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What's the relationship between Snorlax and Greninja?

Loogie (the greninja) is the result of a poorly executed Game Shark cheat. He’s level 1 and absolutely defenseless. Anel (the snorlax) found him and is trying to level him up. She’s got a short temper, and Loogie’s as dim as a used keychain flashlight.

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Bonjour i have figured out a place where I can talk here during school ;w; how far has our little tamtaro gotten in the maze of the forest? I, with magical asker powers, can give her a flashlight if needed? Or allowed? Who knows man.

Tamara: Just got one, but thanks dude. It’s not super helpful anyway, I still don’t know where to go.

Stun Gun Walking Stick

Give any would be attacker the shock of a lifetime when you surprise them by defending yourself with the stun gun walking stick. This seemingly inconspicuous cane features an ultra bright led flashlight and a million volt stun gun tip that’ll stop any attacker dead in his tracks.


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