My opinion on this Carter Reynolds issue

He justified his sexual harassment against a minor with the first excuse being “Maggie and I were in a relationship at the time.” In other words, “It’s okay to not have since she was my girlfriend. There is always consent when your’e in relationship.” HOW ARE PEOPLE STILL DEFENDING HIM NOT ONLY DID HE DO SOMETHING UNFORGIVABLE HE ALSO BACKED UP EVERY ASSHOLE WHO THINKS THAT CONSENT IS NOT REQUIRED IN A RELATIONSHIP. 

Also, don’t you ever tell me someone so talentless like Carter Reynolds saved your life. He did nothing but posted vines, and yes he is different from those who started on vine such as Shawn and the Jacks actually did something with their lives unlike this idiot who guilt trips his loyal fans into doing their homework, Homework. Like come on. 

Finally, you have teenage girls worshipping you and this is how you treat them? 

This boy is nothing but a predator and the fact that mindless zombie fangirls are defending him is so disgusting like what are you doing. NO one should be made to feel like these fans. He literally uses his fame to exploit young girls and ask them for nudes and people are too blinded by his vine loop count and his millions of followers on social media to see it.


I am not bashing anyone who chooses to support Carter, just please be careful about who you idolise

today i was walking home from work to the bus stop (the way i have to walk is pretty sketchy and i hate being there) and this guy in his early twenties was smoking outside of his apartment and because ive been called some pretty uncomfortable things before while walking home i was super scared and then when i was walking past him he just smiled at me and said “hi, you look really nice today if you dont mind me saying that” and that is literaLLY IT IF YOU REALLY WANT TO COMPLIMENT A STRANGER IT IS POSSIBLE TO DO IT IN A NICE WAY THANK U STRANGE NICE CIGARETTE MAN

Any girl who says she’s not comfortable with her bf filming her blowing him is just being smart, any guy who pressures her regardless: Trash
Dear the majority of my generation,

First of all, I’d like to point out that I never ever liked the Magcon boys. I’m admitting this before I am accused of having biased opinions for my dislike of them. Quite simply, I disliked them because they got famous based on looks rather than sheer talent. You can’t deny that. They are not fucking funny, they recited old tumblr jokes in vines and got recognised for it. Then of course little fan girls noticed, noticed their dashing looks and their vine popularity and thought “they saved my life”. No. A group of fucking racist, homophobic and misogynist pricks didn’t fucking save your life. I’m sorry to place it so harsh but as we Irish say, wise up. Give yourself a little credit for getting through shit. Those little fuckers you worship, and I’d like to point out I am referring to the majority of these boys not all of them, couldn’t give a rats ass about their “fans” and have proved so on many occasions. Are you forgetting the times the boys have ignored their own fans, pretending to be on the phone so they wouldn’t have to engage in contact and not to mention the time fucking Carter himself said he hated his fans? I am sick to DEATH of girls who are fans of these boys defending their actions because they’re fucking attractive. These are not “mistakes”. Nash Grier labelled HIV a “gay disease”, repeatedly made racist remarks about the Muslim religion and has called them terrorists, as well as shaming girls into thinking they’re not good enough if they have body hair. 11.8 million Vine followers. Curtis Lepore, who is not a member of Magcon but is fucking relevant due to his Vine fame, raped his ex girlfriend, admitted this in court and then went on to call her a “dumb bitch” on Twitter. 8.4 million vine followers. And finally the man of the hour, Carter Reynolds. The thing that disgusts me the most is that people will still find any excuse to take the blame off of him. Carter Reynolds videotaped his 16 year old ex girlfriend, while she was clearly intoxicated, about to suck his dick. Some may say, she agreed to it at first therefore she is to blame as well. Well I will say, are you fucked up in the head? If at any point in a sexual act, one person states they feel uncomfortable and doesn’t want to carry through with it, the other partner should simply back THE FUCK OFF. A real man wouldn’t fucking groan and try to make her feel bad about not wanting to do something, thus pressuring her into going through with it. A real man would accept her fucking decision, pull his pants up and move the fuck on. You fail to see that there are laws for a goddamn reason and that video, whether Maggie carried through or not, Carter Reynolds attempted to commit statutory rape. Don’t fucking focus on whether it happened fucking focus on the fact he attempted it. I sincerely hope his fans, some of which seem bright and intelligent people, see the bigger picture and realise what exactly they are doing by supporting these scum bags. Because it is the people who will allow this shit to happen and defend it instead of taking a stand against it, who will find themselves in a similar situation in the future, or discover their children in such a situation. Carter Reynolds, 4.3 million vine followers. We are the fucking generation who can stop this shit. So get your head out of Twitter and these asshole’s assholes, see the bigger picture, and stop letting this shit happen just because of how they look.


Seemingly the only fucking sane person of my generation who could rant for an hour longer about many more offences made by many more of these boys but it’s 4am.


This video is beginning to go viral on Facebook, people are commenting and liking, saying it’s funny, and to “never deny a girl sex”.

Women aren’t the only ones being abused/threatened/punished for not putting out.

Violence against not only women, but men NEEDS to stop,

(P.S. if this isn’t actual footage, and if it’s some kind of weird film or something, I am unaware and please let me know, but the point of posting this still stands. No means no.)

It’s not just NO that means NO, it’s literally thousands of responses that also = NO

Best bet, if it isn’t a clear “YES” ~ BACK OFF

The province of Ontario, Canada is implementing a new health curriculum and literally everyone over the age of 25 is going bat shit crazy. Like, I think itโ€™s absolutely amazing, theyโ€™re actually teaching things that I never learned about. Look at this:

Grade 1

Students in Grade 1 will be taught the proper names for body parts โ€“ something child-abuse investigators have long urged.

They will also learn how to recognize non-verbal signals, such as facial expressions and tone of voice, to better communicate with others.

Grade 2

In Grade 2, students will learn about bodily changes and development, verbal and physical violence, and the concept that โ€œno means no.โ€

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