No Shave November


happy no shave november, friends!

one of my all time favorite parts of the transition between fall and winter is when we all finally give up on the hopes of warmer weather return and spontaneously grow ourselves a nice warm pair of furry leggings.

so shave or don’t shave at your own discretion, it’s not like anyone can tell under the 500 layers of cotton we’re all wearing.


Bearded Vulture

Bearded vultures have reddish yellow or white plumage on the head and breast with a grey black tail and wings. In the adult individual the black strip over the eyes and the bristles at the base of the beak form the distinctive appearance of a beard. The reddish plumage on the neck and under parts are derived from iron oxide which the birds rub into themselves.

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idk If I am laughing more at Nate or that laugh hahah