No Rest for the Wicked

“It’s not a very sane thing to try to be great all the time. You want to make something magical, you want to make something wonderful, you want to give to everybody, you want to heal people, you want to still be inspired. That’s not easy.”

Lykke Li.


I can build a million castles-
I can wish upon all the lucky stars
Nothing compares to my life with you.

[Sam’s version] [Sam and Dean’s version]


I just noticed something. At the end of season 3, right before the hellhounds come after Dean in No Rest for the Wicked, he’s wearing the Samulet. 

And then at the beginning of Lazarus Rising, Sam is wearing it until he gives it back to Dean.

So he must have taken it off Dean before he had to bury him, right? BUT if you watch the very last shot of season 3 where Dean’s in hell…

Yep. There it is. At this time, Dean’s actual body was still lying back in the room where he died, so this is obviously his soul. 

Dean’s soul wears the Samulet. 

Pax’s Plans for this Week

I’m trying to tentatively think about what I would like to accomplish this week as I’ll probably still be dealing with this kidney stone.  This is what I’ve come up with so far:

1) I was rereading ‘First Time for Everything’ last night before my power went out and realized how shitty it is!  JEEZ!  So, when I get done with ‘Aftermath’, I’m editing the entire series.  Good thing it’s only six chapters long.
2) Finishing ‘Aftermath’ today (5/1)
3) Work on a oneshot that ties in with MbA for Phichit’s birthday that I’m calling ‘Good Things in Small Furry Packages’. I know it’s going to be late, but better late than never.  It’s going to be short, so maybe I’ll get it done today.  We’ll see.
4) Next chapter of Bound to Please which I’m calling School Days right now, but it might change.  It’s going to focus on the class Yuuri is taking at the university along with the poetry class on Wednesday at the bookstore.  Some more characters are going to be introduced.  I’m excited!!
5) I want to (NEED TO!!) get the next chapter of Agent Twelve Twenty-Five out.  It’s called ‘Mending’.  I left you guys with a cliffhanger last chapter, so it’s time.  Did I mention how much I freaking love this series?
6) Remember a little chapter I dangled on a little series I write?  The chapter I called ‘Trick or Treat’?  Yeah, by Friday.  This one is blowing my mind.  I already told you it’s going to be Raging Inferno Spontaneous Combustion Spicy Katsudon Alarm, but the fun part is whose birthday is on Halloween?  Think about it.  *evil grin*
7) I’m thinking maybe I’ll eat and sleep as well.

So that’s what I’m planning for this week. I’m sure I won’t get to all of it, but we’ll see.  I’m thinking it’s going to be a fun week!