Bond Between Dragon and Man


Hyrule was coated in darkness as the Dark Lord Ganondorf has seized control over the land. For seven long years the people have been under his rule. But now, as the legends have foretold, The Hero of Time has arrived.

Already having freed the sage of the forest, Link heads up to Death Mountain, as the volcano continues to erupt. He had found out that a dragon named Volvagia has been eating Gorons, and Darunia, the tribe leader, has gone to slay him. With the Goron Tunic to protect him from the scorching heat, Link makes his way to the temple in the volcano to stop the dragon. He could hear the roars of the dragon echo from the temple.

“You ready Link?” his companion, Navi, asked.

Link gave a nod and approached the hole with a ladder that lead further down the volcano.

My mom is crazy

So my mom is slowly becoming more and more weird with her old age. Seriously, the other day my sister and I were sitting around our fire pit with my parents just shooting the breeze about whatever and my sister starts talking about how America has several super volcanoes. I said something stupid about pouring all the fire retardant into them and Steph said “that’s not how magma works - it’s literally the core of the earth” and my mom says “Well, at least that’s what they tell you” and goes on to say how no one really knows that and the earth could be hollow for all we know REALLY?? ‘THAT’S WHAT THEY TELL YOU’?? OF ALL THE WEIRD SHIT TO HAVE A CONSPIRACY THEORY ON, YOU PICKED VOLCANOES????

160519 | Vichy 薇姿 Brand Weibo: “#张艺兴弹恋爱# 外界侵袭来临,肌肤陷入危机,快召唤全能男友拯救你!和@努力努力再努力x 一同进入@薇姿 火山温泉实验室,了解火山能量的强韧秘密,帮助你的肌肤抵御外界侵袭,鲜活弹润。在舞台上闪耀光芒,在生活中给予呵护,暖心男神张艺兴给你的爱,永远强韧可靠,你心动了吗?”

Translation [fy-zyixing]: “#Zhang Yixing Dating# There are many invasions from the from the outside world, and your skin is in danger, so quickly call your all-mighty boyfriend! Along with @Zhang Yixing, enter into @Vichy’s volcanic fountain research laboratory in order to learn about the important secrets of the energy of a volcano! This will help your skin defeat and stop the trespassing, making it fresh and embellished. The shining star on stage and the protecting guardian in real life, warm hearted male god Zhang Yixing will give you all of his love, always being loyal and trustworthy. Has your heart been moved?”

The Last Five Years

In the past five years since they first met, she has

learnt to knit, bake, and cook, including some desi dishes; tutored herself in video making and editing, including one stop motion ones; hiked scores of mountains and volcanoes; made scrapbooks and cards; sent dozens of handwritten letters; saved up to send him birthday presents; picked up going to the gym regularly (and loved it); learnt archery; taught classes; educated individuals; published articles online; presented in conferences; solo travelled to more than five countries; poured over novels about his land of origin to better understand his roots; read dozens of books on diaspora and migration, actually took a class on it and wrote a whole dissertation on the topic; earnt a master’s degree; taken more care in putting on makeup; explored more places in her homeland; visited the countries where he lives; gotten featured in a number of articles; touched lives and let them touch hers;

torn down her wall; battled insecurities, jealousies and fears; behaved both bitter and sweet; cried and smiled; fought to overcome long distance; given selflessly; trusted completely; accepted him for the man he was and believed in the man he could be; held back anger; tried her best to be mature; apologised, forgiven and forgotten mistakes and faults and wrongdoings, over and over; abandoned her enormous pride and ego; supported his actions and decisions; revolved her dreams, plans, and future around his; never taken him for granted; spoke nothing but good of him; had eyes for none but him; prayed for his and his family for nothing but their well-being; loved with all her might and all her heart.

And when he left, her heart broke because she thought it was her loss—when it wasn’t.

It was never her loss to begin with.


