the-fabulous-mr-kite  asked:

"Hello little buddy~! How is my precious daisy~?"

“Master! Hello! Hello Master! Hi!” The little flower bobbed very happily in place, jingling merrily, petals perking and flapping, the flower equivalent of raising both one’s arms and flailing them frantically in every positive sense.

“I’m good, Master, I’m happy, I’m happy when Master is happy and Master is happy so I’m happy, Master!” He had called the little flower his ‘Precious Daisy’. How could one not be in a good mood?

“And how is Master today? Master looks happy and bright and sunny, like always, like the sun!” The little flower’s petals folded backwards somewhat as it bowed it’s head to smile most lovingly down at it’s best of all buddies. Oh how Nixxy loved Master Kite so.