In The Road to El Dorado there is only really one inexplicable thing within the plot. Miguel and Tulio plausibly bluff their way through or slip out of most situations. However, I’d never figured out why the volcano actually stops erupting when Tulio commands it. 

The conclusion I finally came up with is that the actual gods were watching their big entrance go down, and thought “oh, this’ll be hilarious

What am I, a vulcanologist?

Context: Our DM has us going through an abandoned mine to get through a mountain. Only one party member, the paladin, is familiar with this area, as he is from a nearby town. A large tremor has just caused a partial cave-in, limiting our 6-member party’s options.

Rogue (me): hey, [paladin], you’re from around here right? Have you ever heard any stories about this place maybe, perhaps, being a… volcano?

Paladin: Nope.

Rogue: You sure?

Paladin: Of course I’m sure. I’ve been through this place quite a few times.

~Later, as our party attempts to cross a ravine filled with incredibly thick, dangerously hot steam.~

Rogue: Are you suuuure you’ve never heard people saying this was a volcano? Water doesn’t usually… boil spontaneously.

Paladin: Stop being ridiculous. This isn’t a volcano.

Bard: c'mon [rogue], he said it wasn’t a volcano. Stop wasting time.

Ranger: yeah, just trust him [rogue], he would know.

~Even later, as we are being chased out of the mine by a literal river of lava~

Rogue: (shouting back at the rest of the party, which i am safely in front of) Man, good thing this isn’t a f*cking volcano, or this might be a little bit dangerous!

Paladin: Well, to be fair, I’m not entirely sure I knew what a volcano was until today.

Devil In Me Part 3 | Finn Bálor

Title: Devil In Me, Part 3 (Part 2) (Part 1)

Pairing: Finn Bálor/Reader

Summary: “Oh, my dear, it’s honestly so futile to struggle.”

Word Count: 4,592

Tags: @rebelfleur22 | @alexahood21 | @taryndibiase | @isawthesights | @swedish-strong-style | @wrasslin-rollins | @onebigfangirlworld | @boundtomyfate | @georgiadean37 | @nickysmum1909 | @xxmaddhatterrxx | @superrezzy00| @florenceivy | @leteverythingexist |

A/N: Hey guys! I feel like my excerpts for this series are always going to be long. ALWAYS. Anyways, I hope you all enjoy this!

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So it looks like Hiccup and the Gang are gonna like… fight the volcano? And do something to stop it????

Guys. I love you. *blows lots of kisses at Riders and Dragons*

But. Volcanoes are like… well, THEY ARE VOLCANOES. They are fucking badass. Okay. They’re badass. More badass than you. 

But then again… as Astrid once said…. they are a pretty stubborn group. And they’ve done the impossible before. And well Hiccup’s not gonna fucking give up. 

I look forward to them fighting a fucking volcano. 

Arnold Shortman: Not What He Seems...

It was just a few days ago (at the time of making this theory) that NickSplat posted a video on YouTube featuring Craig Bartlett talking about green eyed people and The Jungle Movie in general while showing us a speed drawing.


36 seconds in (0:36) he mentions, and I quote:

“Arnold has green eyes too. That’s important.”

Mind. Blown.

So now that we know that he’s tied to the green eyed people in some form (hence the species name and the color of Arnold’s eyes with Craig saying it/conforming it), how is he connected? Well, let me point to you this image he posted on Instagram for Mother’s Day: 

With a comment from NickSplat:

NickSplat: 💚💚💚

Heart resembles love, and that’s what Mother’s Day is about: to show love and appreciation towards your mother or motherly figure. So… does Arnold’s mother, Stella, have a connection with the green eyed people? Now, if only she had…

Welp,somebody call Staples because that was easy!

If you’re thinking what I’m thinking, she’s biologically tied with the green eyed people (or basically she’s one of the green eyed people.) But… now what? 

How could Arnold exist? Does he have anything unique or have any “powers”? How does this theory tie in with the plot and story of Hey Arnold!, the Hey Arnold Movie, and/or The Jungle Movie?