I only have two weeks left until I have to give the iPad back (it’s a school iPad, and we don’t get to keep them over the summer), so stuff may be slow for a while. And then a really long time after that. Unless I can somehow use my laptop (which is put even powerful enough to run Super Meat Boy) to draw, and photograph, and upload. Just wanted to update all of you. 

a recurring nightmare i had when i was little featured me running from an exploding volcano while my feet slowly stopped working and i remember in particular this feeling when i would get to a certain height as my legs were bent and i had this feeling in my legs as i bolted across the street the other day

anyway i wanted to share a song with you that makes me feel like a superhero but i cant find it anywhere but its Cosmic Explorer by Perfume if you like a good techno-type electronic song

can we stop PRAISING heather for shoving alejandro off the volcano and being the reason he was burnt horribly with lava, kidnapped against his will and trapped in a box with no escape for an entire year of his life

can we stop acting like what she did was quirky and funny and “gurl power!”
like. can we not act like alejandro deserved to go untreated for his wounds, locked inside a metal box, tortured and abused for a YEAR with no contact to his family or anyone in the outside world.

like. can we be frank here. heather is a fucking monster who honestly deserves jail time or equal punishment for what she caused alejandro to go through along with chris. she doesn’t deserve to be happy and she sure as hell does not deserve??? him????

the fact that he forgave her for being the reason he spent a year going through that kind of hell is unbelievable and while it’s fantastic that he’s found happiness after his trauma, heather does not deserve to see him happy. heather does not deserve anything at all.

Hawaii day 3

This day was 27 miles long but involved 4000 feet of climbing, from the beach to Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. I stopped in the little town of Pahala to shop for food in a crowded little store. The cashier asked me about my trip, assuming that I was with a tour group. Then I climbed slowly again fighting the wind, to the campground. It was pretty deserted except for a very friendly guy who insisted on giving me stuff, like a big bottle of slime flat tire sealant, a safety vest, and reflective stickers that came complete with a pair of scissors. He would drop by throughout my stay. I rode to the park welcome center for literature, etc. then into the village of Volcano for food. It had to be takeout or I’d be riding home in the dark, but because of a plastic bag ban my stir fry leaked slightly in my backpack. 


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▌What is your name?

“Fubuki-hime, but you may call me Blizzaria.”

▌What is your real name?

“That is my realy name.”

▌Do you know why you were called that?

“My name means Blizzard Princess, as I can easily freeze a volcano with my powers.”

▌Are you single or taken?

“I’m single.”

▌Have any abilities or powers? 

"I have strong ice powers. I can freeze volcanoes and withstand summer heats quite well.”

▌Stop being a mary sue/gary stu

“I’m sorry, I’m afraid I don’t understand that.”

▌What’s your eye color?


▌How about your hair color?

"Dark blue with frost tips.”

▌Have you any family members?

“I consider Frostina and Damon my sisters.”

▌Oh? What about pets?

"Yo-kai don’t have pets I’m afraid.”

▌That’s cool, I guess. Now tell me about something you don’t like.


▌Do you have any hobbies/activities you like to do?

"I like snack hunting. And making friends.”

▌Ever hurt anyone before?

"Hmm. Not to my knowledge.” (She’s froze people).

▌Ever… killed anyone before?


▌What kind of animal are you?

"I am a Yo-kai. Which are better than any animal out there.”

▌Name some of your worst habits.

"I tend to freeze the ground I walk. But I can’t help that.”

▌Do you look up to anyone at all?


▌Gay, straight, or bisexual?

“I’m unfamiliar with these terms.”

▌Do you go to school?

“I go as a teacher.”

▌Do you ever want to marry and have kids one day?

"I’m a Yo-kai, I can’t really get married.”

▌Do you have any fanboys/fangirls?

"I’m sure they are around.”

▌What are you most afraid of?

“Fire and sneezing.”

▌What do you usually wear?

“My blue kimono and this lovely glacial clip. Occasionally I wear a yellow sweater. ”

▌Do you love someone?


▌When was the last time you wet yourself?

