Lust & Errors 03 (AU)

Rated: M

Warnings: Explicit smut, oral.

Summary: Step brother, fuck buddy… They were one and the same now. But what started out as some mindless fucking game, quickly turns into something much more difficult and complex.

Note: Okay so, basically this chapter is the start of a lot of stuff, and I actually removed some things from this chapter and will be posting it in the next one. Simply because things will flow better with me doing that. I’m not entirely happy with this, because it’s rushed, but oh well. It’s the start of flashbacks, which I’ll be including a lot in future chaps.


01 | 02 | 03.

You smiled down at your result papers on your desk, a sense of pride in your chest from acing the test today. It was a nice feeling, to know your hard work payed off in some aspects of your life. But you shook your head at the negativity trying to cloud your mind, refusing to let the rejection of Choi Seunghyun’s dance academy ruin your good mood right now.

The classroom was silent as everyone mulled over their results - some students looked pleased, while others had poker faces.

A piece of paper being slipped in front of you by your left desk neighbor, Sohyun, caught your eye and you realized it was a note. After checking and making sure the teacher wasn’t paying any attention to you, you grabbed the paper and unfolded it under your desk.

tutor me babe” Was what it said, and you looked over at Sohyun in confusion, (why was she asking you to tutor her? As far as you knew, she was one of the better scoring students like yourself. And what was she doing calling you babe?) but she just shook her head at you and pointed to the guy behind her, letting you know she was just passing along the note for him.

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To. Byul 3~ ♥
I’m VIXX’s cutie main vocal Ken~ Are our Byul 3s doing well~?
(1 person who can’t wait because he wants to see you so so bad..Jyani..hehet)
Jyani is practicing hard and am healthy~ Don’t worry~ always be healthy! and be careful of colds! Okie~??? You can’t get sick…ㅜㅜ And thank you so much for always loving, thinking of, and caring for VIXX ㅠᆺㅠ
VIXXCHU will always love and care for our Byul 3s too so~ it’d be nice if we built good memories together and only good things happened from now on~~
Our Byul 3 babies (sweeties?) Iloveyou ❤
From. Jaehwan ♥

Photo Credit: twinkleofstars
Trans. cr: fyeah-vixx


Sam Claflin photographed by Maurizio Bavutti for Un-Titled Project (2016)

I’ve definitely grown in confidence but I’ve always been quite an insecure person, quite afraid and paranoid about what people think. It is one of those things where I wish I had a little bit more self-confidence. I’m sometimes afraid to speak up if I’m unhappy. I think for me, it would be to fight my fight and say what I believe in. At times I’ve always wanted to be perceived as the ‘nice guy’ but you realize that not everybody’s always going to like you, or everything you do, every decision you make. Your identity is changing, you feel like a chameleon because you want me to be like this and you want me to be like that. Now I feel like I’ve found who I am, my identity, and I’m going to go with that.

tl;dr: vegetables and babysitting

I report back to you from my adventures in Oscar Isaac’s Early Filmography with a review of Won’t Back Down:

  • it’s about Women with Children Getting Shit Done, which as you know appeals to me as a genre
  • Oscar Isaac plays the Sexy Girlfriend role, where he is essentially Maggie Gyllenhal’s prize for being a good person who Works Hard and who Cares about Society. we all deserve nice things, right? 
  • she already has the best clothes, but why settle for that?
  • because you too deserve to be banging a hot ELEMENTARY SCHOOL TEACHER who LOVES THE KIDS and JUST WANTS TO TEACH! but he doesnt get the big picture about Society, you know? she does. she explains it to him. then he gets it. 
  • he brings food to her flat and cooks it
  • the food involves vegetables
  • is there a man in YOUR life who spontaneously cooks you vegetables? well woo fucking hoo for you if there is
  • after cooking vegetables for her and her kid (oh yeah the kid’s there, this isn’t SEXY cooking, this is weeknight dinner) he lets her PULL his HAIR in the KITCHEN (he seems to really dig this part. i really dig this part. here’s a screencap of this part:)
  • and possibly most importantly, he advances the plot by being her booty call babysitter. 
  • seriously! she just calls him up for a quick peck on the cheek and then leaves him entertaining her child with his ukulele so she can go out and CHANGE SOCIETY with Viola Davis
  • do you know why Women with Children don’t get more shit done? We’re too busy buying and cooking vegetables and we can’t go the fuck out in the evening because of our KIDS
  • kids listen to me I am 37 
  • one day you too will understand the power of my yearning for oscar isaac to come to my house, cook me vegetables and play the ukulele to my kids so i can GO THE FUCK OUT AND ADVANCE THE FUCKING PLOT ALREADY

In conclusion: what do women want? protagonism, vegetables and hot babysitters. next question.

