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Reunited Friends AU part 8!~
I can’t believe how long this took I’m so sorry! I’m now studying abroad in America and things are super intense! But I managed to graw the next part! I regret that nothing really happens in this part but it’s a needed bridge for stuff to happen XD I hope you enjoyed it anyway! Hehehe and you thought the story was just a cute one off to show Arthur’s frustration XDD Nope, he’s still working on it!
Thank you all for your continued support and patience, as well as the lovely messages/tags you have left me. I promise I read them all and greatly appreciate them!! You’re all so sweet and kind and I’m so happy you’re enjoying it! THANK YOU!!

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Hello!!! You're my favorite gruvia fanfic writer ever!!!!! I've read all of your works and I envy your creative mind. :) I hope to read more AMAZINGGG and crazy AUs fanfics from you hehehe :) of all the AU's, my fave is the potterverse. I CAN ACTUALLY PICTURE TEAM NATSU AS GRYFFINDOR AND JUVIA IN SLYTHERIN. Do u have any plan on making that one shot a multichap? I'm sure a lot of readers would love that. Anyways, keep safe!!!!

Awwww! Thank you, my darling!

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I love that story as well. Harry Potter was such a big influence on my life while I was growing up it actually makes me sad when people say they never read or watched a movie. I hope that with  Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them being released later this year some younger people can be brought into the magic world!

I loved making Juvia and Gajeel from Slytherin and then make them join the others. People have this concept that Slytherins are bad, just because Voldie was in that house. I made the Pottermore test a couple of months ago and I ended up being sorted to Slytherin! LOL I expected Hufflepuff or something…

I think I’ll write something when the movie comes out. I’m a sucker for Harry Potter, always have been. HAHA