“Heh heh. Silly human, Yo-kai don’t have to worry about that stuff.”

▌What class are you?

“I’m an S-rank if that means anything.”

▌How many friends do you have?


▌What are your thoughts on pie?

"Cream pies are the best!”

▌Favorite drink?

“Anything cold or sweet.”

▌What’s your favorite place?

“I mostly enjoy snowy areas.”

▌Are you into someone~?

“Not to my knowledge.”

▌What’s your bra cup/size and/or how big is your willy?

“…Little too personal there.”

▌Would you rather swim in the lake or in the ocean?

“Neither. I’ll just freeze the them…”

▌What’s your type? 


▌Any fetishes?

"What are those?”

▌Seme or uke? Top or bottom? Dominant or submissive?

“What do you mean?”

▌Camping or indoors?

"Outdoors, when its sunny.”

▌Are you wanting the quiz to end?

"Aw, is it over already?”

Hey Max,

Just assume there are a couple paragraphs above this made of profanity and regret. Team Aqua strikes again and now I have to go to Mt. Chimney to stop them. Because of course it has to be me. Obviously it has to be some random kid from Kanto that goes to stop them from activating a volcano. A volcano. Who does that? As centrally located as it is, it won’t make more ocean like they want, it’ll just kill a ton of people and pokemon both.

So of course it has to be me. Because reasons and that I’m apparently the worst chosen one ever. They aren’t strong trainers, so they aren’t a terrible threat one on one. I just don’t want to get tied up in this anymore than I already have.

I managed to get there in time to stop whatever they were doing. The woman from before was there again, she got way too into the idea of making me cry over losing. I fought their leader, Archie. He was tough but I expected more from the leader of a full on terrorist organization. I mean, Team Rocket’s been gone for years, but Giovanni was supposed to have been amazingly good with his pokemon. This guy just didn’t stack up. Another team showed up, Team Magma, their leader seemed to know Archie. This isn’t nearly as over as I want it to be, I don’t think.

Anyway, that’s delt with for now and I got the chance to try my hand against one of the trainers in Uncle Norman’s gym. She was way strong, so we’re heading back to Fallarbor to train more. It may be awhile before I write more.

More later, maybe much later,




Roundup of Global Volcanic Activity

Etna (Sicily, Italy): The violent strombolian activity from the Voragine summit crater continued all though Wednesday (25 May) and the following night, but gradually decreased and ceased yesterday. At the moment, no significant eruptive activity is going on. To see images and videos of this recent activity, you could visit the facebook page of the mountain guides from Etna Nord. At the moment, tremor is still elevated and seems to be increasing slowly again - maybe some new pulse of activity is in the making?

Piton de la Fournaise (La Réunion): The first eruption of the volcano in 2016 seems to have ended already - or at least paused - after little more than 24 hours. The volcano observatory reported that eruption tremor and other signs of ongoing activity stopped at 11:40 this morning. During brief windows of clear weather, it was possible to observe the eruption yesterday. A curtain of lava fountains, up to approx. 50 m high, was erupting a branching lava flow from a fissure vent in a flat area 1850 m above sea level about 1 km-1.5 km southeast of Château Fort crater, and built up an elongated cinder cone above the vents. Such short eruptions (few days only) are not unusual for Piton de la Fournaise volcano. Often, they have been occurring in relatively rapid succession (few weeks intervals), or preceding larger and long-lasting ones.

Atacama to Salar de Uyuni 3-day Tour | DAY TWO

Have taken to writing in quick, hurried sentences and on the go so that I am recording things in nearly real-time. 