Today’s impulse of the day is: Trigger yourself! Look at the most horrifying porn that there is. Read about CSA cases and stories. Go though endless tags relating to it, look at the things that you know will remind you of what they did to you as a child. Destroy yourself mentally once again, just like they did, and then! Destroy yourself physically! Go out and get yourself hurt, let people hurt you because you deserve it! nICE!

Hi all, I was asked for some tips on what to do during a 5 minute break so I decided to make a post about it. However, I do not use the pomodoro technique or anything similar for various reasons but I noticed quite a few people did and thought it would help. So these are the things I do during a short break:

1) Play a song, close your eyes, and take deep breaths

  • This is my personal favorite because it helps me take a moment away from studying and let me body (specifically my eyes) and brain relax.
  • I choose a song that I really connect to at the time.
  • If you are into Spanish Rock, this is the song I currently do this to. I think the beats, lyrics, and pauses are more than perfect.

2) Taking a nice little stroll

  • I try to take mine outside. This helps with clearing your mind and getting your blood and muscles moving.

3) Watch a short video

  • Just remember to not watch more than one! Use SelfControl immediately afterwards if you need to!
  • I tend to watch DIY or organizational videos. (I like watching coffee tutorials from Mokabees and life/organization DIYs from the TheSorryGirls)

4) Eat a snack!

  • Studying requires a lot of energy so try to eat a snack that is both healthy and will power you up! Here is a list of brain food snacks with some recipes. My favorite are avocados and dark chocolate!

5) Quick exercise

  • I tend to do this one if I am home!
  • This especially helps me when I am feeling sleepy but do not want to drink more coffee. A small exercise makes my blood flow and brain alert!
  • I’ll do a one minute exercise of 5 pushups, 15 seconds of jumping jacks, and 15 seconds of in place high knees running. (Got this 1 min workout from the Fabulous app, which also has a 5 min mediation session, 3 min ab workout, 10 min stretching, etc. I know I always mention this app but it is only because I have found it very useful for these types of things!)

6) Have a small chat with a friend or family member

  • If I am in my apartment, I tend to go into the living room and have a quick conversation with one of my roommates. This will help both of you de-stress and have a nice break!
  • Haven’t called your mom, dad, or sibling in a while? Why not do it durin your break! 
  • Remember to keep it short though! Start out the conversation by letting the person know that you are studying and really wanted to talk to them even if it was just for 5 minutes. That way when you have to go, you wont sound rude!

7) Coloring

  • I recently purchased an Adult Coloring book as a de-stressing activity. I know for some people coloring is stressful (I thought the same too) but once you feel comfortable embracing imperfection and that you are coloring for yourself, it can actually be a fun activity!
  • This is the one I have, which doubles-up as postcards! My roommate and I will pick a page and take turns coloring a small section (like a beetle). This makes for a fun alternating break if you are studying with friends!

Those were my personal tips, but here are some more that I found online and thought they were great ideas:

8) A hand massage! 

  • Here are two video tutorials: 1 and 2 (I might try this one out when my hand starts to feel stiff!)

9) Pick a new desktop background

  • This one seems like it would be fun as a break! This would probably take me a long time, since I am a bit picky when it comes to these things.
  • It would probably best to spread this one out throughout multiple breaks if you do not automatically find the one.
  • This is the background I have right now. I downloaded it from Design Love Fest, DLF makes downloadable wallpapers from the art of different artists (with their permission of course!) 

10) Use the Thoughts Room to vent any frustrations or anxieties you may be feeling

  • So in my quest to find things to do on breaks, I found this amazing website by the Quiet Page Project. This one is called The Thoughts Room and you essentially go in, type anything that is bothering you, and see it fade away. I found it really interesting and relaxing.
  • Their other website got me even more excited! This one is called The Dawn Room and you go in, you are asked to type in a message for someone who is feeling upset/sad, and then you receive hundreds of encouraging messages written by others. If you are ever feeling upset I would really recommend using this website, it is very uplifting.

I love to hear feedback on any of my posts, so please feel free to message me what did and didn’t work for you! Also, i’d love to hear about the things you do on your breaks!

