Artwork for Fate of the Norns.

In Norse mythology, Njörðr is one of the principal gods of the Vanir tribe of deities, father of Freyr and Freya. He’s associated with sea, seafaring, wind, fishing, wealth, and crop fertility, and his abode is Nóatún.

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Njörðr (1832) from the philological book Die Helden und Götter des Nordens, oder Das Buch der sagen

In Norse mythology, Njörðr (or Njörd) is the god of winds and the sea.

He is the father of Freyr and Freyja, and the three of them are Vanir who were brought to the Aesir after the war between them ended.

Njörðr is married to the goddess Skaði, though his children are the result of a union with his own sister.

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Incest is canon in the mythologies of many cultures. Nut was the sky goddess of Egyptian mythology, and her brother, Geb, was the earth god. They had a pretty wild sex life, and their children are the most famous of the Egyptian gods - Osiris, Isis, Set, and Nepthys (who also has incestuous relationships with each other). Nut and Geb’s father, Shu, thought that was pretty gross, and separated them.

Shu did the opposite of Norse god Njordr - when Njordr’s children, Frey and Freya, were accused by Loki of having an incestual relationship, Njordr asked, “Well, what’s wrong with that?”

Custom work: Njord Devotional Necklace

Custom work: Njord Devotional Necklace

Recently I got an order for a custom necklace, made in honor of Njord; the customer requested a seagull pendant (or a ship), with a theme of blue, sea green, and/or teal, sea glass and gemstones.  As I love Njord very much (and the customer is someone I’ve known for several years) I was excited to do this piece and got it finished rather quickly (my usual lead time for a custom order is at least…

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If Skadi was a part of Marvel's Thor franchise

This is completely irrelevant to the Loki’s I roleplay with, but I was really bored today in my math class and came up with my own twist to fit Skadi, the Norse goddess of winter, archery, and skiing, in the Marvel Thor franchise.

Important things to note: (Please read this before the rest of my… little essay and keep it in mind while you read it) I have very little knowledge of the comic books so most of my information is based off of what I picked up from the 2011 Thor movie. This is sort of also linked to The Avengers movie, but, as I have yet to see Thor: The Dark World (three more days!!!) there may not not any of that in this. Also, please keep in mind that the comics are very different from the original mythology and this is my own OC, so there is a lot in the mythology that I changed so it would fit my vision of the character and how she would fit into the Marvel universe.

So, on to my version of Skadi.

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Are beginnings really important? Yer born, yeh live, and its everything else that seems to make up the sum of our parts. But yeah, beginnings are important. At birth I was taken away from my family, raised separately. It wasn’t till later that I came to know the family that I have, by then it was to late, when I fell in love with her. A family of our own we had, and then war came knocking on our door… Nah, lets just say it had been brewing for awhile, but it took a good shake before things came to blows.

So, war happens. Blood is spilled, lives are lost, and what do we do when the tempers give way to reason? Yeh make peace that’s what. Pacts and treaties are made. Hostages are taken, the honored hostages of the Gods. I’d say the guys that I was traded for got the shorter end of the stick, while my children and I were always treated well, and became part of a very complicated world, preparing for the inevitable ending of all things… I was remarried under odd but interesting circumstances, most certainly I tried to make the best of it, unfortunately we just couldn’t get along, even she tried, I’ll certainly give her that. They say opposites attract, but this was never the case for us.

That pretty much sums up ancient past. If yeh wanna get down the nitty gritty details, well yer in for a very long story. In what seems to be modern times, the God’s are still very much present both here and in Asgard. Yeh heard me right, I said Asgard, and don’t be goin on about the Thor movie now, they did him wrong for the simple fact they made him blond and not the fiery red head he is. It’s said Ragnarok is comin, it is, but yeh got it all wrong, because its already happened a few time over at least. But what is coming is bigger then I could even begin to describe, and I’m not goin to spoil the fun by letting yeh in on things that have yet to happen. Stay tuned it’ll be a wild ride…

—  (A fictional take on Njordr in modern times.)
God of the Vanir

If, perchance, there was a question as to who controls this “wind”, the answer is Njördr. He is the one who determines the course of the wind, and stills (calms) the seas and fires. Though counted as part of the Æsir, he was actually born and raised in the land of the Vanir, but was given to the Æsir as a hostage in exchange for another, for peace between the two. 

Oh, and he’s the father to Freyja and Freyr…who are just awesome