Morning : 

- None of us slept very well, having suffered various forms of altitude sickness - nausea, headache etc 
- After breakfast, we hear about a group of llamas outside hostel. We go to investigate and find a local dog annoying the alpha male llama by jumping around and snapping at its heels. Ever ready to help an animal in need, Dave chases dog away. Supremely ungrateful (and possibly not wanting to be shown up in front of the lady llamas), alpha male proceeds to chase Dave away. 
- Visit some beautiful rocky outcrops caused by the many volcanos that were active here around 3000 years ago. We stop in front of one which was shaped just like a camel, and Christian and Dave immediately start clambering up. Dave claims to be afraid of heights but will still insist on climbing to the highest points just for the heck of it. Boys! 
- Did a 10 minute “hike”, or rather climb, up one of the rocks which, of course, I managed to find terrifying to a comical degree. Everyone (save yours truly) took turns climbing up to the highest point for a photo - Fraz even standing on the precariously small surface with his arms flung wide while we (alright, alright, it was me) squeaked with fright. Again: Boys! 
- Stop by a lake to see flamingos in the wild and discover that we much rather seeing them alive than in carcass form as they had been at Laguna Roja yesterday. Llamas are now becoming part of the furniture, but I still can’t resist a sneaky photo or two. 
- Andres has decided to treat us to the best hits of the 80s and 90s - it’s quite funny to be surveying these beautiful, peaceful landscapes to the blaring soundtrack of Roxette and Richard Marx. 
- Llamas continue to dot the landscape wherever we go, their ears bearing tufts of multi-coloured feathers: the identification tags of the farmers who own them. It makes them look hilariously like they’re all dressed up for a party. Only the alpha males approach us, a little menacingly at times to ensure we keep our distance from the rest of the herd. The rest watch us a little nervously, and protectively shuffle in front of the babies so they are hidden from view.
- Drive amongst the rocks of a cavernous canyon-like area - apparently the same path the Incas once used eons ago.
- We break for lunch at the Mysterious Lake or Black Lake (Laguna Negra), which we walk to by crossing a rather beautiful network of icy streams and grassy hillocks where llamas graze peacefully and let us come quite close for photos. The lake itself is so peaceful - all one can hear is the sound of the ducks: the swish of their paddling feet, a quick “plop” as they submerge themselves to find fish and the occasional plaintive cry. The rest of the group are scrambling up the craggy rocks encircling the lake but I have climbed down instead and found a rock perfect for relaxing on. I soak up some welcome sun and attempt to reach my zen place - not difficult to do here - while Andres sets about making our lunch. What a hard life!

Afternoon :

- Andres outdoes himself for lunch: tuna salad with corn, onion and green peppers, with a baked ‘potato cake’ which has beans, carrots, bits of boiled eggs and hot dog in it, all accompanied by tomatoes, cucumbers and rice. Dave, a passionate hater of fish, even tries a bit the tuna salad and proclaims it “edible” - high praise indeed. We all tuck in hungrily. Juicy mandarins are served for dessert. All the while we have a very loud soundtrack playing - this time of soulful retro ballads like: Unbreak My Heart, Careless Whispers and Whitney Houston’s classic I Will Always Love You, which get all the couples of the various tour groups slow dancing and all the llamas staring at us in alarm. Almost in spite of themselves, the llamas trot towards us for a closer look, as if drawn against their will by Whitney’s tremulous vibrato. We clap Andres after the meal which he acknowledges by beaming in pleased embarrassment. 
- We pass quinoa fields which basically look like ploughed areas of bone dry dirt. Apparently quinoa needs very little water to grow. 
- Stop at a tiny town in the middle of nowhere for the sole purpose of buying beer and going to the loo. We buy Coca Beer and Quinoa Beer. I wonder how these tiny places survive, so far away from civilisation. The beer plus the 2 Boliviano fee to use the toilet must be big business here as most tours stop here for a short break. We get our first sense of how short Bolivian people are here: all the doorways stop around the region of Fraz’s neck.
- To my consternation, Christian buys us all ice creams - even me as I have not yet shared my general ban on sweets with our Chilean friends. Still, I feel it would be rude to refuse and proceed to happily savour my first ice cream in 3 years.  Yuuuuuuuuuummmmm! Dave watches me with a flicker of worry in his eyes….
- An abandoned train yard is the final stop of the day with just one train remaining as a remnant of what this place used to be: a hub between Chile and Uyuni - now fallen into disrepair with the advent of buses and more modern machinery. 
- Drive through a vast, flat plain, most of it salt flats, which gives us a taste of what we will get to see early morning tomorrow at Uyuni. In the distance, shimmering mountains hang seemingly in mid air, reflected perfectly by water that is not there even though our eyes tell us it is - a pretty mind blowing optical illusion.
- We turn a corner and suddenly find ourselves nearing civilisation with the appearance of electricity poles and small houses. We also happen upon some large mountains which look like over-sized pin cushions, crusted from head to foot with huge prickly cacti - the first we’ve seen since getting to the desert.
- And here we are - at our accommodation for the night: Hostal de Sal which translates to Hostel of Salt. Which is exactly what it is: a hostel whose walls, tables, beds and floors are made of blocks of salt, bricks of salt or powdered salt. We rush around the place, running our hands over the walls and tables, pushing the fine sand-like salt around with our feet, and of course taking photos, and once the novelty has worn off, start to settle in.