Best, Jessica

Fri, Feb 5th 2016 | 4:20pm

Sleep Tight Pt. 1

Jungkook Angst

Summary: All Jungkook wanted was a night out with her. Now he is left struggling to discern what is real, and what is just in his mind.

Word Count: 8,888 (Yes you read that right)

A/N: So here it is, that thing I promised you. It’s a very special thing so treat it kindly. This scenario is actually a collaboration between me and @kpop-scenarios-blog because why not after Burden and Baby Blues turned out so nice. We really had fun writing this together, so I hope you enjoy what you read below. Part 2 is on her blog, and there will be a link to it at the end of the scenario all the way down there. The ending(s) will only be posted tomorrow, and there is yet another surprise wrapped in with that because we both wrote a different ending. You get two chances for this to end right. Happy reading~

Jungkook shivers. He’s aware that his body is cold despite the fact that he’s standing on the beach with his toes in the supposedly burning, yet surprisingly soft sand. The flamingo towering over him is uncharacteristically bright, only cluing Jungkook into the fact that this is probably just a dream. With half his brain set in reality, Jungkook struggles to differentiate what is actually there. The sudden tickling on his foot doesn’t help with him figuring out what’s going on either.

“Yah! You’re worse than Yoongi sometimes!” The harsh voice cuts Jungkook’s relaxing beach time short as he’s pushed back into reality. He comes to with a slight jolt, his jerking foot hitting something with a soft thud. He looks around to see Y/N standing at the foot of the bed grabbing at her wrist. “Yah! Jeon Jungkook, if you kick me again I’ll beat your ass you punk!” Jungkook scrambles to sit upright, grabbing the sheets at his ankles to cover his exposed chest.

“What are you doing here?” Y/N lets out a sigh and rubs at her eyes.

“The date Jungkook. You forgot again didn’t you?” Jungkook groans and drops his head back onto his pillow. That would explain why she’s dressed in a light blue shirt and tight jeans instead her normal yoga pants and sweatshirt combo.

“Of course not! I just forgot the… day.” He quickly excuses himself. Y/N snorts.

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literally WHY do people hate on halsey so much like the only valid complaints ive ever heard anyone make about her are rude things that she tweeted when she was like 13 years old that she has since learned were wrong!!! like don’t act like you’ve never used the t-slur or anything out of ignorance. she’s just a REALLY NICE GIRL doing things that SHE LIKES TO DO and if you want to antagonize her because !!you don’t like her music!! or she tries too hard to be ~*edgy*~ then PLEASE just do LITERALLY /EVERYONE/ a favor and CHOKE ON A HOT ONE

#403: I’ve scrolled through a few confessions, just out of curiosity, and I will say that while Jack has helped me with my depression and anxiety, I wouldn’t say he saved my life. He helped me to pick myself up, dust myself off, and keep going. He wasn’t the reason I’m better, but he was more of a guiding light. He helped me see that I am important and that while it is nice to believe that someone is going to help you and make things better, you need to believe in yourself to become better. You are the driving force behind you. At some point in my life, I’d like to meet him face-to-face and give him a hug, just let him know I really appreciate him.
But more than anything, I just want to talk to him like a normal person. Not as Jacksepticeye, but as Sean, just a regular guy. I don’t care that he’s a “famous” (only in quotes because he would probably never admit he is actually famous) YouTuber, I just want to sit back, have a cup of tea or something with him, and just talk about stuff. He seems like a really cool guy and like someone I would want to be friends with. I even had a dream that I was texting him like we were friends.

i think people on this website need to realise that people are inherently different and react to things differently too. not everyone has the same sense of humor as you and you can easily hurt and upset someone with something you say. i mean you never know what someone’s dealing with in real life or how anxious your words make them. some people really need to take a step back and figure out the difference between banter and bullying. you can make a joke out of something, or say it’s not that deep, but that doesn’t make up for what you’ve said.

Okay but au where before Ray joined the fake ah crew he would work at like a gas station and got robbed by the guys a lot but eventually it turned into more of a friendly thing because the lads started really taking a liking to him and would go in to just talk and leave with a thousand dollars.

