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prompt: zimbits, beard burn

I really really wanted Jack with beard burn but i couldn’t make it happen. out boys are out to the team idk why it’s hot out just….go with it. 

Bitty couldn’t sit still and he knew he was getting looks from the other boys but he wasn’t about to let them in on it. That worked for the few minutes they sat in the kitchen before they had to head to the gym. It was still hot so Bitty has chosen shorts, the little red ones he knew Jack liked them and he had worn them back from Providence, they were right there in the morning and he wasn’t going to think twice about it he knew he had nice legs why hide them?

“Fucking Hell Bitty,” Bitty looked up to se Holster staring at him, he was on the floor stretching in an attempt to avoid actually doing much lifting that day.


“that’s impressive but it can’t be comfortable.” Ransom said and Bitty blushed right read reazling what they were looking at. He pulled his knees up to his chest and took a deep breath, he could deal with a few chirps.

“hey, nothing to be ashamed of, Ransom is horrible at minding his stubble some times and I swear my stomach is scratchy for days.”

“If I wanted details about y’all’s sex life I would have asked.” Bitty mumbled and Ransom sighed.

“it really isn’t anything to be ashamed of, did you see Dex’s giant hickey whoever it was wasn’t even trying to hide it. But really it can’t be comfortable, I have shorts that will cover that so at least your legs won’t rub against each other or I have lotion I can-“

“Thank you very much Ransom but I quite like the reminder.” Bitty said standing up. “And I think I’m going to go have one of the Frogs spot me while I do squats, if you don’t mind.” He didn’t wait for a response.

“I did notice Jack’s been keeping stubble a lot more often, who knew, our little Bitty was in to something like this.” Ransom and Holster just shrugged, and laughed as they heard Bitty talking to the frogs.

“No Tango it’s on contagious I promise, just don’t let this fall on me please.”

the lannisters were known for many things, but no one knew of alaia’s sweet tooth was not one of them. during the festivities, alaia had found herself on the street of flour; led there by her nose and rumbling stomach. she was sure there were many delicious treats at the sept of baelor, but why would she want those when she could have something freshly prepared?? the blonde, unfortunately, had not anticipated her latest problem; getting back to the sept. it was her nose that had led her here, not a map, and she’d made the rather rash decision to come unaccompanied. the lady had one hand full of bags – treats for later to share with her brothers – while the other gently tapped someone ( who at least seemed to be of high status, if their clothes had anything to say about them ) on the shoulder. “excuse me, may i ask for your help??” 


F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gabsy.


… just tired of losing people.