No Shave November


Celebrating Facial Hair with @thisisxanda

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“I think every man should grow a ‘yeard’—a year-old beard—at least once in his life,” says Xanda O'Peagrim (@thisisxanda). The British artist grew his first mustache at the age of 17 and never considered being clean-shaven an option. “Men naturally have facial hair, so why spend a lifetime removing it?”

As he sees it #noshavenovember is a great opportunity for men worldwide to try a new style for a month—and maybe long past that. “I invite those who participate to make this November the first step in their own facial hair journey!” For beard newbies, Xanda shares this essential grooming advice: “A quality beard oil both softens and strengthens the hair and helps ward off split ends. Also, using a wide-toothed beard comb rather than your head comb will avoid breaking and damaging the beard hair.”

yo this is a psa please read this

can y'all like… stop reblogging that “no men november” post

the original intent of no shave november was to raise awareness for prostate cancer.  It’s actually really gross that you are taking an event meant to help cancer patients and turning it into a joke.  Stop it.

6 Months of Pit Hair Progress

I started this whole “no shave” thing three years back and a first i was pretty timid. Sophomore year a couple girlfriends and I got all into no shave november. It was really a great time cause at least once a week we would wip out our legs and compare progress/show off our hair, also i fucking loved having a reason to not be ashamed of my hair/not feel like i had to shave. I literally used to spend hours convincing myself to just shave my damn legs. By the next november i had gotten used to on and off shaving my legs and i no longer felt incredibly uncomfortable showing it off, so i dove right in, commited to not shaving for a month but this time i wasnt shaving my pits either!! End of the month i shaved my pits but couldnt bring myself to shave my legs. Sooo that kinda became my thing, i had hairy legs, and i loved it. At first it was rather shocking to look down at my own legs and see what i had always been taught as masculine, but as time wore on i began to see beauty and nature and power and comfort, and i started preferring my hairiness. But because i thought i had to i still continued to shave my legs every 3-6 months even though it would literally take me at least TWO HOURS to finish just my legs. So along comes senior year of hghschool, along comes november and obvi i fully commited to no shaving buttt i now felt it was my responsibility to encourage other girls and to try to make it less taboo. I showed off my pits and i showed off my legs with zero self-conciousness and a couple extra ladies by my side. It was really fun and by the end of the month i decided that makayla wasnt shaving for a long while. Which was great for me and fine with everybody else because nobody could see it anyway. But when warm weather rolled around and i still hadnt shaved people started making comments. Asking me when i was gunna shave, why i didnt shave, if i was extra stinking or my legs super itchy. It was all in good nature and it seemed like the mojority of my class just excepted me as the hairy girl, but I remember underclassmen sometimes whispering as i went by. My favorite “comment” was made as we were coming in from a fire drill, it was early spring so i was wearing shorts and i remember hearing this kid pointing out my leg hair and his friend just going “holy shit” and then chewbacca noises! I literally burst out laughing cause who even does that??? I kept growing my hair out till the first day of may when i shaved (for like 3 hours) I dont really know why i decided to shave. I told myself then that I just wanted to, but in reality i think i felt pressured to shave before beach season so I wasnt “too” hairy for summer. Ive been growing all my hair since then, and i really dont plan on stopping. i love my hair, and i love how quick my showers have gotten. lol

I really want to encourage any interested ladies out there to take a shot at no shave november, caus eyou never know where it will send you <33

Also big shout out to eartheld for helping to normalize body hair and encouraging girls to embrace their NATURAL bodies. Much love baby, youre doing good. <33