So I’ve noticed a thing.

Black Sails s1: Lots of sunlight, bright sunny days, sunlight pouring in through windows and sunshine on people’s shoulders

s2: Much less sunlight, overcast days, darker rooms, people’s shoulders are generally not sunshiny

s3: Barely any sun ever, lots of nighttime shots, everything is dark……..

s4 probably: It’s pitch fucking black GET ME A DAMN FLASHLIGHT.

submitted by Ron

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Taking it easy at the RV

this has been one of the worst weeks of my life… 

like so many stuff going on:

  • was let go from my job
  • there was a terrible ass blackout and we were without any power for three days
  • grandma’s Alzheimer has gotten worse (she lost her flashlight so she threw EVERYTHING on the floor while looking for it. beheaded one of her religious figures and broke the toilet seat) so we had to move her to my parents’ house
  • and now my godmother is in the icu

thank fuck it’s finally saturday. i hope next week is better cos it’s like bad shit after bad shit

i just keep telling myself that i’ll survive but sometimes i just wanna vanish



Unfortunately, I don’t think Meelo would be up to skateboard… :c He did like this small truck flashlight that I had and liked stepping on top of it though (idk where that pic went I will have to search for it).

But anyway‼ These are just some pictures of my parakeet Meelo that I thought you guys might want to see?? In the last one, Meelo’s hiding behind his basketball hoop toy, so you can only see the top of his head, lol.