The newest generation of the Peli 1920 is quite cool, and it’s a great flashlight (almost doubling the output while keeping the same battery lifetime), but the original one was a near perfect tactical flashlight : cheap, strong, rugged, simple, with the right output (around 60/70 lumens) to be used in the kind of situation that request a tactical flashlight.

The new one is neat to use on a daily basis, with the high beam to reach out far away in the dark, and the low beam (12 lumens, around 10 hours of light) great for lurking inside buildings.

I really hope that Pelican will provide us with something like a 1919 flashlight, with only one mode and an output similar to the first generation (but doubling the autonomy). That would be great.

I Hold Nothing
  • I Hold Nothing
  • Mount Eerie
  • No Flashlight

“There’s no place to spend our money where we live. The generous world suggests we live generously, so we lay under low wide branches of the oldest tree on the dune, or in the hay, where we will stay for so long without moving that the careful birds finally relax.”

What I Actually Am
  • What I Actually Am
  • Mount Eerie
  • No Flashlight

Decided to go out on a song. I will return again.

Mount Eerie /// What I actually Am

When I was sturdier I’d talk about how certainly we all will die.
Eat shadows, bury candles, die.
When I was sturdier I thought:
“So what? I am forever mountainous!”
I bravely said:
“No death of any kind could matter to my mountain mind!
Come years, come surging, I am tall!”
When I was “sturdier” I was secretly scared,
And the fear was blinding.
As you can see, I am no rock.
As you can see, in mountain wind
What I actually am is thinning clouds.