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Waikiki, Oahu
21.00 USD


Uncooked and fresh out of the plastic cold. Neither sealed nor secure at either end.


Surprisingly not bad, but there was just so little of it; only like 15% of the burrito was meat.


Rice, beans, lettuce, cheese, sourcream, and guac. Clearly fucked up from the start, but the guac and sourcream were extra charge. The rice did a poor job of holding it all together and the sourcream and guac were off to the side and just weird and squishy.


Tapatio and a medley of Mexican bottles.


Clearly not a California Burrito,  but this is clearly not San Diego. It’s a tourist trap in the tourist center of Waikiki, catering to the Japanese and pastey Midwesterners who think that “palm trees” is a unified cuisine. Was it worth the 21 dollars that I paid? No, but they said it’s a California Burrito and this is a burrito blog and I have more than enough time and per diem to spare.

Pairs with:

House Margerita,  equally expensive.

Overall Score

4. Shitty burrito, fantastic view.

10 question tag (tagged by @rickydiddlyroo) i’m not tagging anyone i’m just gonna do this for my son i love him

1) Where would you travel if given the chance? i’d love to travel to both my mother country & the country i was born in but. one is war torn & the other isn’t exactly a good place to be in atm lol

2) What are you afraid of? questions like this. but seriously i have social anxiety & anxiety in general so what am i not afraid of  

3) Ideal home? a coffin 

4) Your favorite artist? Or song? my favorite song rn is an indie rock song called satellite mind (drag me) it literally reminds me of the person i was telling you about? why am i writing this publicly 

5) What kind of things bring tears to your eyes (in a good way)? um i’ve never cried “good tears” so i wouldn’t know. all tears are [nerd voice] bad 

6) Ramen: Microwave or stovetop? both but stovetop is slightly better

7) What you feel when you look into someone’s eyes? NERVOUS 

8) Cuddly friendship or friendship from an appropriate distance? why isn’t “neither” an option ricky why do u hate me

9) If your life was a book from what point of view would it be narrated? third person hands down (can you tell i’ve considered this question before)

10) Secret talents/hobbies? my talent is being ridiculously untalented,, i honestly don’t have a single talent i can brag about ^[; i don’t even have hobbies rip

11) why don’t you walk to subway already? i decided maybe smoking bacon isn’t a good idea? i’m cleaning up my act

A kid at work today asked me if I had “touched Thor’s hammer yet” and I swear to God I almost choked on my burrito. Drew had to step in, it wasn’t pretty. I don’t think you can punch a kid no matter what your reasoning, can you?

I’ve just got this new blanket and if you think I’m gonna do anything other than wrap Zayn and I up as burritos in it you don’t know me at all

incentivess replied to your post “Do sushi places outside of California sell California rolls???”

Yeah what the hell is a California burrito

???? My BRO

There are burritos. and then there are California Burritos. Its one of those things you have to eat before you die. Reserved for after one of those heart-racing, hunger-inducing days. Typically when you get back from swimming in the ocean or surfing. Take nearly half a pound of Carne Asada, amazingly seasoned, tons of cheese, sour cream, guacamole, and stuffed with french fries. Top it off with salsa, damn. Damn. Pico is optional. Two hands required.

If you live in San Diego its pretty much a staple. We’re constantly on the hunt for the best. It’s so simple, yet every shop does it differently. I’m particular to Estrada’s. I don’t think I could go more than a month without one. I’m wanting try out a new city after college, but man, imma need some good mexican food.