Let’s tackle the first question: How could Arnold exist?

Well, assuming the word “people” is associated with the human race or human looking people only (duh), we can conclude that the green eyed people look like humans and therefore are extremely likely to have similar bodily functions, fluids, parts, etc. So it isn’t far fetched to say that Stella, a green eyed person, has all of the parts and abilities to carry a baby in her belly for nine months. Also, on a side note, Miles was the one who met Stella, which puts down a stable relief of how the two met. If it was Stella who had met Miles, or more likely than not wouldn’t have worked out with this theory.

Question number two: Does he (Arnold) have anything unique or have any “powers”?

The reason why I use air quotes around “powers” is that he doesn’t have super vision, or flying abilities, or anything that’s a power, really. Rather, he semi-controls natural disasters, or, at the very least, volcanoes.

In the episode: The Journal, it explains how Miles and Stella met and how Arnold came to be through a journal that his father (Miles) wrote. He explains that they were in a midst of another adventure when a volcano erupted and at that moment, Stella went into labor. As soon as Arnold was born and was crying his eyes out, the volcano stopped. This heavily implies that he has something to do with nature.

Well, I hear you hardcore, watched every single episode and know every line by heart fans say, why didn’t he just make it less hot during the Summer episode? One assumption could be that he doesn’t know he has that ability, but… I bet he didn’t know as a baby as well.

So my final answer would be that his ability only works in San Lorenzo. The best way I can explain this is through a metaphor: currency. In America we use US dollars and the US cents. You just can’t go to Europe and pay for things in dollar bills. You have to pay with euros. Arnold can use his abilities in San Lorenzo but not in Hillwood.

Now, for the final question: How does this theory tie in with the plot and story of Hey Arnold!, the Hey Arnold Movie, and/or The Jungle Movie?

Well, nothing much can be said about ties to the theory and the show and first movie. The second movie, The Jungle Movie, is what comes into play.

We know that Craig Bartlett had an old plot of The Jungle Movie that he scrapped, saying that the majority of it was rewritten. Well, I highly doubt that he would take out a core part of the plot: Arnold getting kidnapped. Assuming that he’s keeping this big key part of the plot in the new, rewritten story-line, one question was always in the back of our minds: Why? Why was Arnold being kidnapped? Well, if you take into consideration that Arnold is (potentially) half green eyed (as in the species) and has the ability to control (or at the very least semi-control) nature or natural disasters, it makes sense and gives the villain great motive.

But I want to hear from you. Does this theory sound plausible? What evidence do you have for or against this theory? I’d love to hear from you! Do not repost, but feel free to talk about it. If you do wish to make a video on it, please credit me. Thank you so much for reading this post, and I hope you have a good rest of your day!

Fate/Grand Order - Shinjuku Assassin Line Materpost

My warmup for today!

Shinjuku Assassin also has some differing lines depending on whether you know his True Name or not, but there isn’t a lot, so I’ve simply put the differing ones at the end. His birthday line may be different just as Shinjuku Archer’s was, however, it seemed inconspicuous enough I left it alone, but I’ll change it if it turns out it isn’t the same.

*If anyone is interested in commissioning me, here’s my regular commission page, and here’s my chart for Chapter America/E Pluribus Unum!

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Here is the first of my Stucky Big Bang pieces. I don’t know what possessed me to pick a composition with such tricky perspective and lighting, but alas, I hope y'all enjoy the end result as well as the lovely accompanying fic.

