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Hi loves, I guess it’s about time I make one of these to appreciate all the people that I have somehow convinced to press that follow button how even.! as well as the people that makes me wanna log on everyday I honestly forgot the exact day of my blog anniversary so I guess today will do for this post wink wonk c: It’s been about a year since I actively wrote for bts and got back into the army tumblr community and I’m happy the allure and fascination in writing did not leave me back then. First off, I really want to say thank you to all of you, sincerely, I never thought I would meet so many wonderful people on this website and the amount of talent in this fandom is astounding! Thank you for being so patient with me, for understanding that I’m a fickle writer at heart (them random ass updates) and thank you for letting me share my stories with you. The following people have been meaningful to me in someway, whether that is through the little things like the occasional message or some that I can truly count on to be there when I need them. 

Note, that more one of the below categories may apply to you but I like organizing it this way :’) also if I didn’t write a message for you it’s not because I love you any less but more like I’m trying real hard for this to not exceed a certain length and crash everyone’s app (HA). Please forgive me if I forgot anyone .. I really tried my best TTTT but believe me when I say if I have punched that follow button then I have loved you for a long long time. So without farther ado.. 

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Welcome to my blog! +prompts

Hello friends, I just thought I would take the time to say hello!
Here you will be able to read short stories and imagines that I create (mostly about BTS and Got7 hehehe,) Along with some funnies on the I hope we can be good peeps and kpop buddies. Anyways, for my first post. I thought I would post some one-liners for you guys to choose from. Here’s how it works!

You just pick 4(or less) from the list below and a boy. Be specific about if it’s an AU or not. (Just a reminder, I find myself drawn to writing about BTS a lot. But I will be more than happy to write other people. It’s no problem)
Warning-these prompts will be…Interesting

1- “wouldn’t want the others to hear us, would we?”
2- “can I taste you?”
3- “oh look at that…my towel fell”
4-“so wet for me….”
5-“room for one more?”
6-“have you even heard of thigh riding?”
7-“you actually read that Shit?”
8-“Fuck, you have no idea what you do to me”
9- “date not go so well?”
10- “I don’t hate you because I think you’re a Bitch….it’s because of what you do to me?”
11- “at night…do you think of me?”
12-“hmm…you need to relax…”
13- “just what do you think you’re doing?!”
14-“I’m better than any man you’ve ever been with”
15- “the others….they wouldn’t appreciate such a body like I would”
16- “I like the way you dance…”
17-“ such a cute moan….do it again”
18- “I bought you something you might like”
19- “did you really just put a vibrator in my hand?”
20- “is a blindfold really necessary??”
21- “it’s raining and I can’t go back home…let me in”
22-“i have never hated someone so much”
23- “still thinking about last night?…I knew you would”
24- “…I want you to sit on my face babe..”
26- “I may be a bad dancer…but I’m awesome so it’s okay”
27- “shut up and cuddle me, you ass”
28-“what are you doing up?”
29- “I know you had a rough day..”
30- “why are you shy, you weren’t before”
31-“I love it when you do that”
32- “oh come on now. That was a good one”
33- “….which one of you flat foots ate my apple?”
34- “you’re a mess babe”
35-“… I’m too gentle eh?”
36-“ seriously. Where did you find time to purchase a vibrator”
37- “I have ways, babe…remember”
38- “just Lay back and let me make you feel good”
40- “babe…you didn’t have to punch her”
41- “you write about me??….can I see?”
42- “you’re nervous…about ‘us’?”
43-“I never thought I would see you again?”
44- “you liked how I made you feel, didn’t ya”
45-“ all these marks aren’t enough”
46-“you’re trapped…with nowhere to run”
47- “hmm. I can make you scream louder.”
48- “did you just throw glitter at me?”
49- “oh my god…I didn’t know you could do that”
50- “we have to do this movie together…can you at least try and act civil”

So there are the prompts. If you have another idea of what you’d like added, feel free to let me know. Welcome again and don’t be afraid to request…it’s kind of how I put material on my blog haha!

