hey i got way too many asks about the update today, so I decided the update is going to be postponed

This is My world has received an update instead. 


This man won’t stop asking and harassing me with inappropriate questions. I told him he was making me uncomfortable and to stop asking me these things and stop talking to me. I even ended up cursing him off and he just continued. I answered the first few because he was curious and then he began making me uncomfortable, which I told him.

I blocked him today but I thought I’d post this and warn other transgender individuals that he is a disrespectful asshole who doesn’t care if he makes you uncomfortable.

These are not things you ask someone who is transgender, or anyone in general within the first 5 seconds of talking to them. You do not open a conversation with one of these questions.

That is disrespectful.



[Insp] from Brooklyn Nine-Nine. Original here

So it is CONFIRMED that CL dropped her stuff in the US for 2ne1 cb, wrote for 2ne1, they recorded an album that is sitting somewhere COMPLETE, YGE decided to suddenly disband them, essentially pulling the rug out from beneath their feet without any prior warning, and the group, which did NOT WANT TO DISBAND, is left with a goodbye single that hasn’t been promoted a single ounce in attempt to set them up for failure

What a way to treat the iconic record-setting, third best selling girl group world wide that made you millions

I don’t want to make any of my followers upset, because I really love all of them! So I’m going to try to just do this in the politest way and try to put my honest opinion out there:
The issue between Karamel (Kara x Mon-El) and Karolsen (Kara x James).

Lately there has been this post going around my dash and I just wanted to address my feelings about it:

I just want to start out with the very obvious here. I LOVE JAMES. I really do like Karolsen and I started this series shipping them, so I mean no ill will towards any of those shippers.

Mon-El is an ALIEN, He is from a completely different planet and crashed landed on Earth not too long ago. When he crash landed all he wanted to do was to go home to his family! He didn’t want cause any trouble on this strange planet, he just wanted to return to Daxam…but was instead being blamed for an attack on the US President. I know that I would be a bit pissed off that I had been taken to a strange medical facility and accused of attacking someone when all i really wanted to do was go home.

Another point people point out is “Mon-El is selfish and doesn’t want to do anything”. I know it may be our dreams to be a real life superhero, but that isn’t how everyone feels. First he crash landed, then was told he could never return home because his planet had been blown up, then everyone told him that he has these incredible powers! And then cinnamon roll Kara/Supergirl says “oh you have these fantastic powers, so you must lay down your life and use these powers to help the people of this planet. A planet that you barely know and haven’t lived on for very long.” I WOULD BE TERRIFIED. What if he doesn’t want to be a superhero?! What if Mon-El does just want to go to the alien bar? The DEO, with a bit of help from Kara, seem to be pushing him to become the hero that Supergirl is. But what if he isn’t ready to do that yet?

Mon-El doesn’t want Kara to believe in him because he doesn’t want to be like her! At least, not at this current moment.

They kissed because he likes her! He fought crazy cyborg J’onn outside the alien bar because he felt that it was right. Kara is starting to have a good influence on him and cause him to think about/try to be a better person.

But he told Kara he doesn’t remember the kiss they had. How many of us pretended not to like someone because we didn’t think they would really like us back, or we didn’t feel like we deserved them?

All I’m saying is that Mon-El and James and Karamel and Karolsen are being judged on the same platform…but they shouldn’t be. They aren’t the same men. They are in different places in their lives. I get why some people may feel this way about Mon-El. I’m just asking that everyone open their minds a bit.