It’s strange … I would have thought I’d be dead by now. But if anything … I feel more alive than ever. Burning with anima. Exploding with spirit. Dancing at the center of an inferno, at the edge of a black hole, halfway to infinity. Not afraid of death … Because I’ve never been further from it.

[Ieva suit sensors indicate severe overheating]

[Connection lost]

At another time … in another life … perhaps things could have been different.

This was not that time.

This was not that life.

But the adventure is only just beginning.

I finished Lifeline: Silent Night and I’m in an angsty mood so suffer with me.


Taylor Swift is my childhood, she’s my teenage years, she’s my young adult years, she’s those days when I had no friends, she’s those moments I was experiencing intense heart break, she’s those times of complete freedom, she’s those moments of fleeting happiness, she’s the times where I am laughing so hard I am crying, she’s those nights where I silently cried myself to sleep. 

Taylor Swift is home.

Ladybug Fanfiction Recommendation: Quiet Ice, Silent Nights

*finishes watching ice skating*

Yes.. I’m horribly biased towards wanting to read this fic.
I mean really…
Look at who wrote it!
And subject matter.
This was the first ice skating fic to pop up in my periphery vision.

                         Help Me  l  Help Yourself  l Help the Writers

Quiet Ice, Silent Nights (FFN) by do I really need to introduce this magnificent writer? Really?

Does this even need a recommendation?
Just read it guys…

But it is interesting…
From what I would think of lastpilot,
If I had to point out a specific quadrant of the love square I would choose Adrienette…
But here we have a MariChat focused fic.
And of course it’s wonderful…

Oh and what a beautiful breath of fresh air to the pairing if I have a say.
Not quite the late night visits that mainly populate these fics,
And our dear pilot continuing to write our oblivious children so wonderfully to be one my favorites in the fandom for shipping fics…

While I don’t think a recommendation is actually needed…
Pilot you keep surprising me with unexpected fics that I can’t help but make these just to gush!

anonymous asked:

I bought lifeline also, but I always see Taylor as a girl? It always confuses me when someone refers to her as him, but maybe..... GENDER FLUID SASSY CONFUSED ASTRONAUT

Taylor confirmed to, uh, not be confirmed so it’s entirely up to player preference ;) She/He/They all work according to u

Watch on

Bastille in the backstage with No Name at night two of Not So Silent Night 2013 in Oakland on December 7th, 2013. (x)

Constant Conversations
  • Constant Conversations
  • Passion Pit
  • Gossamer

^ Constant Conversations (the sex song of their album. I was surprised they played it!)

Fuck yeah. Ever since I heard Sleepyhead in my senior year in high school, I HAD to go see them live. Their new album is amazing. Who knew a guy can sing so high??? They opened with The Reeling. Then they played Take a Walk, Carried Away, I’ll Be Alright, Constant Conversations, Sleepyhead, and closed with Little Secrets (I hope I remembered it right). It was so fun, everyone in the crowd was singing “higher and higher and higher..!” I basically knew all the songs they played. I really like concerts where artists interact with the audience, encourage them to sing, and just talk to them. It was so awesommee. I have to go to a strictly Passion Pit concert now and then buy their merch. 

“And everything is going to the beat” -Sleepyhead
Live 105 Not So Silent Night Concert Webcast Feat Lorde, Phoenix & More! 12/7 @ 8:30pm ET/5:30pm PT

Join us on December 7th starting at 8:30pm ET/5:30pm PT for the “Not So Silent Night Concert Webcast” from the Oracle Arena in Oakland, CA. Day 2 performers …

Here’s a live late night study playlist - Not So Silent Night! Alt-J is on now, and if you stick around you can see Phoenix and Arcade Fire.