“How are you ray?”
“I’m great Michael”

“Haha nice put the money in the bag”

anonymous asked:

Please tell me more about how sweet micolash is; it's great to see you talk about him tbh!!

i was walking around absent mindedly and kinda just 
idk i’m very spacey and i managed to fight him by accident while looking at the walls 
that sounds weird but i really like looking at things in this game 
so much detail on some things! i don’t know where to look a lot of the time so i get distracted

so anyway
 i was chasing him around 
and i love his boss fight! i haven’t beaten him yet and he’s killed me a lot but the whole thing feels so friendly
he giggles when he jumps through mirrors
and he will wait for you to catch up to him when you’re chasing him and then he’ll dart away and sometimes he’ll zoom behind you and it’s so stupid 
and then howls and for some reason i get really bad secondhand embarrassment but it’s cute
and he TRIPS and repeats his lines until you find him 
also he just shoots eyeball spaghetti at you and punches you but he’s so hype about his lil nightmare palace and there doesn’t seem to be the slightest bit of malice in his tone
so much so that i forget that he’s one of the Big Bad Guys
the whole fight feels so childlike and he’s so artless and fanatical and mad with wonder and observant and he’s a dramatic NERD about it all

and as someone who gets equally animated when i love something it just makes me really really happy to see a character act similarly in a game like bloodborne
micolash is very nice 

Sometimes I get so annoyed by conversations because they make me feel trapped. Like yeah okay it’s nice that someone is around to chat, but it feels like I’m obligated to stay when someone starts a conversation. I just want to be free. Like yeah it’s nice that you’re around, but I just want to go do my own thing and be free. This is something I feel a lot and it is so frustrating to feel trapped. People could say “just go and do your thing then” but it isn’t that easy. I can’t just go and do my thing, because then it is like I abandon people. So instead it builds up until I push people away enough to have my personal space. Is this just me? 

werewolfjams asked:

tbh i hc max as ace/aro!!!! the dude just wants t'help people out mang

nice!!! aro/ace max is so good it’s one of my favorite headcanons. like shipping him is very popular ‘cause hes the mc and thats cool!! thats totally cool because shipping is fun! but I really love aroace max. i love aroace characters. i love headcanoning aroace characters.

“So, do you like boys or girls??” “I like jumping over tall things and cheerios” “No thats not what i m- “i mean like cheerios specifically but other cereals are cool too”

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Everyone takes star wars cosplay so seriously, I think it's great that you and Arkady have so much fun with it!

That was the goal, Anon! Star Wars has a long and glorious tradition of hardcore screen accurate costuming and that’s really great! But it does mean that sometimes people miss the whole point of cosplaying to begin with: you love the thing and you want to actively participate in the thing because it’s fun

So that was actually @arkadycosplay and my stated mission for ALA: have as much fun and be as ridiculous as possible in really nice Star Wars costumes because you absolutely can (and should!) do both.

Dear Charlie,

This is for her:
You know I will always be here for you, when you are sad, when you are feeling bad with yourself or with others, when you feel lonely and need someone to tell you ‘I love you’. Even if we don’t talk anymore, you can come to me and tell me how you are feeling and I will listen to you, I will be with you whenever you need me or you just need someone. But please, don’t ask me to be happy, don’t try to come to me to talk about things when you have been ignoring me for days, don’t pretend me to tell you what’s up in my life if you never tell me what’s up in yours.
You really mean everything to me but, you know, I have a limit, and sometimes I will be less nice, sometimes I’m not going to talk with you with a big smile in my face and make jokes with you, because I’m human and I feel like a shit when you use me like this.
The sad truth is that I will handle feeling this bad and the way you treat me just to have you in my life, but I won’t be always happy, I need you to show me you care about me, I want to see you scared about loosing me.

I'm moving to the bay

Everyone here is so dope & treat me so nice, you guys have no idea how miserable I am in Denver. I’m only there because the money is good.
I feel like I belong here, I’m gonna take another trip to the bay as soon as I can bc I came here so last minute I really wanna check more things out

anonymous asked:

you're incredible to me

To think someone finds me incredible in any sense, I didn’t know how to answer you- I’m sorry it took me a while to do so ;//v//;)’’
You caught me by surprise- especially because when I saw your message, I was going through some disturbing thoughts. I thought of drawing something nice for you, or writing a more responsive text in reply, but in the end I just- I’m too awkward for these things ;//A//;)’’’’

Anon, I don’t know who you are, but thank you very much. For the sweet message and for thinking highly of me.

If you want to reveal yourself, I’d be happy to know you- but if you don’t, it’s okay too, alright?

I hope you have good days and amazing year!