Art for If Heaven and Hell Decide by capgal (40K, Stucky Angel AU)
Something snaps, finally, and his Grace expands outward like an erupting volcano. Beneath him, Steve’s stopped screaming, breathing in shallow ragged gasps. His heart is stuttering offbeat, too fast then too slow. For one unstoppable, iridescent moment, Bucky thinks he is burning in his own Grace. It stretches out and encompasses Steve in shimmering blue…

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Pokemon Vietnamese Sentence Starters

source - X

  • “a adept arranging for mother volcano bakemeat.”
  • “press button to stop. “
  • “you can control all the elfs.”
  • “i am so unwilling to put down the phone! goodbye!”
  • “since coming, you must buy bread.”
  • “this is the angry lake.”
  • “what is wrong with the elf.”
  • “maybe the frost god is angry?”
  • “the pocket monster said i was lovely.”
  • “NUT USED!”
  • “it’s not right to save money.”
  • “ah, i am frightened.”
  • “KNIF!”
  • “the combition of gold turtoise, man shadow, and unthinkable kind is surely balanced.”
  • “the sea is very good. the setting sun is beautiful! the sea is very…very wide!”
  • “don’t do the stupid thing.”
  • “they were fluttering in the sky, making the sky magnificent. i let worldly people understand their grandness!”
  • “?it will discharge when is stimulated.”
  • “the tower was built for pocket monsters to practise buddhism.”
  • “super uncle’s home.”
  • “i am waiting for you!”
  • “HA HA HA.”
  • “i am very disgusted with the trashy man.”
  • “i don’t understand my love.”
  • “i give you this for i trust you.”
  • “[name]! you can’t throw the butt casually.”

mikosarthouse  asked:

Woo :D Ok let's see, Arnold/Helga #1 & #6

Let’s do this!  Hope you like them.  *fingers crossed*

1.      “Can I Kiss You?”

Senior Prom was supposed to be a magical evening. 

Helga had agreed to go to Prom with Arnold as friends to tag along with Gerald and Phoebe.  It was turning out to be a bad plan, at least on her part.

She was trying to be friendly, Phoebe had practically threatened her to be nice, but Arnold in a tux was almost too much to bear.

She watched him from the safety of the table throughout the evening; laughing with Gerald and some of the other guys, making small talk with some of the girls, his jacket hanging on the chair beside her, shirt sleeves rolled up to his elbow, his bowtie undone and hanging around his neck, the top button undone.  He look rumpled and relaxed and criminy, how was a girl supposed to act rational when he was just there looking incredibly sexy?

Inwardly she cursed the heels Phoebe had talked her into getting and the pink dress and her general cowardliness that prevented her from just going up to him and…

“Hey Helga,”

She looked up, distracted from her thoughts.  Arnold stood before her, looking exhausted but elated.  She watched his chest rise and fall as he tried to catch his breath as she forced a smile onto her face. 

“Having fun?”

“I am, yeah.  But you don’t look like you’re having much.”

She shrugged, forcing herself to meet his eyes. 

“I’m not a fan of big parties.”

“Wanna dance?”


He tilted his head towards the crowded dance floor.  “Dance.  Wanna?  I haven’t had a dance with you all night.  I keep getting pulled away.”

“That’s what happens when you’re the popular kid, Arnold.”

“Still, I’d like at least once dance with my date.”

She refused to swoon.  Instinctively she wanted to refused him, tell him to go back and dance with one of the other girls, that she was fine sitting here and she didn’t need his pity, thank you very much.


The opportunity to have him hold her in his arms, to be able to touch him even for a three minute song, to have him that close to her.  The temptation was too great. 

“I guess I can spare you three minutes or so.”

He held out his hand, the other behind his back and she eyed him nervously. 

“You aren’t going to throw me into a pool, are you?”

He chuckled.  “I promise you, I would never do anything to get that beautiful dress wet.”

She slid her hand into his and allowed him to help her up.  He didn’t let go of her hand as he led her to the dance floor.  She caught Phoebe’s eye as they walked onto the dance floor and he pulled her into his arms as the music changed to a slow song.  Phoebe gave her a wide eyed look her gaze darting between the two of them.  Helga tried to convey her panic through a look that Phoebe seemed to understand.  She smiled and threw her a wink. 