Hey! What’s up? I’m just having a chilled day in, practising singing some songs for my new band and chilling, binge watching new it’s always sunny and playing Skyrim, after partying all through last week 😅 Could I add ya on snapchat? I’m on that more than this and you can see what I actually look like and hear my normal voice, which is a very rare thing for me to, considering the fact that I usually jump between like twenty different voices when I meet someone new, I love doing impressions and accents, to the point where you’re screaming at me to speak normally…That’s when I’ll break into full swing Gandalf 😉 Sorry about the one big message btw, I can talk for fun and tend to ramble when I’m in a good mood heheh 😜 I didn’t wanna spam you, but yeah, some people don’t like reading more than like a sentence, which is pretty fuckin ridiculous in my eyes, considering I’d be this chatty in person! 😅 Anyway, it’d be lovely to have a proper chat with ya! Snapchat is __________ 😇

You’ve got fucking amazing eyes btw, that’s what caught my attention, like omfg man, you could paralyse me with those 😳 Pretty eyes, my biggest weakness….which I probably shouldn’t have told you…shit….just don’t use it against me, plz? D: Unless it’s for something good, obviously, like you looked at me and said that “order a dominoes” I’d be cool with that 😄 But you do have seriously gorgeous eyes 😍 Sorry if I seem a bit forward or whatever, I just say what I see, no bullshit, best way to be! 😄 X

I hope you don’t mind me just kinda rambling away to myself, tend to do that when I’m in a good mood, I’m not one of these people who just gives like three word replies hahah, I like to have an actual conversation, so many people are put off by that hahah

But eeeey, normal people are silly! Gotta break the norm man, no point in being a sheep and the same as everyone else, normal is boring and you’ve gotta be an individual! 😄 But yeah, that’s partly because so many people nowadays let their basic animalistic instincts, hormonal drives and this false sense of reality imposed by many things in the world around us, control and shape them as a person for the worse.

Anyway, not getting onto the topic of how much I hate most people a lot of the time, that’s a deep hole to dig 😅

I’m away out later on, to my local rock/metal pub/club, opium for rockaoke (my mate’s karaoke night, but you can do whatever you like, as well known or obscure as ya like, as many people can join you as you like.and basically just do whatever, it’s great) 😄

So I’m free to chat til then, if you are? I’m just gonna grab a shower, quick workout, then just chill and have a sing, til I head at around half ten or so I guess! 😄 T'would be laaaaaaaavely to chat! Anyway, I’ll shut up and letcha read all that, back in ten or so! 😊 X



Reunited Friends AU part 8!~
I can’t believe how long this took I’m so sorry! I’m now studying abroad in America and things are super intense! But I managed to graw the next part! I regret that nothing really happens in this part but it’s a needed bridge for stuff to happen XD I hope you enjoyed it anyway! Hehehe and you thought the story was just a cute one off to show Arthur’s frustration XDD Nope, he’s still working on it!
Thank you all for your continued support and patience, as well as the lovely messages/tags you have left me. I promise I read them all and greatly appreciate them!! You’re all so sweet and kind and I’m so happy you’re enjoying it! THANK YOU!!

[Part 1] [Part 2] [Part 3] [Part 4] [Part 5] [part 6] [Part 7] [Part 8] [Part 9] [Part 10]

anonymous asked:

Hi! Just dropping off some love in your inbox. Your undertum stories are amazing and give me life! My absolute favourite is the one where Gaster stuffs Sans with water. The powerlessness he is feeling from the complete loss of control in that one was pure perfection. But every story you wrote is just as good and awesome to read. Thank you for sticking around and making undertum such a glorious place <3

Heheh…thanks, bro. I think a lot of people like that one a lot too. I think that ones my fave as well tbh, maybe I should write more like it?
Anyway, thanks so much for the support! 😣😀

Thorki Author Appreciation

I decided to kick off the fanfic author appreciation early because well, why not!

In alphabetical order, here are all the writers in the thorki fandom (separate post for other fandoms) I appreciate and why.

1. @angrymadsygin aka sigynthefaithful on ao3. I love her stories for the vivid reality they paint, there is nothing holding her vision back. I love and adore all of her works, but that isn’t all I appreciate about her. She is incredibly kind, a true thorki goddess who I adore and hold dear to my heart. Never stop being amazing Siggy!

2. @curds-writes
aka curds-and-wheyface on ao3. Her storytelling has some of the best pacing I have ever read in fic, with each moment, each scene gripping me and refusing to let go until I’ve read the next page. Very few works strike me as heavily as her works have - I am so lucky I discovered her works over the holidays or I’d probably be in so much trouble. Also, have you ever talked to her? She melts me away with her precious love and *huggles* I wish I had the eloquence to truly describe how great she is.  Not only that she has amazing analytical ability when it comes to people, I have noticed her insight on multiple occasions and it always leaves me in awe. You’re the best <3

3. @emilybailey6 aka emybaily on ao3 - She was my secret Santa! I loved the fic Emily wrote for me, thank you so much! It was heart wrenching and captured their characters so perfectly I couldn’t ask for anything better.

