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WWE: David Otunga torna nel ring

David Otunga è tornato a lottare in un live event a Rockford, Illinois contro R-Truth. Qui sotto potete vedere una foto a riguardo: View image on Twitter #GiveBoDallasAChance @Heel4Lif3 Finally, @DavidOtunga returned to the ring!! hopefully we’ll see him on Raw & SD again s…
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Fanaccs from Thailand! (No spoilers)

Staffs told us Don’t scream when SHINee come outside otherwise, they will chase us away but when jinki came out, we lost our mind

SHINee are so cute! they kept coming here and then missing again Taemin waved his hands to us ㅠㅠㅠㅠ

Key’s so cute He went for Barbecued red pork in sauce with rice like we did (by himself) He’s eating while looking in a mirror

They r so fcute!MH kept up empty plates Key scooped out the food by himself.They looks really enjoy eating

staffs told us that SHINee can eat all day LMAO

staffs told us that fans gave SHINee a lots of supporting things we have 2 take them all back by truck

I like the way staffs called SHINee green,purple,pink,white head Thank u4 dyeing ur hair b4coming here (Fluke_snw)

Minho focused on his phone all the time. He is the real kind of sns addiction

At the 1st scene, Taemin teased fans to scream so he sang and dance to “Call me baby”

SHINee’re so one guards or takes care of them like some thai celebs always have. They kept chatting and laughing (triplepxox)


PS - Apparently Key has green highlights.

WWE: Raw Preview 06/07/15

WWE Raw andrà in onda da Chicago per la prima volta in questo 2015. I punti su cui si focalizzerà la puntata sono: — Definire un’Authority. – Si volta Pagina per Paige? – La caduta di Roman. – É davvero uno spettacolare opportunista The Miz? – Un Mercenario ancora senza premio. Le sup…
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But I promised my sister that I wouldn’t post any details about the movie at all. So I leave you with the one thing we agreed that I could say about Jurassic World:

“DINOSAAAAAAURRSSS!!!!” *unintelligible velociraptor noises*


Hey guys! Here it is, my little story of how I survived down in a lunar station in the middle of nowhere. 


I was going to the Outpost like I do everyday when I suddenly got approached by someone who received a distress signal from a lunar station far far away. Naturally, I volunteered to help find out what happened.

I got there, realized the lights where all turned off and then went deeper in the station. I started hearing weird noises and got attacked by horrors I had never seen before! Spewing acid while running at me, they were driven by a need to kill. 

I managed to survive long enough to find survivors who said that they got attacked very suddenly. I went to the deepest part of the station, trying to find answers. What I found was…traumatizing. 

A horror no one could even imagine. 

In the end, I saved them all but I still wonder if it’s safe to let them there on their own once more. All I can do is pray we won’t have to deal with any of those horrific things again.


See you soon for more fun stories!


WWE: Finn Balor celebra la sua importante vittoria

Il nuovo WWE NXT Champion Finn Balor ha tweetato quanto segue sulla sua vittoria: WE became NXT Champion #BálorClub ありがとう 日本🇯🇵 またね。 — Finn Bálor (@wwebalor) 5 Luglio 2015
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