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how did you manage sports, friends and school get a 4.7 gpa? very curious, because im trying to get a better gpa this year! thanks

There is no easy answer, you know? Or else everyone would be able to. I think that school has always been easy for me, I have a photographic type memory so I can see things once and remember it for the test and not really have to study. And I was always good about doing homework and reading the textbook. I think my biggest advice is to just focus and eliminate distractions. I was always amazed how my friends would be like “that homework took me six hours!!” And I had knocked it out in 30 minutes. If you focus your energy on the assignment or on studying, put away your phone, get in a quiet space, then school work is really not that hard to do. Stop telling yourself that you can’t do it, or its too hard, or it will take to long & just do it…. Like I would always get pumped up and be like this class is so cool it is so awesome that I get to learn this and have this opportunity, you know? Shift your perspective and be appreciative of education and the whole process is almost fun.

I have so many Class Zero - Arecia feels like …

I want to know what Arecia did to them and on the other side I really don’t want to know what she did to them.
Like … How she raised them into war machines in just 10 years, how she managed to get them that far that they only trust her and her alone. 
How have they lived under her, how did they sleep, what was their daily life before Akademeia, is Arecia’s cooking really that great like Sice said or doesn’t Class Zero know what good food is.
How did they train, did they all get special training from her … did they learn basic human abilites from her?? Can they even swim.
Also considering that they do have some knowledge about Orience, … Arecia giving them history lessions?
I wanna see how she taught Ace Zero and at what age. 

I wonder if she used bits of their phantoma from previous cycles and transfered it to the next one, so she didn’t have start over again with forming them in to her liking.

I have questions.

Why do I have a bad memory for math but a great memory for the fun times I had with ex-girlfriends?

(And yes, I’m aware there’s an easy answer here, but that doesn’t make it any less annoying.)

What are the best running apps? I get this question a lot, and it’s not an easy one to answer because, as you probably know, there are many, many running apps to choose from.

The good news is, even though I can’t use all of them all of the time and I typically stick to one just for the sake of consistency (and my sanity), I have personally tried many, many of these different running apps and can at least help give you a better idea of which of the best running apps will actually be the best one for you.

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I am at a point where I am just stuck. I’m dammed if I do and dammed if I don’t.

There is no easy answer to any of this and that’s why I never bother asking the questions.

But tonight I can’t stop myself from wondering,

What the fuck am I supposed to do?

Writing references for historical stories are good, like….they give you links to detailed information about clothes, food etc. but right now, I have more niche questions that those references don’t give you the answers to. And they’re just not easy to answer in general. I want to know how duelling worked, how early microscopes worked, what was the layout of a normal person’s house like in the late 17th century and OF COURSE, how bloody titles work because I’m damned if I know. Urgh. I’m really determined about this, though.

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hi there! i was wondering if you could help with customizing ask/answer posts? or if you know of any helpful tutorials to make those type of posts look less plain?

hi there anon,

customising ask posts can be as varied as customising an entire theme, it all depends on your personal preferences… do you like portraits to be shown?  would you like a different background or font or colour…?  that kind of thing.

when you have an idea of what you want you need to think of the blocks of code you will need ( css ) - will you have to style the url separate to the askers url?  if there’s a portrait then how big, what position, shape and style ( as that’s usually another block )?  how do you want your answers to appear?

then put them together in the html with the relative css blocks ( divs ) with any additional formatting…

apologies, it’s not an easy or straightforward answer to give nonny!

you could check out some ‘how to make a tumblr theme’ tutorials as these will have a section on styling your ask posts… here are a few to get you started;

theme-hunter ( by roleplaybakery )

hope this helps :3


“When I look back, I’m still amazed at the acting job Eric and Dylan did. None of us knew what was going to happen. None of us knew that for over a year they’d been cooking up a plot to attack the school. 
  Some of my classmates talked to the media about how Eric and Dylan used to sit in class and say things like ”Can I shoot that guy?“ I remember them saying things like that, too. However, it never seemed serious. After all, there are jokes about violence, and then there are actual threats to commit violence. Eric and Dylan always seemed like they were joking. They would see some jock push a kid over, or hear a kid say something completely ignorant and stupid, and say, ”Boy, that fucker should be killed,“ or "I wish that guy would get hit by a car.” They were general expressions of frustration. They never said anything like “Boy, I’m going to go home and get my .22 and put a bullet in his brain this afternoon.” It never seemed serious. 
  Some have suggested that Eric and Dylan never seriously thought they were going to do it until right before they actually did. I don’t agree. They knew exactly what they were doing. There’s a part of me that would like to believe that Dylan was separating himself emotionally from what was about to happen. Realistically, thought, that’s not likely. He and Eric both wanted revenge. They had been looking forward to April 20 for a long time.“ 

- Brooks Brown, No Easy Answers.