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Harpercass prank war

  • As all great things do, it starts with glitter
  • Cass accidentally glitter bombed Harper when Harper managed to sneak up behind her
  • Harper was like “i’ll get u for this” and cass was worried she might be Actual-Offended
  • (she wasn’t)
  • But Harper needed to have a revenge, so she stole Cass’s gloves and replaced them with pink ones
  • just for one night
  • Cass knew it was Harper, so she retaliated 
  • it escalated, but all the pranks were silly/harmless
  • then Dick noticed, and he pranked Harper, because he’s an idiot 
  • Cass got a lil ticked
  • Cue Harper and Cass team up against Dick, who managed to recruit Tim
  • Duke had to defend himself, so he somehow got Jason on his side
  • Dick and Tim pranked Damian, who retaliated
  • Steph was a loner for a time, but she and Damian teamed up, and it escalated
  • a lot
  • Harper and Cass vs Tim and Dick vs Duke and Jason vs Steph and Damian
  • anyway long story short Babs won

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Summary: What happens when Emma and Killian receive an unexpected visit from the future, their daughter. They can be able to keep her safe and deal with the surprises that life has to them.
Tv Show: Once Upon a Time

Chapter 5

Friday, January 20, 2023

The night had come too soon.

No one had stopped looking for Livie during all day. Every shop, every house and every tree in the forest had been inspected. They had tasted every spell that Regina had given them but none seemed to work.

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Sherlock: Is a phone call possible? 

Mycroft: Phone call? 

Sherlock: Sherlock has a brother he may wish to say goodbye. John has a daughter he may wish to say goodbye.


futurama appreciation week  [day one - favorite character]: Philip J. Fry

(L O O K i know this is not even remotely a response to the prompt of ‘bruce wayne gets railed by huge demon dicks’ but also you are all terrible sinners and this is quite frankly a best-case scenario)

It was easy to follow the path of the ratty brown trenchcoat traveling through tuxedos and gowns.

“Wayne! What the fuck do you think you’re doing?”

Bruce had been watching him stomp his way up the stairs, and had made no effort to meet him, standing and sipping at his champagne. “John!” he greeted, too cheerful to ever be genuine. “Glad to see you got your invitation.”

“Yes, I know I wasn’t — what?” Constantine stopped in his tracks with a frown. “What invitation?”

Your invitation,” Bruce said, gesturing to all assembled. “To the party. Which I assume you accepted, since you’re here. I knew you’d have to show up to one of them, eventually.”

“I don’t…”

The facts were these:

  • Bruce Wayne had apparently invited John Constantine to a party despite having no reason to believe it was necessary or desired.
  • ‘One of them, eventually’ suggested that he had invited John to many such parties.
  • A party was often the easiest time to find and corner Bruce Wayne, when he couldn’t go handcuffing anyone to anything with ridiculous bat-shaped handcuffs.
  • John never expected or waited for invitations to parties.
  • Bruce could not possibly have been monitoring John’s activities closely enough to know when he ought to invite him to a party.


  • Bruce Wayne had been sending John Constantine invitations to every party he had thrown in the last six years, for the express purpose of ensuring that John could never have the satisfaction of crashing a posh party uninvited.

John’s eyes narrowed. “You unbelievably petty asshole.”

The pull at the corner of Bruce’s mouth suggested that he knew that John knew what Bruce had done, and this knowledge of his knowledge pleased him inordinately. He sipped at his champagne.

“Do you know who it is that you were just flirting with?” Constantine asked, returning to his original reason for talking to the man at all.

Bruce’s eyebrow only barely moved higher than the other. “I don’t know that I would say that I was flirting, necessarily,” Bruce said.

“Oh, I know what you look like when you’re flirting,” John reminded him, and Bruce’s eyes flitted away back over the crowd. “You were flirting.” Bruce shrugged. “Did you even catch his name?”

The corners of Bruce’s mouth turned ever-so-slightly downward, a twitch in his brow that wasn’t a furrow. His champagne flute drifted away from his mouth. “I don’t think I did,” he said, and this admission of his oversight was said with the awestruck manner that most people reserved for a glimpse of the divine.

Appropriately enough.

“You’ve been flirting with the Devil,” Constantine informed him, in as blunt of terms as he could manage.

“I don’t see what that has to do with anything,” Bruce said. “I haven’t seen Talia in months.”

John huffed, grabbing Bruce by the arm and pulling him toward the railing overlooking the ballroom. “Not the metaphorical devil,” he said. “I mean Lucifer, the Fallen, Prince of Lies, the Dark Lord Satan. You have been flirting with the King of Hell.” He gestured with both arms toward the circle of besotted partygoers surrounding the man to whom Bruce had been speaking.

Bruce scoffed. The man in question looked up from the dance floor. His eyes were all the colors of a sunset, and cherubic golden curls formed a halo around his head. He saw Bruce, and he smiled.

