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i mean i just reallyw ant a poem

I woke up this morning with a grudge the size of a short story

Though nothing’s changed on my end

Sing it for me

I opened my eyes last night

And the grass wasn’t green enough here

Send me a ‘hi’ and I will put my playlist on shuffle, write down the first line of five songs and give it to you as a poem.

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one: spell your name with song titles

A - All The Right Moves by OneRepublic 

N - No One Does It Better by You Me At Six 

D - Dear Maria, Count Me In by All Time Low

R - Roots by Imagine Dragons

E - Every Breath You Take by The Police

I - I’m Low On Gas And You Need A Jacket by Pierce the Veil

N - Nina by Ed Sheeran

A - American Candy by The Maine

two: why did you chose your url?

It’s my second names but without they vowels. “mrtslv” = “Morata Silva”.

three: what is your middle name?

I really hate it (no offense if it’s anyone’s name, it’s just on me cause I feel it doesn’t exactly go with my first name), but it’s Maria.

four: if you could be any mythical creature, what would you be?

I’ll be a mermaid no doubt, just cause I really adore the ocean and I’ve always wanted to be one. (But I’d be able to have legs, of course.)

five: favorite color?

I’ve got some; blue, burgundy, white, red, black and grey.

six: song you like right now?

I think probably One Dance by Drake, just cause it’s on the radio all the time.

seven: top four fandoms?



-basically the whole music fandom, but like, the emo side - the scene

-The Flash/Arrow/Legends of Tomorrow/basically every superhero and Marvel and everything

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alright, @asstoine, @fyeahemrecan, @durmerella, @keepingupwithmarcoreus, @haillionel, @amalieskywalker, @gayern-munchen, @filipeluis, @k7ngdom, @voidgriezmann

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One: Spell your name with song titles

Emily by Girlpool

Missing by Seafret

I Wanna Get Better by Bleachers

Lowkey by DEV

Youth by Daughter

Two: Why did you choose your URL?


Three: What is your middle name?

I don’t have one :P

Four: If you could be any mythical creature, what would you be?

I don’t know what’s it called in inglish, but virmatuluke

Five: Favourite colour

Yellow/ mustard

Six: Song your like right now

April Showers by ProleteR

Seven: Top four fandoms

TRC, Hp, Autumn fandom (does it even exist?), aesthetics

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Rules: you can tell a lot about a person by the music they listen to. put your mp3 player, itunes, spotify, etc. on shuffle and list the first 10 songs and then tag 10 people. rule: no skipping!
1. Burnface- The Acacia Strain
2. G- La Dispute (my fave band btw)
3. No One Does It Better- You Me at Six
4. Psychopath Killer- Slaughterhouse, Eminem, Yelawolf
5. Ancient History- Set It Off
6. The Ballad of Sal Villanueva- Taking Back Sunday
7. Be Prepared- Lion King Soundtrack (lmao)
8. Done For You- Black Veil Brides
9. Circles- Pierce The Veil
10. The Carpathian- The Acacia Strain

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