No !

I found one of the highest places to jump off from in the Regalia Type-D.

And where you actually get points for it, unlike jumping off the archs. >:’(

Lion King’s Pride Rock west of Cauthess.

Moon raccoon trying not to make stupidities.

(voice-comment free, comment-subtitled, though)

anonymous asked:

We went from something like 'the song doesn't talk about me' to something like 'every songs are about elk who I love dearly' pretty fast...

so the narrative is that his album is for Eleanor…it isn’t and it’s probs gonna be gay as all hell. It’s gross and I wish he didn’t have to and imma be laughing about it every time it comes up BUT IT IS WHAT IT IS for now at least 

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(not trying to be rude) it's a shame you feel annoyed about discourse. but you can scroll on and ignore whatever posts you don't like. you can choose to just decide "that's their opinion, i'm scrolling on" and not get upset, bc it just ruins your own online experience more than anything else.

Also not trying to be rude but why is it that while I, for the most part, remain drama and hate and discourse free, am not allowed to express my irritation on MY blog that we can’t have one day of peace?

I’ve made a safe space for myself. I keep away from a LOT of the drama that the fandom finds itself in nearly 99% of the time. I know how to scroll past things. Trust me when I say I have been angrier than I am now about stuff I’ve seen but I kept my mouth shut. But today, we got new content and trailers and yeah, I was enjoying myself, up until I saw a bunch of ridiculous posts and I got annoyed. I expressed that annoyance. Sue me for being human?

I’m not trying to make you feel bad but in the end, your ask makes ME feel bad. It makes me feel like I’m supposed to cater to what people want to see on my blog rather than what I feel.

If that’s the case, I don’t care. I’m almost entirely discourse and hate free and I’m going to stay that way. I do this for my followers and I do this for me. But like I’ve said before, I’m also entitled to be irritated and express my opinion on my blog, to my followers, who clearly agree with me. I tag ALL of my posts with either “discourse” “salt” “negative” or “wank” so it can be blacklisted.

I do my part. Let me live on my own fucking blog.