For anyone going through a hard time right now:

Music has the power to help, or so I believe, it picks you up in ways that people sometimes can’t. I recently made a playlist of songs, and if people want I can make it into a Spotify playlist. But here is the songs:


Therapy//All Time Low
Never Too Late//Three Days Grace
Hospital For Souls//Bring Me the Horizon
Friend, Please//Twenty One Pilots
Crash//You Me At Six
Missing You//All Time Low
Never Give In//Black Veil Brides
Hold On Til May// Pierce The Veil
Astronaught//Simple Plan
Kitchen Sink//Twenty One Pilots
Saviour//Black Veil Brides
If I have too, then I have too (Acoustic)//One Last Look.
The Light Behind Your Eyes//My Chemical Romance
Goner//Twenty One Pilots
No One Does It Better// You Me At Six
Satellites// Sleeping With Sirens
Hearts and Flowers// Say We Can Fly
Nothern Downpour// Panic! At The Disco
What a Catch Donnie//Fall Out Boy
I’m A Mess// Ed Sheeran.

Here’s a few other things:

Good Songs that help calm you down or fall asleep:
Behind the Sea (Live in Chicago version) //Panic! At The Disco
Therapy// All Time Low
Fireworks//You Me At Six
Hey There Delilah//Plain White T’s
Oh Ms Believer// TØP
Never Seen Anything (Quite Like You)//The Script
Kiss me//Ed Sheeran

If You Have Lost Someone:
If You Could See Me Now//The Script
Match Into Water// Pierce The Veil
Cancer//My Chemical Romance
Lullabies//All Time Low
Wake Me Up When September Ends// Green Day
This Isn’t The End// Owl City
All Done For You// Black Veil Brides

Remember When/ Dissappear//Issues

When You’re Feeling Misunderstood:
I’m Not Okay//My Chemical Romance.
King For A Day// Pierce The Veil ft Kellin Quinn
Kids In The Dark// All Time Low
Wretched And Divine// Black Veil Brides
Boulevard Of Broken Dreams// Green Day

In a Really Bad Mood? Start A Riot: [X]
Misery Buisiness//Paramore

Bite My Tongue// You Me At Six ft Oli Sykes

You Make Me Sick//Of Mice And Men
Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing//Set It Off
Antivist//Bring Me The Horizon
Save It For The Bedroom//You Me At Six
Heroes// All Time Low
Desolation Row//My Chemical Romance
Juarez//Gerard Way
Fuck You//Sleeping With Sirens (Cee Lo Green Cover)


Compromising Me//William Beckett

Gives You Hell// The All-American Rejects

Some cool extras:
Princeton Ave// Issues (Abuse)
Never Lose Your Flames//Issues (Homophobia/Rejection because of Sexuality)
Mama//My Chemical Romance (Gender Identity)
99% Soul//Matty Mullins (Christian music?)(most of his album is Christian music so if you’re looking for good Christian pop I would recommend Matty Mullins or Owl City :))
Migraine//TØP (Schizophrenia)
That Green Gentleman (Things Have Changed For Me)//Panic! At The Disco (For people going through major changes)
Sleepwalking//Bring Me The Horizon (Depression)
A Trophy Father’s, Trophy Son (Broken Family/Home)

That’s all for now but that’s all for now, I might update more? I was just looking at all these cool songs with cool messages so…

so today in band there was this girl, kind of small and easy to pick on, who was wearing a 5sos shirt. now, we all know those people who (apparently) have the ‘superior taste in music’. Yeah well one of those goes’ ew 5sos fucking sucks, I’ve taken shits better looking than them’. so i would’ve just ignored this but i shIT YOU NOT THIS GIRL THROWS DOWN HER FLUTE IN THE MIDDLE OF A SONG, CRACKS HER KNUCKLES AND DOES LIKE SIX SQUATS, THEN SHOUT 'IF YOU WANNA FIGHT ME, THEN FIGHT ME’i’ve never been more in love with anyone tbh

Sucker for Anything Acoustic//a bunch of acoustic songs because who doesn’t love acoustics?

01.visions//the maine|02.there is a light that never goes out (cover)//citizen|03.yoke (acoustic)//basement| one does it better (acoustic)//you me at six| revoir (adios)//the front bottoms|06.ever enough (acoustic)//a rocket to the moon|07.about a girl (acoustic)//the academy is…|08.puppy love//this wild life|09.late nights in my car (acoustic)//real friends|10.running from lions (acoustic)//all time low|11.toes (acoustic)//lights|12.stick around//state champs| dead//have mercy| pretty reckless|15.ripped away//this wild life ft. nilu madadi|16.i will follow you into the dark//death cab for cutie|17.i’m sick of waiting (acoustic)//citizen|18.the end//silverstein ft. lights|19.can’t help falling in love//twenty one pilots|20.i’m already gone//a day to remember|21.three cheers for five years (acoustic)//mayday parade|22.clairvoyant//the story so far|23.all i love//the hundred acre woods| (acoustic)//moose blood|25.the boy who blocked his own shot//brand new|26.whole lotta you (acoustic)//a rocket to the moon|27.peach//the front bottoms|28.misguided ghosts//paramore|29.pennsylvania//the hundred acre woods|30.stay with me (acoustic)//you me at six|31.where the fence is low (acoustic)//lights|32.inch by inch//have mercy

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