4. @fourletterwordsstartingwithl aka hiddleston_loki_lover_au - Sonia writes the BEST AUs I have read and that is saying something. I don’t normally read AUs because I do not trust them to carry over the characters well, or the situations etc. Sonia proves me wrong.

5. @full-of-hiddles aka Cassy27, whose epic thorki fics are all PLOT, PLOT, PLOT. It’s amazing. I love the stories and detail, they are inspiring and beyond entertaining. I love them!

6. @half-ancient aka furiedheart on ao3 - more towards Hiddlesworth than anything else, these works are incredible and I highly recommend them! The stories I have read I have loved, and you can tell the amount of effort put into them.

7. @kadorienne aka Kadorienne on ao3 - her Born to be King’s holds a special place in my heart. It is a thorki epic and one of the greatest works EVER written. Please, please do yourself a favor and go read it. Oh and Eve is easily one of the most incredibly talented, kindest and compassionate individuals I have ever had the luck to speak to. Gosh Eve, you’re the light in this dark world <3

8. @lokincest aka Lokincest on ao3 - just wow. She reached several of my kinks that literally ~no one~ else shares. Not to mention her writing is INCREDIBLE, so well written, I highly recommend her writing, especially if you’re kinky as hell. Read the tags.

9. @mia-a03 aka mia-a03 on ao3 - her works ARE SO CUTE, so incredibly creative and incredibly well written. Also she’s so nice *hugs*

10. @pohjanneito aka Umakoo on ao3, gosh her thorki works are AMAZING, so incredibly detailed and well written I could go on about them for hours. Not to mention she is one of the few authors to be into some of my weirder kinks like lactation kink *cough*. Also she’s an incredible person. Read her works :D

11. @pro-antagonist
aka proantagonist on ao3 - geez okay. I cried. Her fic “Bargaining” hit so close to home I didn’t even know what to do, I’m still lost sometimes as I envision the very perfection of it. It is a true masterpiece. And when you’re done crying over that, there is a wonderfully smutty piece to get your mind off things. Easily one of my favorite authors! Another incredibly nice person too :)

12. @radiatorfromspace aka radiatorfromspace on ao3 - DO I NEED TO SAY IT?! This bunny is one master of writing I can’t even. Her dragon! Thor work still holds a place in my heart and her daddy kink *dies*. She is a precious bunny marshmellow who can write thorki fic like a boss. Highly recommend everything she ever wrote. And highly recommend going to send this author a big HUG because she deserves a billion. But get in line because I’m first. *squish*

13. @sexualthorientation aka sexyscholar on ao3 - well, the queen of daddy kink herself, her works are the bestttt! I love her writing, it blows me away. I will never be over it, though her Roman AU holds a special place in my heart. Another author whose every work I highly recommend reading. She’s also the loveliest most creative human ever *huggles*

14. @teresa-dances-in-sequins aka cunninglingus on ao3 - Black is the Color is one of the greatest thorki works I have ever read, such incredible writing, with such well thought out plot twists and characterizations, it’s genius. I also love the filthy smutt and degrading scenes, Gah, work straight out of my heart. Also she’s adorable.

15. @thor666  aka FILTH on ao3 - THIS IS RINA. Have you read Rina’s works? Yes? No? Well too bad because you NEED to. Her works are delicious, have my mouth watering and other parts well, let’s not go there ;) heheh. Ahem. Anyway, her works are FILTHY yup, accurate username! No shame, we are going to hell reading it but we are gonna love the ride so let’s do it! Besides Rina is so much FUN she’s the one who makes you wanna log into tumblr every day :) precious human being too good for this universe <3

16. @thorduna aka missnefer on ao3 - whoo, I could GO ON about Diana’s works just wow. Her epic, IMO, is Lights Out, one of the earliest and best fics I ever read. Lights Out is one of the reasons I’m into thorki now. It is a beautiful work, and so are her daddy kink shorts and her current WIP Arenas Temporis which I am in LOVE with. Her writing style and brilliance will never cease to amaze me. Also, she’s really nice if you ever talk to her! All the hugs for Diana :)

17. @thorki-goddess aka vahisa1975 on ao3 - GREATEST HUMAN TO WALK THIS PLANET. Wait I should talk about her works first *ahem*. Her works have inspired me more than any other, I spent a LONG time on ao3’s search function trying to find EXACTLY what she wrote. I will never forget how it tugged at my heart and soul. Her writing is so beautiful, the words so well placed together that I just… Sigh. I wish I could tell you, I truly do, but let me just recommend that you please go read the works instead.

