“Someone said to me, early on in film school… if you can photograph the human face you can photograph anything, because that is the most difficult and most interesting thing to photograph. If you can light and photograph the human face to bring out what’s within that human face you can do anything.”

– Roger Deakins, cinematographer

Still from No Country for Old Men (2007, dir. Joel and Ethan Coen). Cinematography by Roger Deakins

"No Country For Old Men" Review

Do you like movies? Hi, I am writing a review of No Country for Men. This movie has action, there is blood, and it’s not so bad being old! These are my three favorite reasons why No Country for Men is my favorite movie. Let me tell you more!

First, action. No country For Men has a lot of action. I watched it with my Dad and he thought there was a lot of action. I live with my Dad now only, which is good for watching movies because I don’t watch movies when I live with my mom. I use to live with my Mom on weekends and my Dad on the week days. Now I only live with my Dad. No Country for Old Men has a lot of action.

Next, there is blood. I have never seen a movie with all of the blood. There is a lot of blood in this movie. For example, when there is blood running on the ground. No Country for Old Men has a lot of blood.

Finally, being old and getting old isn’t so bad. It’s not so bad getting old. For example, in the end the police doesn’t die at the end when everyone else does. Being old isn’t so bad.

I hope you enjoyed my review of No Country for Men. I like this movie and it is my favorite movie. Please read it again. Who knows, maybe you’ll like No Country For Men too!

“Look how sad you’ve made everyone. And for what? For a little bit of money.  There’s more to life than a little money, you know. Don'tcha know that? And here you are, and it’s a beautiful day. Well. I just don’t understand it.” 

The look of absolute sadness and horror on her face is why Frances McDormand won that Oscar.  

Marge really didn’t understand.  Or maybe she did but just didn’t want to.