em? Are you scared?” Audrey asks, using the knife to caress Emma’s cheek, pressing just hard enough to draw blood.

She takes a step back and watches her former best friend. Emma looks lost, empty. She doesn’t say anything for a while, doesn’t cry. She just looks at Audrey for a long time, before finally asking, “How long?” No emotion.

Audrey turns to look at Noah and the two share an evil smirk. “Since the very beginning. We hatched this plan years ago Emma. Since the day you ditched me for that bitch Nina.” Audrey explains. “Noah and I found Piper in a serial killer chatroom and discovered she was your sister. She was angry and so was I, so we decided to get revenge. Only, Piper got a little bit too excited. She wasn’t supposed to bring you and Maggie to the lake that night, not yet. I wanted you to suffer for longer. I wanted to break your heart like you broke mine!”

Before Audrey can finish, Noah walks up behind her and wraps his arms around her. “Calm down babe, you’ll get your revenge.”

She leans into him for a second, before turning to face him. Grabbing the collar of his rope, she pulls him into a kiss, much to Emma’s surprise.  It only lasts for a second however because before they even get started Audrey takes her knife and stabs him in the back, twists it, and pulls it out. Noah falls to knees, gasping for air. Audrey leans down and whispers “Nobody tells me to calm down, not even you Foster.” Before taking the knife and slitting his throat, just like she had done to Nina. The last shot we see of Noah before he dies is his heartbroken expression.

Audrey stands over him before shrugging. “At least he didn’t die a virgin.” She chuckles, turning back to Emma. “Neither will you. Speaking of death, do you remember when we were kids Emma? And how we talked about how we wanted to die? I think you said you wanted to go peacefully in your sleep.”

At this point Audrey has made the way back to Emma and is mere inches from her face. “Well I’m sorry to say that it’s not going to be that pleasant, but don’t worry Em, I’ll make sure to give a nice speech at your funeral”

She looks at Emma with an evil look in her eye and just as she goes to plunge the knife into Emma’s skin there is a loud bang.  Blood splatters across Emma’s face. The bullet hits Audrey directly in the head causing her to fall back onto the dock.

The camera pans the other end of the dock where Brooke and Stavo stand. Brooke pointing a gun.

Brooke looks at Stavo and motions to Emma and he reluctantly agrees. He runs toward Emma and begins to untie her. Emma looks at him as if to ask “Is she really dead?” to which Stavo shrugs.

Meanwhile Brooke Maddox, looking like she had just been hit by a car, is wearing freshly applied red lipstick. She makes her way across the dock, high heels clanking, and stops in front of Audrey Jensen’s dead body. She raises her gun, aims for her heart, and unloads the clip. She pulls the trigger until no more bullets come out.

“That was for Jake!” Brooke announces.

And then the scene fades out.

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for the kiss meme, 14 with hyde and jackie? :)

Kiss: 14. ‘I don’t have the words right now so here’s a kiss’

Set in the summer when their relationship started, and Jackie notices they aren’t fooling around anymore. And what puppy? This damn adorable puppy.

The moment Jackie decided it was time to talk, she had him trapped on his usual chair in the basement, lap full of one turned on Jackie, and his arms around her waist, one hand squeezing her behind when the intensity of their kissing spin up and his breath gets rougher with the excitment burning their skin. His body is something she never thought she would be able to touch, not with the way things were between them since day one. But Jackie knew, deep down, that their relationship had been also changing since day one, and that maybe it was just a matter of time for them to end breaking that tension between them like this.

Except, that’s when it happens, she knows better than that. “This isn’t physical anymore, isn’t it?”

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Gogo GrimPhantom Gift

Just in time for his birthday and long overdue for all he’s done, this is a little something for my good friend @grimphantom2 who is always a blast to talk to and has been very supportive as a friend. With so many choices out there, I just knew Gogo from Big Hero 6 was one of them so just a little something to deal with the summer heat. Enjoy buddy!

artwork credit goes to @twisted-art-wounders


If anyone was ever asked to describe the Weasley twins, they would answer along the lines of ‘annoying pranksters.’ To you, with the acceptance of the annoying part, it’s lapdog.

The pair had been absolutely obsessed with you since year 4, and ever since you’ve regretted asking Fred if you could borrow a pen.

You’d admit, they were both very handsome, and if it weren’t for their behavior you’d swoon over them too, but you always seemed to be in the middle. The amount of spells that were meant to be thrown at the other hitting you instead were almost too much to count.

That doesn’t mean you didn’t love the way they treated you. It was often that one of them would bring you snacks while you did your homework or a drink while you were at lunch. They were two of the sweetest boys you’d ever met.

But they knew only one of them could win. Two boys fighting over one girl would never be good. But they couldn’t just quit. They were whipped.

You knew the chances of them ever getting over their little crush was slim, but for now you were perfectly fine accepting the presents that were sent to your door.

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can i just say that i didnt even KNOW that Grell was a canon trans woman until i went through your fujoshi discourse tag? (ur doing gods work btw) like thats how badly her identity was erased, bc i used to be all up in the Black Butler fandom (dark times, i think i was subconciously fujoshi til i realized i am a hecka lesbian)... like i probably saw tons of black butler posts and not one of them mentioned that, shit fam

yeah, i never knew until a friend pointed it out to me a while ago. grell sutcliffe is a bi trans woman and not a gay man, get it right people.

More of my Voltron dancer au! and a story to go with if you wanna read :D

So as a kid, Keith had found a dance community near the orphanage he lived in, and in turn, also met Shiro through it. It was home for Keith, and Shiro, being the older one, would teach them what he knew about dance. Time skip to later on where Keith starts to realize he might be in love, but then Shiro one day stops showing up and no one knows why and it just tears Keith apart.

Dance is how he releases his emotions and he’s so good that once college starts, he decides to be a dance major. Cue first day of school where he’s in class and the instructor introduces the TA and guess who it is? Shiro.

I’m in too deep. Song is Begin Again by Purity Ring