It has been A DAY.

Bags? Lost, but then recovered!
Keynote? Missed, but I’d heard it already anyway because it was given by one of my committee members!
Rogue squirrel from outside? Running around the banquet hall during dinner!
Research presented by the ‘headliners’? State- and military-funded!

General Hux takes great pleasure in his role as Leader Snoke’s personal disobedience coach for their Master Knight, Kylo Ren… 

Since Snoke is too far away to punish him… execute order dominatrix hux.

Hux learned a lot growing up. thanks, Brendol. Kylo learned nothing. thanks, Solo.

I’m gonna shit on everything everyone believes but I don’t believe that disciplining a child is a human right. You don’t have the right to “discipline” your friend, your neighbor, your teacher, boss, parents, or relationship partner, so why the hell would you have the right to discipline a child? Only way these people face discipline is if they committed a fucking crime. It would take a criminal act to be disciplined, and even then it’s not one person who decides it, it’s the entire group of people whose decision must be approved.

So why is it just widely accepted that in child’s case, parents can be the law, the jury, the judge and the disciplinarian? It’s because we still strongly believe that the child is parent’s personal property and they can do whatever they please with them. They’re not. Human beings are nobody’s property. And children in most majority do not commit crimes, the biggest excuse parents hurt children for is because they’re being annoying or resistant. Can you fucking imagine having the right to use punishment that would only be fit for a criminal act to someone who merely annoyed you or didn’t do as you said?

As soon as you let parents decide what is for their child a crime and what is not, soon you’ll have them declaring that any kind of displeasure and annoyance they face is a crime and deserves to be punished, then they’ll declare that child not being everything they wanted and expected is also a crime, then it’s a crime if they don’t do adult’s amount of work in chores and mimic perfect mature behaviour and emotional maturity, then it’s crime to be loud and have needs and demands and it goes on until a crime worth punishment is mere existing. They will forever be able to use the lie that “it’s not abuse, it’s discipline” and it’s because the line between abuse and discipline is non existent! Literally any kind of abuse can look like a discipline if they have the right to decide what in ther book is a crime, as long as they believe children are their property and completely at mercy of their nonexistent morals! Unless a child has commited an actual criminal act there is no fucking reason to discipline them. Existing, being loud, annoying, having needs, wanting to play and rest and scream and be free and do things their way, those are human rights! And abusive parents will take a chance to punish children for every single one of these!

If you believe discipline exists so children could learn right from wrong consider that abusive parents raising them have absolutely no idea what is right and what is wrong! For those parents, wrong is anything that doesn’t feel good for them! And it’s not even consistent, it changes by the hour, with their mood! Instead of defending parent’s right to impose brainwashing type of morals on their child, how about defending children’s right to not be subjected to twisted and cruel treatment of a parent who believes they’re property and not a person.

And no, children do not grow up to be monsters from lack of discipline, they grow up brainwashed and traumatized due to lack of human rights given to them. They can grow up to be monsters if all they get to do is wait their entire life to get a turn to traumatize someone just how their parents traumatized them. And I see a lot of adults doing just that, and defending their right to traumatize children to the ends of hell, just so they wouldn’t ever have to face their own abuse, and make it better for themselves.