Evening : 

- After some inner turmoil, I decide to stress myself out and wash my hair during our strictly timed 5-minute showers. Only to find when I fish out my hairdryer that we aren’t allowed to use hairdyers at the hostel as it uses too much power. Shivering and unhelped by the cold, wet hair snaking down my back and wetting my clothes, I park myself in front of the heater in the dining room and attempt to dry my hair that way. Connie, who has even longer hair than mine, joins me. 
- While waiting for dinner we also play a few games of President-Asshole, now translated to El Presidente-El Culo for our Spanish-speaking friends. It’s a lot of fun.
- Dinner of flamingo meat. We were warned of this so we take it in our stride and start eating with a mix of hunger and curiosity. It’s rather bizarre having just seen them in the wild earlier today and then finding them on your dinner plate, but there you go. That’s Bolivian cuisine for you! Turns out it tastes just like chicken and is rather delicious.
- We also try the Coca and Quinoa beer and get a glass of red wine each with our dinner. Dave and Fraz are delighted as apparently this tastes just like Buckfast. “Flamingo and Bucky” sighs Dave, smacking his lips with satisfaction, and appreciating the reminder of home. 
- When Andres comes to clear away the plates and ask how dinner was, we chorus, “Andres, tu eres una leyenda” (Andres, You are a legend), which makes him laugh heartily. We always offer to help him with the cooking and clearing but every time he firmly refuses our help. 
- And with that, it’s off to bed - we have a very early morning tomorrow as we need to get to the salt flats in time for sunrise. I plug in my earphones - a preemptive measure to avoid any risk of snoring disturbing my sleep - and I’m out. 

Steam vents stop along the crater rim trail. You can walk amongst the lava and get your free steam bath and sulfur fix. You can see several people walking along the top left side.
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On Friday, May 20, we picked up David Day and his son (David calls him “Boo-Boo” so I don’t even know what his real name is).  David owns property in Canoa so that’s where he and Brent first came in contact.  He now lives in Cotacachi full time.  Our goal was to take a day trip up into the valleys that surround the volcano peaks.  Our first stop was a small town called La Esparanza to have some pancakes with Aida at Casa de Aida.  Aida has a great story but rather than repeat what has already been written many times, I’ll simply re-post the story from another travel blog:

In the early seventies, with no money after a messy divorce, Aida was searching for somewhere to live with her three children. She came from Quito to look at house here in La Espranza, but was disappointed to find that for 75,000 sols it was barely habitable. In a very bad condition, filled with rubble and weeds, with a tiny dirty kitchen and no bathroom, it was hardly a house at all. She went away disheartened, but after struggling for another couple of months in the capital was persuaded by some friends to come back for another look. 75,000 sols was the equivalent of $3 (current US money), but a lot to save in Ecuador at the time and not an amount she owned, but nobody else had come to look at the property in the meantime and the owner was desperate to sell. Eventually they agreed upon a trade- Aida exchanged a record player, some cutlery and furniture for the house!