She tried to keep her eyes forward, looking at the wall behind him instead of the open shirt collar that was so close to her chin.  Or the smell of his aftershave and cologne on his skin.  His hand slayed across her back, pulling her closer to him.  She swayed to the music, her hands carefully positioned on his shoulders, not moving anything except her feet.  Her gaze finally left the wall and traced the contours of his neck and shoulder.  She could hear his breath right next to her ear. 

“Thank you for agreeing to dance with me.”  His voice was so low she barely heard it. “Can I tell you something?”

“I’m all yours for the next three minutes, football head.”

She wanted to smack herself, why couldn’t she ever say anything nice?

“I like the sound of that.”  His response confused her but he continued talking before she could ask him what he mean by that comment.  “I’ve wanted to dance with you all night, but I was nervous.  So I have kind of been standing around trying to gather up my courage.”

“Huh?”  The night had turned on its head.  Nothing was making sense anymore because there was no way in hell she was standing this close to the guys she’d loved her entire life listening to him tell her he’d been working himself up all night to ask her to dance. 

“It sounds so ridiculous when I say it out loud.  But…I was afraid that if I danced with you earlier in the night I wouldn’t want to stop.  And I know we’re here just as friends and I don’t want to ruin that.”

“Hold up.”  She put her hands against his chest and leaned back enough so she was able to look at him.  “What are you saying?  We agreed to go to this thing as friends.  This isn’t a date, you don’t want a date.”

“What if I did?”  he asked, his gaze boring into her. “This is probably going to get me walloped but yes, Helga Pataki, I wanted to go to Prom with you, as a date.  I wanted to hold your hand, slow dance with you and kiss you at the end of the evening.”

She simply stared at him, too stunned to say anything.  This was just…she was waiting for the lights to come back on and this all be an elaborate and very cruel April Fool’s joke.

Except it was May. 

He was still looking at her, waiting for an answer or a beating, she wasn’t sure what.


She tilted her head in question. 

“Can I kiss you?  I’m not sure I’m able to wait until the end of the evening.”

He wanted to…

Here, on the dance floor…

He wanted to…

The hell with this!

Her fingers tightened on his dress shirt and she pulled him to her.  His lips curled into a smile right before they met hers.  It was soft and innocent and much too short, she was too nervous to force anything else.  The smile was still there when she pulled away.  His eyes opened and he looked at her, the half lidded gaze pinning her where she stood.  She felt his hand slid up her back as he ducked his head for anther kiss.  There was nothing innocent about this kiss, dark and deep, his lips parting against hers and encouraging her to do the same.  Her head was spinning, her hands holding onto him for balance as he delved, pulling response after response from her. 

When he broke the kiss, she was left gasping.  The song was over and another had begun.  It seemed nobody had noticed them.  His eyes were still closed, his forehead touching hers. 

He licked his lips and she followed the procession of his tongue across his lips. 



His eyes opened.  “What?”

She was jumping into the deep end, no looking back. 

“Whatever it is, the answer is yes.”

“You don’t even know what I was going to ask.”

“Don’t care.  Yes.”

He smiled, his green eyes darkening.

“Let’s start with more dancing, we can discuss the rest afterwards.”

“And more kissing, right?”

His smile grew.  “Definitely more kissing.”

She was wrong, Senior Prom really was a magical evening.


6. “It Wasn’t Supposed to Happen Like That.”

Helga and Arnold lay on the floor panting and looking around at the destruction surrounding them.  

“It wasn’t supposed to happen like that.”

Helga turned her head to look at her companion.

“How did you expect it to happen?”

“It was supposed to be a controlled explosion followed by controlled outpouring of lava.  It wasn’t supposed to blow up the kitchen.”

Arnold’s grandmother emerged from a back room armed with a fire extinguisher and a bee keeper’s suit.  

“Man the battle stations troops, we’re taking back the base!”

Arnold climbed to his feet as his grandmother rushed into the kitchen yelling war cries.  He put out a hand to Helga to help her up.  

The two sixth graders walked into the kitchen.

Bits of paper and plaster were still dripping from the ceiling, red food coloring slid from the walls.  One side of the kitchen looked like a crime scene.  

