No open borders


Coming quick at you, all the help that had been sent to my Island, is apparently on hold. Also the U.S. won’t open the borders so other countries can send aid and Trump is tweeting about it’s our fault. Puerto Rico has been an U.S. territory since 1898 and to this day we have no control of what comes through our borders because of The Jones Act.

You wanna help Puerto Rico? Call your Representative and your Senators and tell them to waive/repeal/ban The Jones Act.

We need to reconstruct and rise up again, not to be dragged while we’re down. We don’t need to be reminded of the country’s debt when there are towns that can’t be reached almost 7 days after Hurricane Maria, when power is still out and there’s no running water and communications are down. We don’t fucking need some inept talking about our debt, instead of opening the borders so doctors and engineers come and help, so other countries nearby can come and bring provisions too. So roads can be open and people can be helped.

Again, you wanna help? Call your Representative and your Senators and tell them to waive/ban/repeal The Jones Act.

Taika Waititi: I had Thor reconnect with Loki, gave him a badass female ally, and ended the movie with Thor leading his people to a new home.

Ryan Coogler: I developed Black Panther into a well rounded character and established Wakanda as this beautiful technological advances country. I ended the movie with Wakanda opening it’s borders to better the world.

Russo Brothers: That’s all really great guys but Thanos wipes out all of this.

Waititi & Coogler:

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