The children weren’t impressed, but with no money to rent it was their only option. Aida did her best to clean up the house, getting rid of the rodents and rubble, but couldn’t find a job in La Esperanza. Out of desperation, she started to travel to Ibarra each night to sell burgers. For a pathetic 100 sols a night, she was having to leave her children locked alone in a room and hide her face from the other night-time lurkers (“the homeless, thieves and ladies of prostitution”) in the bus station each night. With no time for sleep herself, getting the children up for school and trying to make the house habitable in the day it wasn’t sustainable. Eventually she found work ironing and embroidering shirts here in La Esparaza, but was still having to work from 6pm until morning to iron enough shirts to feed her children. Life was desperate and Aida grew pale and thin from the stress and fatigue.

One night she heard talking outside in a foreign language- it wasn’t Spanish, English or the local language here, but turned out to be a group of twelve Italian hippies. They had come in search of the magic mushrooms which use to grow here and asked if they could pitch their tent on her land as they looked so poor and dirty that no hotel in Ibarra would take them. Aida saw that their tent was very small for so many people and said they could stay inside if they cleaned a room to sleep in. They cleaned it well, built a fire in the middle, and each morning asked if they might be allowed to stay another night. In the end they were here for ten nights and told her it was paradise. She didn’t believe them when they told her she should set up a hostel, as she had nowhere fit to invite people to stay or the money for materials. Nevertheless, the hippies spread out fliers around Ecuador and thirty-five people came the next week. When they arrived, Aida told them they couldn’t stay as she had no bathroom or fit place for them to sleep, but they didn’t mind. The hippies camped in her garden and built her a bathroom outside. Over time, more and more travelers came and handed around a cardboard collection box for the hostel.

It turned out that these hippies were actually the children of rich European families and Aida was soon collecting 7,000 sols a day. She bought supplies and materials and eventually built a block for people to stay in. The first guest in the rooms was a very small homeless man who couldn’t speak when he arrived at her door one day. She fed and cleaned him up and says that this is why “God has shined on her so brightly”.

One day some American travelers came to La Esparanza looking for a place to eat. They asked her if she made food and she said yes as she was making some for the children. When they’d finished they asked her how much it cost, but she said she didn’t know- she wasn’t intending to charge them and had just felt sorry that they’d come such a long way and not found anywhere for dinner. The Americans carried with them a European furniture book which Aida liked very much. I could see in her expression as she told the story how much she dreamed of having those nice wooden tables and benches for people to sit at. As the Americans left, she was very sad that the book was gone, but half an hour later they returned and gave it to her as a present.

Soon afterwards, Aida took children into Ibarra and looked for a furniture maker to show the book. She wanted four tables and eight benches, but they were too expensive for now and it would take her a couple of months to save the money. Less than a month later however, the man came to her house with all the benches and tables. She felt horribly guilty for not having the money yet, but he said they would look lovely with table cloths and flowers in what could be her dining room and that he would exchange them all for the book.

In the following months and years Aida built more and more accommodation, got better facilities and provided food for her guests who were coming in such numbers that they had begun to rent the neighboring houses too.

Life was charmed for her family and guests until one day the local people reported her to the police. Arriving with nothing, she now had so much money that, jealous, they thought she was selling drugs. They searched the house and all the rooms but found nothing.

This was in the 70s and since then thousands of people (including Bob Dylan, members of Pink Floyd, Manu Chao and Joan Baez) have stayed here. Casa Aida is still going strong! Now Aida makes great food for her guests, there is hot water, wifi and everything a simple minded traveler could hope for along with an incredible setting and her friendliness, which I don’t imagine has changed over the last forty years. She says that as you age your face will become different, but your heart always stays the same. It’s a magical place even without the mushrooms and I’m glad that, just sometimes, good people get what they deserve.