Bruce almost smiled back. It was the beginnings of a smile, a beginning that spoke of an ignoble end, asymmetrical and soft and small.

He stopped. He turned his head away, and his face went a familiar blank shape. He glanced back toward the angelic figure out of the corner of his eye, as if to confirm the effect, before looking away again. He set his empty champagne flute down on the rail.

“That is the Devil,” he repeated for confirmation.


“King of Hell.”

“Technically retired.”


“He just sort of putters around these days,” Constantine admitted.

“He seemed nice,” said Bruce, who now seemed wary of looking toward the party.

“He does tend to.”

Bruce’s gaze drifted back toward Lucifer.

“Wayne. No.”


“You’re thinking about it. I can tell you’re thinking about it. Theology or philosophy or Stones lyrics. Stop it.”

“I just wish I’d known sooner,” Bruce said. He was watching those blonde curls intently. “I might have had some questions.”

“No. No.” John took Bruce by the shoulders. “That’s how it starts, just an innocent conversation, and then what? Look. I know we’ve had this little rivalry, you and me, over who can stick their dick in the least advisable place, but that is literally, actually Satan. You cannot fuck him. I don’t just mean you shouldn’t, I mean physically, it’s not possible. And even if you could — God knows, if anyone could find a way — it’s still literal, actual Satan we’re talking about here. There are very few things in this world I’m willing to state are absolutely and categorically bad, and one of them is fucking literal, actual Satan.”

Bruce grabbed a champagne flute off the tray of a passing waiter. “Despite what you seem to think, Mr. Constantine,” he said, “I have not yet sunk so far as to need lectures on ethics from you of all people.”


A year ago and a half ago, we knew them as that one rookie group with thirteen (not seventeen) members. But with each comeback, they’ve proven in a short amount of time that the members themselves are an all rounded group that can produce and choreograph. 

They always used to be in someone’s shadow―After School and Nu'est labelmates, or maybe just another group with a lot of members. But how many rookies get acknowledged with rookie awards and hold solo concerts, not just in Korea but abroad as well? How many idol groups place first on music shows in less than a year from debut? How many groups can confidently claim that they saved their company? Because Seventeen have done just that. 

In just a little over a year, Seventeen, you’ve come so far. Thank you for letting us be a part of your journey in 2016; let’s continue to make more memories for 2017 ♡


I want to be a reporter. I can’t believe I didn’t see it before.

I get so confused by how fandoms of less mainstream stuff start on tumblr like a year ago all the tsoa blogs I followed started talking about the trc. Then out of nowhere all the trc blogs started talking about tfc and then soc and check please. Then like a month ago everyone started talking about eyewitness and skam and yuri on ice. I’m pretty sure all these fandoms share a lot of the same fans and like everyone follows each other so who is the source of this new stuff? Am I just really out of the loop because I’d never heard of like anything. How does it go from 0-100% of my dash in like a day

  • Okay so I haven't seen the subs yet but I don't understand why people suddenly jumped to "oh Yuuri is breaking up with Victor" and thought it was a rational conclusion. Yuuri's been thinking about retiring this entire time. Since literally episode 3. Regardless or whether or not he actually does, he's anyways been thinking of having Victor step down as his coach after the GPF since episode 4 and especially episode 9 (where he said he'd tell Victor regardless of whether or not he wins). In Yuuri's head, is not right for him to "keep Victor away from the ice." He loves Victor so much that he's willing to let him go, so Victor can be happy as well. This is Yuuri giving Victor the option of returning to skating, should he so wish. Victor's response remains to be seen--as I believe Victor himself is unsure of what he really wants.
  • But you know what is certain? Their engagement. They got engaged the previous night, and Victor expressed his intention to marry Yuuri after the GPF in plain words. Even in the previews for the next episode we see them still wearing their rings. Yuuri's decision of "let's end this" has nothing to do with their personal relationship. They're still engaged.
  • I'm actually somewhat relieved that Yuuri told Victor now, before the Free Skate, because it's been a huge source of anxiety for him. It gives Victor a chance to understand, and to reassure Yuuri that regardless of what happens, they're going to be together throughout it. It's a weight off Yuuri's shoulders, and once he gets that reassurance from Victor, he's going to be able to skate without any burdens. Remember, his theme is Love. And Love Wins.
  • And one more thing to always keep in mind: "Hanarezuni sobani ite." It's their song.

regardless if you think that first “i love you” was directed at dean or not, can we just please accept that this is amazing?

how many times have the words “i love you” been uttered earnestly on this show by dean, sam, cas, mary? you can count them one hand

we already knew that cas was “in love with humanity” and this was finally him admitting it. the winchesters are his humanity they exposed him to humanity and now we have confirmation, to whatever level it pleases you, that cas does love them. he flat out stated it instead of showing it (in good and bad ways)

idk but i’m still just over the moon he said that 


That time I pronounced jung food as Jungkook, I realized that I’m a real trash for him and bts