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Free! -Timeless Medley- advertisement at Shinjuku station (near Marunouchi line).

EDIT: the ads will be on display through April 17 ~ 23. There’s also one more advertisement displayed at Ikebukuro station (Orange street).
Tips on how to escape anime sports hell...

1. You can’t.
2. I’m sorry.
3. There is no rehab.
4. Have a great life.

rin knows gou well (aka tsundere rin)

Momo: A memo from Gou-san? What’s in it? What’s in it?

Rei: Uhh looks like I know without reading it…

Makoto: Me too..

Haru: That’s right..

Makoto & Rei:Muscle Contest”..

Rin: Oi! Are you all making fun of my sister?!

Haru: Then what do you think whe writes? You’re sibilings so you must know, right?

Rin: Ugh– Of course I know! I-It’s that! T-That… Uhh.. ....."Muscle Contest"

Ai: So Rin-senpai thinks about that too, after all…

Sousuke: Don’t cry, Rin

Rin: I’m not crying!!

Quick survey

Hey! Just now question popped in my mind.. I wonder, Which team you like more?
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Could you do rintori, stingue, and fraxus with hurt, kiss, and surprise ((I really hope I didn't miss it))

Rintori + Hurt

“Ai? Ai?! Are you okay? Where does it hurt? Ai?!” Nitori blinked, the battery of questions slowly breaking through to him and he blinked, lifting his head to find Rin crouched down in front of him and watching with wide, worried eyes. “Ai?”

“Rin…” He trailed off, confused as to how he had ended up on the floor. What had happened? He glanced down and started to colour as he realised that his laces were undone and pooled beneath, remembering running forwards as soon as he spotted his boyfriend getting off the train and then the vague impression of falling. Groaning he buried his head in his hands, it had been a couple of months since they’d seen each other and the first thing he had done was go flying, and he muttered an apology, caught by surprise when Rin pulled him into a tight hug with a relieved sigh and more than a hint of fond exasperation.


Stingue + Hurt  

   Sting huddled in on himself as he heard people passing his hiding spot, flinching as they shouted for him, burying his head against his knees as he fought the urge to fall apart completely. He had hurt Rogue, something that he had never thought that he was capable of…something that he should never have been capable of, and he hissed, clawing at himself as though that would change the fact that these hands had done just that. Rogue had been struggling, fighting with his shadows…the lapses had grown more frequent and stronger, but he had never lost the fight yet and Sting knew that, he believed in him and cheered him on. But today…today something in him had snapped, his magic threatened by the shadows rising around them and it had lashed out, driving back the shadows, but there had been no sense of victory because then he had heard it…heard Rogue screaming, and when the light had cleared he had seen the burns, the pain in the dark eyes. He had done that and he had fled, Rogue’s voice following him although he blocked out the words…he had done this, he had hurt his mate.

Fraxus + Hurt

    Laxus stilled for a moment as he finally caught sight of his mate, thankful for his Dragon-slayer senses as he might otherwise have missed Freed as the Rune mage had managed to hunker down in a side alley, looking impossibly small as he pressed himself back into the shadows. His heart ached at the sight and the temptation to go back and show them that he was capable of far worse than his mate’s demonic side surged up, but he forced it back…Freed needed him now, and from the dangerous expressions on their team mates’ faces he knew they would deal with it. Taking a deep breath, he stepped forward, flinching when Freed tensed and his head shot up, the hurt in the turquoise eyes making his heart ache. Freed wasn’t supposed to look like that, and he couldn’t stop the growl that rose in his throat even as he closed the distance between them, dropping to his knees so that he could draw Freed into a tight hug. There was no sound, but he knew that Freed was weeping, could smell it and he drew him closer, letting Freed hide against him, pressing gentle kisses to his temple, waiting until he knew that he could control his voice before murmuring in his ear.

“You’re not a monster.”

Nitori + Kiss

     He had done it, the weight of the medal around his neck was irrevocable proof that he’d done it and yet he still found himself blinking, feeling as though at any moment someone was going to turn around and tell him it was a joke. He was strung out, exhausted after months of intensive practice and the nerves of finally competing in the Olympics and even as a smile spread across his lips as he stared down at the medal, all he wanted to do was curl up and sleep for a week. No…there was one other thing he wanted to do first, and he looked up, scanning the people waiting by the gate and it didn’t take him long to spy wide, blue eyes and silvery hair, grin softening when Ai waved at him. Ignoring his coach, he sped up, forgetting about the medal around his neck and paying no mind to the other people trying to catch his attention, shoving his way through until his searching hands found his boyfriend. For once he didn’t care that they were in public, even as they both coloured as he pulled Ai into a heated kiss, the only way he could thank him right now for putting up with the hours of practice, the weeks away on training camps and the cameras that even now were zooming in on them.

