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In which both boys are too shy and afraid to confess their love.


You asked for a doodle but the bun give me an idea for a comic lol

And I don’t mind taking requests Anon ;)

-Extra: I have a headcanon where Adrien always waited the moment where he would have friends so he could share the memes he liked and spam his messages with emoticon. Too bad must of the memes he loves are outdated.

Aside from the optional boss, I have beaten the Ringed City

I could go on all night about how I feel about this DLC, but I’ll put it in just a few words just to keep myself from going crazy.

This is a perfect sendoff to my favorite franchise of all time. 

I cried. I ran around the end arena for about half an hour because I was so in love with it. The only way I could be more satisfied is if Velka was there, but I got things that were a helluva lot better.

If any of you are on the fence about getting it, just do it. 

And I’m gonna warn you all, if any of you ask me what I specifically liked about the Ringed City, I will likely go on a typing rampage. I’ll save that for either a private message or a separate post because I know some of you kids don’t want spoilers~

Thank you, FromSoft. You made this sunbro as happy as can be.

  • Tony Stark: So you on my team or what?
  • T'challa: You expected me to choose a side? Wakanda guy do you think I am?
  • Tony Stark: ...
  • T'challa: ...
  • Tony Stark: Yeah, I want you on my team.

I’m sorry, Bioware, but me and my 55 inch living room television aren’t capable of puzzling out your fucking fuck fuck font size. This is absurd. What is this? Text for ants? Why do I need to sit 4 feet from my TV to read this shit? Is this blue over blue? Do you hate people who have trouble seeing blue? Why is this font so fucking small?

Korea emitirá el episodio 25 "The birth of Ladybug“ el 1 de Marzo.

¡Bonjour Miraculers! gracias al twitter @Ladybug_Cartoon nos hemos enterado que el próximo martes, Korea lanzara la primera parte del episodio especial titulado “the birth of Ladybug”

Hace tiempo se comento que los últimos capítulos de la primera temporada contaría con los orígenes de la historia, donde habría importantes revelaciones, como la identidad de Hawk Moth tal y como se comenta ahí. Considerando que es un capitulo adelantado y la importancia de este se ha pedido tomar medidas con los spoilers, aquí lo pide Thomas Astruc en su tweet.

Se sabe que parte fandom tiende a exponer capturas o comentarios de un capitulo nada más salir, pero en este caso se pide por favor que seamos pacientes ya que sería estropear la “sorpresa” a mucha gente que quiera esperar a ver los episodios en su orden correspondiente o que por lo menos que se tome la sugerencia de usar los tags “Spoilers”

Probablemente lo que se pide es muy difícil, pero siempre es de agradecer estos detalles.

Gracias también a @redworld96 también por avisarnos de la noticia.


…first we sold our soul to Alex, then he kill the fandom with feels and now Thomas will do this with no spoiler!

curse you, creators of kids shows!