18. @thorki-trash - amazing tumblr author with smutty, filthy goodness. Highly recommend giving these works a try.

There are some authors who I feel I should mention because they have a reputation but I have never truly gotten around to reading their works, or they don’t have a tumblr so I don’t really know them. Or maybe they do but I don’t know it (I am relatively new to the thorki fandom! There are plenty of people in the fandom I don’t know yet so this is very likely).

These authors are:

1. Hermaline75 - may or may not have a tumblr, I don’t know of it. But I have read their works and love all that I’ve read! I love their works.

2. @incredifishface - I swear I will read your works ;-; they are praised so much! I love your presence in the thorki fandom.

3.  Dorkylokifan - does not use tumblr but they write great works that I have enjoyed so much! They contribute A LOT to the thorki fandom and that must be love n___n!

4. Thisdorkyficthing - I see their name everywhere, will read them one day. I just appreciate that they write for thorki!

5. Lies_d - some of the best thorki works I read! I loved them so much I purchased her original fiction which was not a disappointment, I highly recommend it!!! It’s basically a thorki AU!


Thank you to all of the above, amazing authors. You’re what keep this fandom going and I am so happy I met you all. To those I didn’t list, I love you too! I love and appreciate everyone who loves and contributes to thorki. This is an amazing fandom with many amazing people. *hugs you all*

Jimin: Titleless Chaper 14 (Series)

A/N: new character introduction

Ch. 1 HERE | Ch. 2 HERE | Ch. 3 HERE | Ch. 4 HERE
Ch. 5 HERE | Ch. 6 HERE | Ch. 7 HERE | Ch. 8 HERE
Ch. 9 HERE | Ch. 10 HERE | Ch. 11 HERE | Ch. 12 HERE
Ch. 13 HERE | Ch. 15 HERE

It’s been three weeks since you admitted to Jimin you shared mutual feelings and since that day, your life has been a bowl of cherries ice cream sundae. You never realized how much fun life would be with him. Nothing but pure, innocent, young love. You already got used to him picking you up after uni everyday.

“Oh look who came to pick his princess again,” your friend teases as the both of you walk out of the building. YOu laugh and laugh in reply and dismiss yourself.

“I thought you went with Taehyung on Wednesdays,” you say when you see him. “He’s busy today, so more time to spend with my baby,” he teases you and lightly pinches your nose then lightly pecks your lips.


You turned around to still see your friends standing behind you, “Got it! Favorite couple Friday!” she exclaims. You narrow your eyes at her and she runs off.

“Mmm.. Favorite couple Friday… I like that,” Jimin hums satisfied.

“Ugh, can you not,” you laughed, “Let’s go eat then go to the restaurant, I’m kind of craving Cuban food,” you suggested.

“I have been too! I didn’t know you liked Cuban food!” He exclaims. “I had some last week, it was so yummy!”

Jimin stops by in a small cafe just a few blocks away from the BangtanBQ. Jimin graciously opened helped you out the car and lead you into the restaurant.

“So I won’t come home until late tomorrow night,” you tell him after you both order your food. “I have to help my friend with her film assignment.” “Aww,” Jimin pouts, “Why~”

“Hehehe, It’ll only be one night Jimin,” you added. “Hmm… I guess I’ll have fall asleep reading manga then,” he replies, still pouting making you giggle.

“Do you want me to take you?” he offers.

“It’s okay, I’ll take my car. I dont want to disturb you late at night and make you pick me up,” you reply wholeheartedly.

“But it won’t be a bother…” he frowns, “I won’t be sleeping anyways.”

“Of course you will! Do you want to look like a panda?” you tease.

“If my baby doesn’t sleep, she’ll be a panda too!” he utters.

“You worry too much, just rest well,” you reply playfully.

“Oh yeah, Jin says there’s curfew after midnight,” he challenges.

“Oh my goodness Jimin. I told Jin already and plus, I’m too old for curfews,” you laugh.

