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In which both boys are too shy and afraid to confess their love.


You asked for a doodle but the bun give me an idea for a comic lol

And I don’t mind taking requests Anon ;)

-Extra: I have a headcanon where Adrien always waited the moment where he would have friends so he could share the memes he liked and spam his messages with emoticon. Too bad must of the memes he loves are outdated.

  • Tony Stark: So you on my team or what?
  • T'challa: You expected me to choose a side? Wakanda guy do you think I am?
  • Tony Stark: ...
  • T'challa: ...
  • Tony Stark: Yeah, I want you on my team.

HTTYD2 Soundtrack

Track 11 - For the Dancing And Dreaming (AKA Stoick and Valka’s song)

How I assume meeting shaun again will be like:
  • My sole survivor: Hey honey! We've never met but I, the geared out woman, am your mother and over here I have your super stoned ghoul step dad.
  • Shaun: PLS....
  • My sole survivor: I've spent so much time NOT looking for you and petting dogmeat!

As you might know already, Korea will release the “Origins episodes” on March 1, also Canada will have a marathon of the episodes we havent seen yet:

Episode 20 - march 3

Episode 21 - march 4

Episode 22 - march 5

Episode 23 - march 6

Episode 24 - march 12

Episode 25 - march 13

Episode 26 - march 19

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Como ustedes ya se habrán enterado, Corea va a transmitir los episodios “Origen” en 1ero de Marzo, además Canada tendrá una maraton de los episodios que no hemos visto aún:

Episodio 20 - march 3

Episodio 21 - march 4

Episodio 22 - march 5

Episodio 23 - march 6

Episodio 24 - march 12

Episodio 25 - march 13

Episodio 26 - march 19

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…first we sold our soul to them, then he kill the fandom with feels and now he will do this with no spoiler!

curse you, creators of kids shows!

anonymous asked:

Could you write one were he helps the reader with nightmares please?? Thanks!

Additional notes: Thank you so much for that request! I really hope didn’t disappoint you! Again sorry for all mistakes I made, I was trying my best.😊

No spoilers!


Originally posted by wandamaixmoff

You wake up in shock and a scream escapes from your lips. The third night in a row. Covered in sweat you sit up in your bed, wiping off the sweat from your forehead. You aren’t even sure if it’s sweat or maybe tears too. Probably both. You’re suffering from nightmares, since Newt, you and a few other wizards were facing a particular dangerous beast. It killed two wizards and almost Newt. Your Newt. The man  you fell for since you put eyes on him. You were scared to death. You never experienced such feelings before and you never saw people dying right in front of you, under this circumstances. It was horrible.

Nevertheless that’s where the nightmares are coming from and you know that.
Over and over again you dream about Newt getting hurt or even killed and you are just standing there, trying to help him but not being able to do so. You want to scream, but you can’t. It’s one of the most horrifying things you can imagine. You just want these nightmares to stop.

You two are staying in a room a few miles away from where everything happened. Newt  suggested that it’d be good to take a break for a few days, before continuing the journey again. Newts wounds are still not completely healed, though and he needs his rest.

However, you get up to get yourself something to drink. Still sweating, you make your way to the kitchen. Newts room is next to yours and you’re wondering if you could have woken him up. Hopefully not, you think. You don’t want to wake him from his well earned sleep, he needs it.

Your heart is still racing and you still can’t get these pictures out of your head. You just want to be able to sleep again. Now you can feel that you’re about to start crying again. Why can’t this all just stop?!

Suddenly your hear a familiar voice from behind. The gentle voice from the man you love.
 "Y/N. Wha… what happened? I heard you screaming earlier? Why are you crying?“ Newt asks worried, still a bit sleepy.
You don’t want to seem weak, so you’re trying to wipe the tears off your face with your shaking hands.
“Noth..Nothing. I just dreamt bad. It.. it’s nothing. Newt. Really. I’m sorry that I woke you up.” You say, trying to fake a smile. But Newt isn’t blind, he knows something is wrong. And he wants to help. Like he always wants to.
“No, Y/N, no, you’re not. Please, let me help and tell me what’s wrong, Y/N. What did you dream about?“ 
“We…you.., I .. I… .” Your voice broke, desperately trying to hold back your tears you continue. “Newt, you…I saw you ..dy..dying.” This is too much. You can’t help it and tears are starting to stream down your face again.
Newt is getting closer to you and is holding you tight in his arms now. “Don’t cry, Y/N, please. It was just a dream. I’m here. Right here. I know that it is hard, but these are just dreams. Don’t let them take control over you.” Newt says with his comforting voice, hugging you even tighter.

Newt never was a man of many words, but he has that talent of making you feel a hundred times better with just saying a few words.

“But I don’t want to…to loose you, Newt. I …, I need you.” You say burying your head into his chest. “I’m never going to leave you, Y/N. I need you. You’re everything to me. You deserve just the best and I’ll try to do everything I’m capable of to make you feel better.”
Now you can hear that his voice gets a bit quiter and that he’s getting shier again. “If…if… if you want, you, well, you could maybe sleep in my, you know, in my bed, you know like next to me, but just if you…you want to, of course. Maybe it … it’ll help.” He says, looking into your eyes now, with that cute shy grin of him.

You can’t believe your ears. You’re just standing there, looking at him, not knowing what to say. Your heart skips a beat, but then: “ Really?! I’d, well, I’d like that a lot, Newt, thank you.” You say, still not believing what happend, but you feel like the happiest person on earth.

Listen adrien may not have been crushing on mari at first but definitely had a giant fondness for her in the beginning and a very obvious platonic crush

shes the first person he considered an actual friend and i am suffering just let the reveal get here

he would be so happy realizing his first real friend and his first love were the same person do you even understand how sick and broken i am now because of this