She couldn’t help it, she laughed.  Hard, deep laughs, doubled over, clutching her stomach, tears streaming down her face.  

Arnold watched her bemused, unsure why she was laughing but delighted to hear her laughing so freely.  

“What is so funny?”

She waved a hand towards him trying to catch her breath.  

“This…”  she gasped. “All of this.”

He chucked, her laughter contagious.  Her laughter died down to giggles.

“You told me once that when you were born you made a volcano stop.”

“That’s not exactly how it happened but, okay…”

Her giggles were increasing.  

“You just blew up a volcano, Arnold.,” The giggles turned back into full laughter again.  

His grandmother peered at Helga through her bee keeper’s mask.  

“The fumes have gotten to her Kimba.  Best to get her to the Infirmary.”

Arnold shook his head.

“You are something else.”

Helga wiped her eyes, taking several deep breathes.  

I’m fine.  Woo!”

She picked up a plastic bucket and started picking up pieces of exploded volcano.  

“I’ll check the back lines for usurpers!”  his grandmother announced heading towards the other side of the kitchen.

Arnold began picking up pieces and dropping them into the bucket next to Helga.  

“As first attempts go, this wasn’t so bad.”

“Always with your bright side view.”

“Just think how better our next attempt will go.”

He dropped another piece in the bucket.  “I’m glad you’re my partner.”

“For just this project?”

His smile was shy.

“And more.”

She gave him a goofy grin.  “You’re such a sap.”

“You like it.”

Another smile.  “I do.”

Snippet of Jed Bartlet and Regina Mills having a chat, for freifraufischer, who is the evilest of them all.

Um, so there’s context to this in my head, involving an Icelandic volcano and baby dragons (stop laughing, drst, it totally makes sense). But basically, West Wing/Once Upon a Time crossover in the works. Whatever handwaving makes it work for you is fine. ;)

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I don’t know if it’s a coincidence of time of month/hormone state or if it’s the new place, but ever since I started sleeping in the new apt I’ve been having some CRAZY dreams.

I mean, this place feels so different and full of life and creativity because it was a family home for years but it’s just weird to have this reaction?

Last night I was killed by a surprise volcano but time stopped and reset so I could warn everyone??

I hate being caught in a sandstorm. before I came to the desert I thought “won’t it be boring to have a volcano region and a desert region” but I like how in the volcano you have to stop from being set on fire and in the desert region it’s cold at night and hot during the day just like a real desert. I even like the sandstorm mechanism in theory bt I hate it when it happens to me

Elisa Maza is often compared with April O'Neil, and I have no idea why. I suppose if you’re channel surfing and spend less than a minute on “Gargoyles” and only take things in at their most superficial, you’ll see a normal woman hanging out with a bunch of gargoyles and make that leap. But that’s as ridiculous as saying Demona is just like Mystique or Xanatos is just like Lex Luthor. Elisa is so much more than that, and I will say it, she is one of the greatest animated heroes of all time. Notice that I didn’t say “greatest animated love interests” or anything like that. I don’t put her toe-to-toe with Lois Lane, Spike Witwicky from Transformers, or the aforementioned April O'Neil. No, I’m putting her toe-to-toe with the likes of Batman; any version of Optimus Prime; and yes, even the love of her life, Goliath.

Unlike April and Lois, Elisa is no damsel in distress (or, in their cases dumbass in distress). She can and does take care of herself and, while I haven’t counted, she’s rescued Goliath and the other gargoyles more often than they’ve ever rescued her by a significant margin… and all without making Goliath and his kin look like weak heroes in the process. Imagine a Superman show where Lois saved Superman more often than he saved her, chances are you’d have people complaining that they were making Supes look weak in favor of “girl power” or something. Not “Gargoyles.” Not Elisa Maza. “Gargoyles” showed us very early on that Elisa wasn’t going to be your typical gal pal when, in the fourth part of the five-part pilot, she takes down an entire squad of commandos single handed; commandos who were written as being competent instead of your garden variety moronic thugs that pop up in most cartoons.

