I can build a million castles-
I can wish upon all the lucky stars
Nothing compares to my life with you.

[Sam’s version] [Sam and Dean’s version]


“It’s not a very sane thing to try to be great all the time. You want to make something magical, you want to make something wonderful, you want to give to everybody, you want to heal people, you want to still be inspired. That’s not easy.”

Lykke Li.

I just noticed something. At the end of season 3, right before the hellhounds come after Dean in No Rest for the Wicked, he’s wearing the Samulet. 

And then at the beginning of Lazarus Rising, Sam is wearing it until he gives it back to Dean.

So he must have taken it off Dean before he had to bury him, right? BUT if you watch the very last shot of season 3 where Dean’s in hell…

Yep. There it is. At this time, Dean’s actual body was still lying back in the room where he died, so this is obviously his soul. 

Dean’s soul wears the Samulet. 


Here is the complete directory to my Femslash February novella, a vague and extremely gay retelling of the fairy tale “The Girl Who Pretended to be a Boy”. It’s 21,875 words altogether.

When King Lyov decides to declare himself emperor, he issues an ultimatum to all the other kingdoms. Any place that sends him a prince as tribute will be allowed to surrender. Any country that doesn’t will be taken by force.

The kingdom of Murane has no princes to send, and so each of its three princesses takes a turn at trying to fool the emperor. Temitope quickly learns that it’s far more dangerous than she ever imagined - and it’s going to take everything she has to get out of it alive.

Part One (1,944 words)

Part Two (1,630 words)

Part Three (1,559 words)

Part Four (1,198 words)

Part Five (1,415 words)

Part Six (1,514 words)

Part Seven (1,282 words)

Part Eight (1,333 words)

Part Nine (1,469 words)

Part Ten (1,362 words)

Part Eleven (1,147 words)

Part Twelve (1,510 words)

Part Thirteen (1,517 words)

Part Fourteen (1,917 words)

Part Fifteen (1,072 words)