“But I -” “Oh my god! You’re such a fucking asshole! I don’t fucking need you either!!” Jimin was cut off by horrible female yelling. You both turned to the direction of the source and unexpectedly saw a familiar face. Jaeni with some guy but you couldn’t tell who just looking at his back.

“You’re the one that wanted to compromise. Bitch please, you ain’t worth my time. I’ve been seeing you going around to hit up some guys,” the mysterious man tells her, “if you loyal, you wouldn’t be whoring around like that.”

Jaeni burst into tears, “It wasn’t like that! Babe! Believe me! I was angry and was trying to make you jealous! I know I was wrong! Don’t end our relationship like this! I regret it so much, I lost you and my best friend!”

He snickers, “you put that burden on yourself baby girl, if you didn’t think you were hot stuff then you wouldn’t be getting yourself in so much trouble. You put me and your best friend in pain. I can’t trust a girl who turns her back on her best friend for her benefits.”

“No! That JIMIN dude! I was really just trying to make you jealous! Please! If I knew she would fall for him too I would never do that to her! Please Jay! Don’t do this!” She cried. Did she just mention Jay? Jay Park? Your cousin?

“It doesn’t matter baby girl, you know she’s my cousin and you still had the nerve too mess with her. Even when you found out she had feelings for him, you should have backed away,” he sighs. It was your cousin Jay Park, but how long have the two known each other?

“I know. I was selfish. It was terrible of me but I couldn’t help it! I needed you back! Please don’t leave me Jay!” She sobs, a stream of eyeliner running down her cheeks.

Now you understood why Jaeni had changed so much in such a short time period. She didn’t want Jimin to hurt you you but to hurt your cousin. She sacrificed your whole friendship for him, your cousin.

“Sorry baby girl, but I can’t right now,” he sighs one finally time before getting up and leaves weeping Jaeni alone in the booth. He walks right past you and Jimin with even taking a glance.

Jimin stares at you as you watch your cousin walk out the cafe. Outside, you see him cupping his face in sorrow and despair. He was full of thought and you knew the words he said weren’t true. He just felt kind of betrayed because she hurt you but for some reason, you weren’t angry at her at all. After all, she has been your best friend for years and you and Jimin are happy right now.

Your eyes fell back on Jaeni, she really had know fault, she must have just loved your cousin a lot. You get up but Jimin catches your hand. You exchange glances at him and nod, he nods back and let’s you go.

You approach a defiled Jaeni. You sit down next to her and gather inside your arms. “______…. What do I do….” She leans into and cries some more. “Shhh~ everything will be alright~…” You say soothingly, rubbing her arm for more comfort.


“Her, wash up girl, you can’t get anyone back looking like this,” you throw a towel at her and gesture her to the bathroom. You had managed to get her in Jimin’s car and taken her back to your home with the boys. You sat in the back seat with her while her face was buried in your shoulders.

You didn’t know how to get her out of the mess but she finally stopped crying so it was a start. Jimin hasn’t said a single word since Jaeni’s presence. You couldn’t really read him on this situation but you really hoped he could see through your actions and forgive her.

You dragged Jimin into the living room when she was done washing her face. Her silky skin undisturbed by any signs of make up. You had brought out and covered the coffee table in the living room with the make up you brought from your room.

“Okay, stay still,” you tell her. “There’ son point in putting make up on if it’s doing to end up dripping off,” she tells you, her voice deader than King Tat’s bones. “That’s why we’re not going to let it drip off your face so hold still,” you reply.


There, all gone. You give her the mirror, don’t you look so much better without all the tears? Now you no one can say no to you,“ you smiled at her.

"Holy shit, what the hell is all this?” Jin comes out of his room asking when he notices you and Jaeni, “are you going to do my face too?”

You picked up an eyeliner pen, “if you really want me too.”

“No thanks.” He says and runs away.

Jaeni finally lets out a tiny laugh. “See!! I knew you still had it in you!” You exclaimed. Her smile soon fades, “I feel so bad _____. You’re being so nice to me even after I tried to take Jimin away from you….” You could see the tears threatening to fall again.

“You stop that right now! Your going to mess up masterpiece! And plus, we’re best friends right? I can’t be mad or hate your forever. Don’t worry about it,” you grab her hand and smile, assuring you sincerity.

She smiles back, “Thank you ______.”

“That’s what best friends are for right?”

[To be continued]


A/n: extremely budy. i even had to delete the tumblr app bc it was too distracting.