Stingue + Kiss

   Sting was trembling, tears rolling steadily down his cheeks as he pulled Rogue closer, refusing to pull back or recoil even as he felt tendrils of shadow wrapping themselves around his arms. They had known that this was coming, the shadows had been growing in strength for months now and Rogue had been lapsing more and more in his control over them, and it had been his mate who had forced them to plan for this…to make sure that he couldn’t hurt anyone. But now that he was faced with the reality of it, Sting found himself faltering…he couldn’t do this, he couldn’t…he jolted when the tendrils grew claws that dug into the tender flesh of his arms.

“Please…” Rogue pleaded, desperate, frightened…and Sting could do nothing but sob as he nodded, unable to refuse him, leaning in to kiss him gently even as he allowed his magic to flare out. Light, brighter…stronger…than any he had ever produced before surrounded them, burning brighter and brighter, engulfing them until there was nothing left.

Fraxus + Kiss

   Laxus hummed under his breath as he drifted awake to the sensation of gentle kisses being pressed to his chest, long hair tickling him as Freed traced the path of his tattoo. It was so gentle that he found himself beginning to drift, only to jolt as he felt a slight pinch, eyes shooting open as he realised that Freed had nipped at him.

“Freed…” It wasn’t really a protest, or a complaint…he doubted that he would ever be able to refuse Freed anything, not when he was looking at him with wide, innocent eyes and not when it had taken them so long to get to the point where his mate was comfortable enough in his own skin to be the instigator. Seeing the hesitation seeping in he pushed himself up, relieved when Freed didn’t try to retreat and easily pulling him into a heated kiss, grinning when he felt him melting into it before pulling away and earning a noise of protest that became a soft snarl, when he added mildly. “Good morning to you too.”

Rintori + Surprise

   Rin groaned, grumbling under his breath as he swatted at the hand that was currently shaking his shoulder, not even bothering to open his eyes. He had stayed up too late the night before cramming, and he was determined that he was going to spend as long in bed as he could…


“Ai, it’s too early…” He growled, burying his face deeper into the pillow before stilling, confused by the giggle that greeted his words and it took him another moment before realisation struck and he bolted up in bed. Ai! His boyfriend wasn’t supposed to be there until the weekend, and yet there he was perched on the edge of the bed and grinning at him. “Ai…”

“Happy Birthday, Rin.”

Stingue + Surprise

   They had finally won the Grand Magic Games, and Sting knew that he should be more focused on that fact, revelling in the fact that the crowds who had booed them years ago, was now shouting Sabertooth’s name with a smile on the faces. Instead he found his attention riveted to his mate, enraptured by the small half-smile that Rogue was unable to hide, and the light in his eyes as the other Dragon-slayer stared up at the stands with wide eyes. Sting couldn’t remember moving, even years later, but he remembered falling to one knee as he reached out to grasp Rogue’s hand. He remembered the surprise in his mate’s eyes, the startled whispers from their guildmates and the sudden silence that had fallen over the crowd, but more than anything he remembered the happiness in Rogue’s expression when he had whispered the question he had waited far too long to ask.

“Will you marry me?”

Fraxus + Surprise

   Freed sighed as he curled up tighter under the covers, trying to ignore just how large the bed felt without Laxus curled around him, hands clutched in the material of what had been the blond’s pillow as he brought it to his nose as if it would still carry some lingering trace of the other man. During the day, it was easier to pretend that he was okay, he had work too busy himself with, Ever and Bickslow to talk to and guild to explore. At night, especially tonight it was harder to fool himself, and by the time he fell into an uneasy sleep there were tears on his cheeks.

   He woke early the next morning to find his hair standing on end and he blinked, that had only ever happened when Laxus…his breath caught and he looked around wildly, half expecting to see the blond there and his eyes widened when he spotted the small parcel on the bedside table. A sob escaping as he scrambled to get it, his hand trembling as he turned over the label and stared at the familiar, messy scrawl with warmth blossoming in his chest….Happy Birthday Freed.

OOh I believe that every single of them can dance.
Like yeah.. even Rei.. just look at him.. feelin’ the beat.

so yeah. and same with Haru. It’s realy kind hard to imagine him doing more than his “fabulous hair whip” or just moving head to the beat but look! Yeah I think we can call it Haru dance!:

And look at him on the background! He’s actually moving to the beat! 

Nagisa is hyperactive, dancing/bouncing little bastard so he can dance.I bet Momo would join him. Of course I believe in Makoto’s dancing abilities too.(I would love to dance with him , no matter where and what dance - at the club or only together (can u imagine slow dance being close to each other *.*) aksdbskbv) . I think Seijuro would show dance class too. Umm about Sosuke.. I don’t know why but I can only imagine him dancing slow waltz (or just slow dance) alone with his S/O.
However, question was , who is the best dancer.. So…. TRADADADDADADAAAAA..!

(In my opinion) the winner iiiiis….. Rin!

I won’t talk much.. just I look at him! This guy has some moves!! :DDD

Well I bet he would rock the dance floor.

By the way I wanted to ask about your opinion. Dear readers, how do you think , who is the best dancer? I’m waiting for your replies. ^^