CN - New Thursdays - Week of August 6th (Promo)

Here’s a promo for next week’s premieres!

SU - Nightmare Hosiptal - Steven and Connie sneak into a hospital in order to steal Rose’s sword.
RS - The Parkie Awards - When Benson does not win an award for “Park Manager of the Year,” the others try to make him feel better.
WBB - Burrito - Grizz cannot bring himself to eat the masterpiece of a “Bear-Sized Burrito,” so he brings it with him everywhere.
Gumball - The Egg - TBA
It all starts Thursday, August 6th at 5/4C on Cartoon Network.

My submission for klainebookproject !!!

 WEE so happy i can finally share these pieces with you all~!! I remember we were discussing the book and i immediately shouted ‘ SPACE KLAINE I WANT SPACE KLAINE’! It’s one of my favourite klaine aus and i’m so glad i got to do it! 


Sketchdump from today~

1. I tried drawing my modsona in Wander Over Yonder style, and I actually think I look fucking fabulous. Also I couldn’t resist adding Archer’s WOY version of my character Will Setter - he is a HUG MONSTER. Seriously his hugs will crush you.

2. Shirtless Will, because my pen decided that today I would sin. Also, that moment when you realize you character you made as a joke is fuckin’ hot and it’s all your fault that you and your bestie are both attracted to them to some degree

3. Cute little interactions between my OC Plumaria and her bf Blaise (from flailing-burrito-kitty) from the Blind Couple OC Challenge. First is Plume giving him a hug - gently, because she is also a crush-hugger with those mantis arms. Then there’s what I picture Blaise’s face to have been when he first approached her, because he most likely would have gathered her attention and affection with flowers. “Um, I got these for- for you, because, well, you like flowers, and they reminded me of you because you’re pretty- um, and- I’m gonna stop talking now.” And finally, Plume taking him for a flight. She flies fast, bucko. Hold on tight or you’re getting dropped.


Close ups of the little mirror pics from the cover~!!! We put our blood, sweat, and tears into this baby! Pretty sure i cried while working on this too D’:

Gladys is an amazing partner, she fixed a lot of my silly mistakes and screw ups @ 0 @ but i wouldn’t have asked to work with anyone else! Also big thanks to Ellen for color correcting!!! the cover would be a big mess without her ; v ;

also last two were scrapped pics, you can see why LOL!