The final round was not so much a challenge for the girls as it was for Nixon. The three of them had gone to dinner. A night that dragged on in the best way possible, conversation flowing between the three of them. 

He then spent an hour one on one with each girl and as that final hour came to a close he was tasked with choosing which girl he felt most compatible with.

In the end there could be only one.. 

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The moonlight shone bright even in the clouded sky and Nixon found comfort in that . He was at the final stage and just at the end of two conversations lay his chance at love and happiness. He couldn’t help but feel it was too good to be true. 

He was convinced he was meant to be alone, to stand by and watch as those he had opened up to, those he’d loved, moved on and loved others. Lived the lives they had spoken about with others. 

Could this really be his chance? His opportunity to have someone who loved him fiercely in return? He had no pretenses, he knew that after this there would be the task if building a relationship with the woman he ended up with but he had never been afraid to put in hard work. In fact it kept him going, to keep him on his toes and constantly working at a goal of happiness. The only new thing would be that he would hopefully have a partner that would happily put in the same effort.

There was a lot of uncertainty but he knew that that was a part of life he couldn’t avoid.

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Fergal Smith has radically changed his way of life over the past few years, giving up his pro surfer lifestyle to live off the land in Ireland. He has ceased all air travel, converted his van to run on home-sourced biofuel, stopped using his jet skis, and started to organically grow all his own food, looking to become completely self-sufficient. Coming out soon: an exclusive documentary on Fergal produced by @desillusion. Stay tuned!