A big point is made about how David Xanatos looks at his wife, Fox, as an equal. Fox even beats her husband in chess and judo sparring. Likewise, Goliath and Elisa respect each other and regard each other the same, a great reflection of Xanatos and Fox, I think. Again, one need only look at “Awakening Part Five” to see Elisa save Goliath’s life from Demona before he in turn saves her from the collapsing castle as Demona falls towards her… apparent death (at least we thought so for a moment). They are a team. They are partners. They are equals.

Elisa is also a woman who is very self-possessed. Growing up mixed race (the daughter of a Native American father and an African-American mother) was probably not always easy, but it’s clear to me that she grew up well-adjusted despite any hurdles she had to overcome there, never mind her succeeding in the police which is still, to this day, often considered “a man’s world.” She sees past appearances, choosing to see what is beneath the surface. Notice how quick she was to accept Goliath, strike up conversation with him, and get to know him. On the flip side, she didn’t trust Xanatos from the moment she met him, despite the fact that most fall for his charms and suave demeanor.

This isn’t to say she’s perfect, no one in real life is (and no fictional character should ever be written that way). She’s stubborn, she has acted selfishly, and she’s guarded. She’s tried to pretend her feelings for Goliath don’t exist and then even after acknowledging them, she briefly panicked and tried to run away from them. But this doesn’t weaken her as a character, quite the contrary, it strengthens her. She’s human, without being just the human friend, she embodies the best of humanity just as Goliath embodies the best of his people… and they really are perfect for each other.*

She’s a hero, as much as she denies being one, all while being human in the best sense of the word. Most pop culture heroes like Batman and Superman may as well be gods, or allegories for gods. They are larger than life, have amazing powers or abilities or resources, but they are too above us to ever truly be human. Elisa Maza might not be able to move planets, stop volcanoes and hurricanes, own a hi-tech suit of armor, be injected with a super soldier serum, be descended from gods, be a science experiment gone wrong, or be able to defeat any foe with enough prep time (she can’t even beat Demona in hand-to-hand combat at night), but armed only with her brain, her heart, her badge, her gun, family and true friends, she carries on and does the best she can and has even helped save the world without ever feeling like she was invincible in the process. Elisa Maza is the hero we can all be.

*This is also a great sum up of why Elisa should never be transformed into a gargoyle again.

Watched Road to El Dorado again last night and I have feels and new headcanons.

Tulio: I think he’s from a VERY poor family.  He is the eldest child and became privy to their financial situation.  From a very young age he helped scrimp and save and penny pinch and this is why he’s so fixated on money as an adult.  Also, since magic is canonically real I’m feeling the idea that he’s a demigod of luck but doesn’t know it.  He spends a lot of time making his own luck (loaded dice, staged arguments, etc) but when he really needs it he gets super, ridiculously, improbably lucky (a seven when all the winnings are bet against a map, a volcano tease that stops when he yells stop, etc). 

Miguel:  Comes from a huge family.  He’s one of the youngest but not the baby.  He got lost among the other kids and had lots of time to daydream and play adventure.  He dreams of leaving a mark, of being noticed.

Tapping A Volcano, One Caribbean Island Prepares To Make Power For Many

by Lina Zeldovich

Sitting on top of a volcano may be just what Nevis, a small sombrero-shaped Caribbean Island, needs to become one of the greenest nations on Earth. Frequented by many celebrities including Oprah Winfrey, Dustin Hoffman, Michael Douglas and Beyoncé, this former British colony is about to tap into the geothermal power that lies beneath its pristine surface.

“Nevis is on the cusp of something truly revolutionary,” says Hon. Mark Brantley, Nevis’s deputy premier. “We in Nevis care deeply about the environment—and weaning ourselves off fossil fuels for our energy needs reduces our carbon footprint.”

