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In which both boys are too shy and afraid to confess their love.


You asked for a doodle but the bun give me an idea for a comic lol

And I don’t mind taking requests Anon ;)

-Extra: I have a headcanon where Adrien always waited the moment where he would have friends so he could share the memes he liked and spam his messages with emoticon. Too bad must of the memes he loves are outdated.

  • Tony Stark:So you on my team or what?
  • T'challa:You expected me to choose a side? Wakanda guy do you think I am?
  • Tony Stark:...
  • T'challa:...
  • Tony Stark:Yeah, I want you on my team.

HTTYD2 Soundtrack

Track 11 - For the Dancing And Dreaming (AKA Stoick and Valka’s song)


As you might know already, Korea will release the “Origins episodes” on March 1, also Canada will have a marathon of the episodes we havent seen yet:

Episode 20 - march 3

Episode 21 - march 4

Episode 22 - march 5

Episode 23 - march 6

Episode 24 - march 12

Episode 25 - march 13

Episode 26 - march 19

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Como ustedes ya se habrán enterado, Corea va a transmitir los episodios “Origen” en 1ero de Marzo, además Canada tendrá una maraton de los episodios que no hemos visto aún:

Episodio 20 - march 3

Episodio 21 - march 4

Episodio 22 - march 5

Episodio 23 - march 6

Episodio 24 - march 12

Episodio 25 - march 13

Episodio 26 - march 19

Este blog ha jurado lealtad a nuestros maestros Hawkdaddy y Winny, por tal motivo no vamos a hacer reblog a ningun spoiler hasta que aparezca en su version Francesa.

How I assume meeting shaun again will be like:
  • My sole survivor:Hey honey! We've never met but I, the geared out woman, am your mother and over here I have your super stoned ghoul step dad.
  • PLS....
  • My sole survivor:I've spent so much time NOT looking for you and petting dogmeat!

Listen adrien may not have been crushing on mari at first but definitely had a giant fondness for her in the beginning and a very obvious platonic crush

shes the first person he considered an actual friend and i am suffering just let the reveal get here

he would be so happy realizing his first real friend and his first love were the same person do you even understand how sick and broken i am now because of this