I was tagged by alex-wennburgers to put my name into Urban Dictionary and post the first definition that came up. to the surprise of absolutely no one, the name “Alexi” has no definitions, so this was the closest I could get

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anonymous asked:

I was going through your selfies, and you have so much acne you can't see in the photos but I bet up close your blackheads are disgusting why does anyone reblog you

yea, I do have acne! 

and I’ve got a lot of black heads too, you are very right about that! My camera kind of hides them honestly, even in the photo below. 

but you see, acne isn’t a bad thing at all. It just is. And there isn’t really anything a lot of us can do about it. 

So by asking this, u were just being a mean person. Trying to insult me by commenting negatively on something that I can’t really change is just fucking rude. 

insulting someone because of something they were born with, says a shit ton more about you, than it does about them. Remember that

and I don’t know why anyone rebloops my selfies, but I am very greatful to them for it, and reading there tags quite often makes my day. They are wonderful. 

quite, unlike, um, your rudeness. 

To anyone else reading this, don’t ever be ashamed of you acne because of assholes like this. My acne used to be so so much worse than it is now holy heck, and it was one of my biggest insecurites and gahh. 

But your acne is beautiful and adorable, just like you. Fudge everyone else.