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anonymous asked:

why are the gods helping us? even if we pray and show our total devotion, why do they choose to help us with our sometimes "petty" problems, when there are people in the world, who need so, so much more help? Why do the gods let them suffer? sincerely, a witch who has had too many an existential crisis

I’ve asked this question too, many times over, but there is no satisfactory answer.  You can ask the gods themselves, but don’t put too much hope on getting an actual answer.

A friend of mine believes that because we humans can’t see the larger picture the way the gods might, we may be serving a certain purpose in the long run that we just don’t yet understand.  It doesn’t matter who you are or who you think you are, you have some kind of effect on the world simply because you exist and interact with it even if it’s just on the level of a small community.  The gods don’t interact in the world in the same way we do, and so we’re basically agents of change that they’re directing in one way or another.  This explanation veers a little too close to the idea of “God’s ineffable plan” for my taste, but I think it’s as plausible an explanation as any other. 

It’s also possible that it isn’t the gods themselves answering people’s calls but someone a little smaller that’s just like, “Eh, close enough”; I have trouble believing that the incredibly popular Innana and Hekate answer every call (but hey, maybe they do).  Or, maybe, the gods can manifest in multiple places at once – Brighid is at her holy well in Kildare while also celebrating Imbolc here in the States while also helping someone out with their garden in Japan – and so they can serve the big purposes while simultaneously giving a helping hand to the smaller.

As for why they allow people to suffer…again, there’s no definite answer for this.  Some might say it’s deserved, for one reason or another, or that the person brought the suffering down upon themselves (I’ve argued with Neopagans who think illnesses are brought on by mental weakness, that the diagnosed just aren’t trying hard enough; I may one day punch one of them in the face and tell them they didn’t try hard enough to duck).  Others believe that adversity is necessary to breed strength, courage, and compassion, those virtues we should cultivate in ourselves and others.  Some argue that the gods are as subject to physical laws as we are, in their own way, and they can’t just make a tornado spontaneously disappear or a volcano completely stop erupting.  Personally, because I don’t feel that the gods control what we do so much as sometimes, maybe, try to influence or advise our choices, I believe it’s a combination of a) some restriction on the deities by physics, b) how the consequences of our individual choices impact ourselves and each other regardless of whatever the deities are doing, and c) how the natural world functions in all its cruel, dispassionate, beautiful, terrible ways.

I’ve come to the conclusion that since we’ll probably never have a definitive answer, we should just take advantage of it when it all does work and turn it to the greater good somehow when we can.  Perhaps someone else has an idea?

- mountain hound

torbjormn put sugar in my root beer and now its bubbling like a volcano and it wont stop its all ovber my hands its been like 3 minutes why wont it stop bubbling its not even sweeter from the sugar its just bubbling all ober my desk while i type this how did torbjorn know this would happen has he tried to put sugar in his root beer before it seems like it wouldbe a good i dea but i assure you it is NOT


Costa Rica, April 2014. On our way to the Poas volcano (active now) we stopped at a soda (bar) and just getting out of the car we came across this lovely frog just 2 cm in size on the sidewalk. 

It’s a “blue jeans” frog, and it’s the only frog we saw in the wild. It’s very difficult to see frogs during the day as they are mostly nocturnal and hide in the leaves and bromeliads. We saw many, but in frog sanctuaries. 

Besides being an icon in Costa Rica, this frog is famously one of the “dart frogs” that the aboriginals used to coat the tips of their arrows, impregnating them with the frog’s poison.

Costa Rica Abril 2014. De camino al volcán Poas (activo en la actualidad) paramos en una soda (bar) nada mas bajar del coche se nos cruzó en la acera esta preciosa ranita de apenas 2 cm de tamaño.

Es la rana blue jeans, y es la única que vimos en libertad es muy difícil verlas de día al esconderse en la hojarasca y bromelias, el resto las vimos en ranarios.

A parte de ser todo un emblema en Costa Rica, esta rana es famosa por ser una de las “ranas de dardo” que los indígenas usaban para untar las puntas de sus flechas, impregnándolas del veneno.